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Over the past 10 years, solicitor Peter Todd, from Hodge, Jones and Allen solicitor’s, has acted for numerous people in claims against pharmaceutical manufacturers for vaccine injury, in appeals in the vaccine damage appeals tribunal and in judicial reviews of their decisions, in claims against doctors and hospital for vaccine injury due to medical negligence, and in claims against solicitors for professional negligence in dealing with vaccine injury cases.

He has assisted VAN UK with advice on legal matters relating to a parent’s right to refuse vaccination or tests relating to it, and he also regularly advises clients from the Vaccine Victim Support Group and from JABS.

He currently has 100 victims of DPT vaccine for whom he is trying to attain legal aid in order to get compensation.

If you or your loved is vaccine injured and you wish to take further action, here are his contact details:

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Legal Help USA

While vaccines are generally safe, for some people there are severe and debilitating reactions to routine vaccinations. In recognition of the potential for such reactions, the federal government created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVIC). The NVIC requires all vaccine-related injury claims to be pursued through the government program. Civil suits are not permitted.

  Our Lawyers have extensive experience handling these claims through the NVIC and can guide you through all stages of the legal process. Mindy Michaels Roth, one of the founding partners of Britcher, Leone & Roth, is admitted to practice before the United States Court of Federal Claims in which she handles injuries caused by routine vaccinations pursuant to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and has been doing so since the inception of the program in 1988. As a result of her efforts, we have helped numerous families recover the financial resources they need to support family members profoundly injured by vaccinations. Below is just one example of the work we do in these cases.

We have successfully prosecuted on behalf of a Brooklyn girl who suffers from seizures and developmental disabilities as a result of whole cell DPT vaccine.  The life care plan will provide in excess of $8 million in present value benefits to our client and $40 million in payments if the child lives to age 76.

Our law firm stands up for victims of vaccine related injuries.

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