French newspaper La Voix who reported on the 40 paralysed children

500 children vaccinated with new meningitis vaccine in Chad, Africa. 40 paralysed in hospital. Media blackout, only one French newspaper report. Bad google translate copy. Sorry, if anyone is French and wants to translate, please email us.

The past week Chadian sites have relayed post-vaccination in the population of Guro in Western Ennedi accident. That grows to minister to Nahor and his team Ngaourang export at the place of via Faya . They are being explored this situation.
It should be recalled children were evacuated That 30 Faya to have on presented headache, Insomnia , seizures , hallucinations of fever etc … After administration of anti- meningo vaccine against meningitis A Neisseria meningitidis serogroup A due to .
These symptoms are known in medical literature and from experience of vaccination. In a vaccination campaign against meningitis reported the pair Oberserver a London newspaper , in 2000 , 13,600 cases of negative reactions were observed in Vaccines em . There was even meningitis caused by these vaccines in subjects free from contact while the disease.
Moreover vaccinators and supervisors meet Chadian no precautions vaccines and the conservation of the prohibitions of mixed vaccines That em in the administration, in combination or in an even two different vaccine syringe or administering vaccines in two in a same website .
In the case of the Guro BET probably explain even the germ revival of the vaccine that is you its molecules or breaking the cold chain. In fact many vaccinators and supervisors BET never sent in the state of vaccines is concerned . They use thermos fridges and for their personal use in making vaccines em out . A supervisor from N’Djamena to a vaccination campaign to put Fada dared to sweets and thermos in it my vaccines safe in the cabin of the car where it’s 45 degrees vaccine must then be em Between 4 and 8 c Imagine … • the consequences of such stupidity on precious vaccines.
The responsible of the program of vaccination Chad neglect astray or all campaigns in remote areas as you Kanem , I BET or eastern Chad . Either they do not reach the target they either put gold means gold will go properly vaccinate these remote populations . The lack dedication .
In many vaccinators from Kanem is camping in the bush and fill plugs , bury vaccines and with returning capiale invent the 110% figures and more , without having any kid vaccinated .
Generally the BET account the scattering of towns and villages , the state of bumpy roads, to impart very short time , They have supervisors and vaccinators semblance do is share vaccinated and other related emoluments per diems and countryside in which billions each year are Investis .
The incident of Guro calls em authorities of the country for a prize of conscience and responsibility for the clean up the DVR or termite swarm of limits , cockroaches and vultures on which you enrich graves fellow em we decimated by diseases avoidable well and vaccinations conscieusrment pipes.

Expert in tropical diseases
Researcher in vaccinology mass
N’Djamena – Chad .

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