Reuben’s Reaction to 2 Month Shots

Reuben was covered in a meningitis style rash which happened 24 hours after his first vaccines, I chose to vaccinate him then thinking it was the right thing to do with all the pressure from health visitors etc. I ended up having a baby who went from bubbly and interactive to crying constantly and completely inconsolable, he had mottled purple/blue skin, a rash from head to toe, he was limp and floppy and had a raised temperature. We called 111 who sent an ambulance “straight away” we waited 2 1/2 hours until they finally took us into the BRI.

He was bringing up his milk, crying frantically, and being prodded with needles at every angle they could try, out straight in antibiotics In case it was meningitis, or another infection. We were put on a ward and then spoken to the doctor the next day.

I explained about R’eubens vaccines and how he’d been fine before, though he was a preemie and was born a very sick baby. She examined him and asked us if we’d ever noticed them before to which I kept telling her no we hadn’t. Due to “protocol” she said they had to fill in forms and notify social services. During our stay bruises were noticed by me in Reubens palms of his hands which the doctor has done taking bloods. My partner and I got the blame for them. Though we did not have a chance to touch our child during the early hours of that morning. Everything went up in arms and they wanted me to leave my 9 week old baby with them whilst they sent me away because I couldn’t stay with him to which I refused and argued my point about the vaccinations causing it.

They’ve still to this day parred is off with them thinking it’s a bleeding issue my son has. He is still affected by his vaccines and I am now still going through the hell of trying to fight our innocence as parents for suffering at the hands of the NHS and their stupid vaccination pressure in new parents as well as other parents too. It’s wrong.

Our baby boy is now 13 months old and thriving after all he went through. After only just picking up after his terrible start to life he was almost killed off by the NHS again and I won’t have it happen to anyone else!

But if I’d of known the risks I wouldn’t have done it. I don’t vaccinate myself and haven’t allowed myself to be vaccinated since secondary school. Vaccinations are a parents choice and all deserve to know the side effects and hell that people can go through with this.



Reuben Today – He will be Receiving No More Vaccines