26 Year Old Newlywed Dies of Flu and Sepsis 4 Weeks Following Work Mandated Flu Jab

A previously healthy 26 year old radiologist who was required to get a flu shot as part of her employment got flu 4 weeks after her injection and within days had developed sepsis.

Sepsis is a very serious whole-body infection brought about by illnesses, vaccinations, surgery and childbirth. It can take time to develop after the initial illness or procedure, but once it takes hold it can kill rapidly.

Cosmopolitan reported:

‘Katie McQuestion was seemingly healthy just one week before she passed away from the flu. The 26-year-old newlywed felt symptoms of influenza December 29, but things quickly worsened.  On January 1, she was rushed to the emergency room with a low temperature, high blood pressure, and a high heart rate.

Twelve hours after her hospital admission, doctors told her family it was too late; she had been experiencing sepsis, a life-threatening condition, and her organs were failing. She died January 2, just months after getting married and starting a new chapter of her life.

Kenosha News reports McQuestion had the flu when she died, which led to sepsis and a heart attack. She had gotten a flu shot just a month earlier as a requirement for her job as a radiology technician and was in perfect health.

Source: Cosmopolitan, 15 January 2015.

Vaccinated Radiologist Dies of Flu and Sepsis

Despite the fact that the young woman was vaccinated and the flu and sepsis could have been triggered by the vaccine, the CDC are using her death to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Her case reminds me of the sad case of Mona Stevenson, a tiny newborn (of around the late 19th century, early 20th century) who was vaccinated with smallpox vaccine at 5 weeks of age. The vaccine caused sepsis and ate away at her face and body. After weeks of unimaginable suffering, the poor baby died. Dispicably, the British authorities used a photograph of her vaccine induced infection, said it was smallpox and used it advertising for the smallpox vaccine. They were then taken to court and asked to stop using her picture.

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