Baby Reed Dies After 2 Month Vaccines

Hanoi baby dies day after receiving Quinvaxem shot

A 2-month-old baby in Hanoi died Friday night after getting a shot of the controversial 5-in-1 vaccine Quinvaxem, and the health authorities once again defended the vaccine’s quality.
Hoang Duc Hanh, deputy director of Hanoi’s health department, suggested that the baby died of anaphylactic shock, a serious condition which happens when one’s body is too sensitive to a kind of drug.
The baby girl received the injection at a local medical center on Thursday morning and she started to have fever and cough a lot in the afternoon, local media reported.
Her parents took her to a district hospital the next morning and to Saint Paul Hospital that night, when doctors said she had died before arrival.
Quinvaxem is a WHO prequalified drug and has been distributed in Vietnam by Berna Biotech Korea Corp since 2010 under a national immunization program sponsored by the global vaccine alliance GAVI. It protects children from two months old against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B, and Haemophilus influenza type B.
Babies are given the vaccine for free, but it has lost much of the public trust following at least 23 post-vaccination deaths since 2012. In all the cases, the health authorities said there’s no problem with the vaccine’s quality and its administration.
The latest incident was the second death in Hanoi in the past three years.
Saint Paul Hospital on the same day received another patient with anaphylactic shock from receiving Quinvaxem, but the baby survives.
Vietnam provides around 5.5 million Quinvaxem shots every year and up to 200,000 of more costly alternatives like the French-made Pentaxim, which costs around US$30 a shot.

Quinvaxem uses whole-cell preparations in its whooping cough component while costly alternatives use purified antigens, which are considered safer, but their supply is limited.

Source: Thanhnien News, 9th May 2016.

Parents allege infant died of vaccine gone wrong

The parents of an infant who died hours after he was administered immunisation vaccines including polio drops in Kendrapara district of Odisha alleged that it was dosage that killed the three-month-old baby.

Doctors in the public health programme denied the allegation.

Sources said the three-month-old son of Raghu Murmu of Shyamsundarpur village was administered polio drops along with two other immunisation vaccines at the district headquarters hospital in Kendrapara yesterday.

According to a complaint lodged with the Sadar police, the infant suffered health complications in the night and died before he could be rushed to hospital.

“My son was alright till he took the immunisation vaccines. He died within six hours after having them,” Murmu alleged.

The chief district medical officer of Kendrapada, Dr Niranjan Swain denied the allegations. He said several other children had been administered the vaccines the very day the infant was given the drops.

“Since the other children are fine, we cannot blame the vaccines for the death of the infant. The infant’s body has been sent for a post-mortem procedure. I have asked the additional district medical officer to probe the matter and submit a report. Our preliminary investigation has revealed that the infant was suffering from pneumonia,” he added.

Source: The New Indian Express, 13th October 2016.

VAN UK’s Comment: The doctors comment is completely ridiculous. Just because some children seem to be okay doesn’t mean the vaccine didn’t cause it. Everyone is different and responds differently to drugs. Antibiotics are ok for some but can kill others.

Two-month-old infant dies after administration of polio injection in Odisha!

Another report of the same incident

A two-month-old boy in Odisha’s Kendrapara district has allegedly died after being administered with the polio vaccine.

Anil, son of Ratha Murmu of Shyamsunderpur village under Kendrapara Sadar police station limits, who was administered with polio vaccine in the afternoon yesterday was shifted to the district headquarters hospital here in the night after he developed fever. The child died while undergoing treatment, reports said.

The child’s family members have complained that the child’s death was caused due to the administration of poison in the form of injection.

“Our boy was well before he was given polio vaccine. He developed fever in the night. We brought him to the hospital. Now he is dead. They have killed my child by injecting him with poison,” said a sobbing Kavita, mother of the deceased infant.

“The two-month-old child was administered with polio injection by the Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) at the Halipur school and on her instruction, the vaccine was again administered to the child at Balia school. The child died yesterday in the night. They (parents of the deceased child) have alleged that their child has been killed by administration of a poisoned injection. After post-mortem report is available the real cause of his death will be known and then action will be taken,” said Nilakantha Patra, IIC Sadar Police Station, Kendrapara.

