Doctors Complain the Flu Jab is Making them Sick as it is Recalled

The UK drugs regulator has asked Novartis to recall two batches of flu vaccine after the company reported ‘quality defects’.

The move follows a halt on use of Agrippal vaccine by several EU countries including Italy, France and Germany.

A spokesman for the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) told Pulse there were no current safety concerns for anyone who had already received the vaccine but they would continue to monitor the situation.

It means the removal of around 160,000 doses from the supply chain, which the MHRA said would have minimal impact on flu vaccine supplies in the UK, but was a ‘worrying’ development according to GP experts.

An MHRA spokesperson told Pulse: ‘We have asked Novartis to issue a precautionary recall of two batches of Agrippal vaccine.

‘The decision was made after the company reported quality defects with the vaccine which do not currently indicate a safety issue for those who received the vaccine.

‘Patients should not be unduly concerned. The recall is being taken as a precautionary measure.’

In October GPs warned of vaccine shortages after pharmaceutical company Crucell withdrew its vaccines after problematic test results were found with two batches.

The Department of Health came under criticism from GPs for lacking any emergency supplies to help practices who were relying on vaccine supplied from Crucell.

A DH review of flu vaccine procurement carried out last year recommended a central stockpile was needed, but as in previous years, reserves will be built up at the end of the season, the DH said.

This was written in the doctor’s magazine, Pulse.  Underneath the article, some doctors wrote that the jabs they were advised to get made them ill:

‘So does this mean the vaccine would be ineffective if already given? mmmm had the flu jab begining of Oct and then been laid up with flu for last 3weeks, another strain?’

‘Same as first comment, was advised to have as front line staff but have been laid up since and know of others off sick, also I now have headaches and wooziness, will never have again!’

‘I had the jab for the first time in 2001 result one week off sick with flu. 
Had it for the second time in 2002 result 2½ weeks off with flu. 
Maybe an allergy to one of the active ingredients but have not been near it since. 
My father has been taking it for 25 years. Two years ago he was supermarket shopping an hour after the jab, collapsed unconscious on the shop floor and was hospitalised overnight. No proof it was the jab but this has never happened before or since. So 24 good years and one bad !’

Source: Pulse, 31st October 2012 –

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