Measles cases now most commonly occur in very young babies or older people, for whom the disease is more serious. Indeed, according to WebMD and the CDC, 62% of measles cases they’ve seen in California are in adults older than 20.


So, having your measles vaccination as a baby just increases your chance of getting it when it is more dangerous, increases your chance of serious complications and increases your chance of dying from measles while not even guaranteeing you will be immune.

I certainly wish my mother had forgone the toxic single measles shot she gave me in 1978 and allowed me to benefit from having natural measles and the enduring immunity that it brings.

I was lucky enough to have rubella as a child (and as I played truant from school on the day they were giving rubella vaccines to spare myself the shot I never had the vaccine). Because of this, all my blood tests in all five of my pregnancies have come back as ‘immune’ so I’ve never had to worry about congenital rubella syndrome and have never been asked to have rubella vaccine after delivery. My immunity is life-long.

This is what true immunity is.

For a more in depth look at this issue, please see the web page ‘Vaccination Destroys Natural Immunity’

Commentary by Joanna Karpasea-Jones.

Vaccination DESTROYS Natural Immunity

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