“The two-month-old child was well before he was administered with the vaccine according to our worker. He was administered polio injection. However, he died all of a sudden at around 2 AM today. The death has occurred after ten hours of administration of the vaccine. The real cause of the death will be only known after proper investigation,” said Dr. Niranjan Swain, CDMO Kendrapara today.

Source: Odisha Sun Times, 13th October 2016.

Baby Dies after Polio Vaccine – Warning, this article contains a distressing photo of the baby.

Zara Antoinette Shiel Died After 15 Month Vaccines

Story relayed by her photographer:

On November 19, 2014 in the early AM,  I sent my final version of Zara’s gallery to her family. About midday I awoke from a nap to a voice mail from Matt saying that Zara had passed away. He desperately asked that I send all images I had of Zara, that they really wanted them, needed them, and just needed everything of her that they could hold on to. As Matt told his story his voice remained steady and calm, and I could tell he was just in auto pilot mode. I asked how Carla was and at this point in the conversation his voice broke.

Matt went on to tell me that Zara had a doctor’s appointment the day before, just her normal well baby visit and had received her scheduled 15 month immunizations. The next morning she was found dead in her crib. It was unimaginable, unthinkable and heart-wrenching. I couldn’t even fathom it. Of course I sent everything that I had to them right away.

She (Zara’s mum) told the story of holding Zara on her lap after her doctor’s appointment as she experienced symptoms so many parents see after immunizations. Sweet little Zara had a fever and was a bit fussy. Carla checked her injection sites and noticed nothing odd or off, and so held her as she looked through the images that I had sent her, we texted back and forth about her images. She put her to bed as she normally does and the family settled in for the night. Little did they know that life would never be the same for them. When they awoke in the morning, they awoke to every parent’s worst nightmare, Zara had passed away during the night.

She clung to the hope that Zara’s autopsy would shed light on the cause of her death. She expressed her greatest fear being that they would rule it SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood).  We decided to wait until autopsy results were obtained before sharing her story on my blog, so that we could link my post to whatever organization they wanted to donate to.  She wondered how a healthy, happy baby girl could pass away less than 24 hours of receiving vaccinations without there being some sort of link or underlying health condition.

Unfortunately, it took more than 3 months to receive Zara’s autopsy results. They navigated their way through their first Christmas and holiday season without a member of their family, they focused on their boys and making sure they were receiving the help they needed. They called and checked in with the coroner frequently in hopes that they would receive the official autopsy results soon. Finally those results came and their worst nightmare had come true. The official cause of death for Zara was listed as ‘undetermined’.  It came as a huge blow for this family.  There was not a cardiac condition or underlying health problem that could explain Zara’s death.

To this date this family believes the death of their baby girl was caused by these vaccinations, and will continue to pursue the path of discovering and working as hard as they can to bring awareness, and prevent cases like this in the future.  The organization that the Shiel family would like to support is (National Vaccine Information Center). Their hope is that increased awareness could save another child’s life.

Source: Little Loo Photography, 14th July 2015.

Beautiful Photos of Baby Zara and her Family

Nevaeh MacDonald

This little girl was an 18 month old twin.  She died the day after receiving vaccinations.  I’m not sure if the mother made the connection.  The news report said:

‘”Something in my chest was telling me,” McDonald told CTV Atlantic. “That big scary feeling that every mother has — that they’re going to walk into a room and their kid who is supposed to be sleeping is going to be dead.

“I felt that before I even touched her.”

Nevaeh Kennedy was rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

McDonald said she was in a state of shock and she couldn’t bring herself to deliver the tragic news to her family.

“It still doesn’t feel real,” she said. “It feels like a nightmare.”

McDonald said only a day before Nevaeh’s death she had brought the youngster and her twin sister Nyla to their doctor for a routine check-up and vaccinations.

Medical negligence led to baby’s death after MMR Vaccine, court finds

The distraught parents of an 18-month girl have been awarded €60,500 in compensation after a court found that medical negligence led to the death of their daughter.

Sandro Portelli and Doreen Psaila had sued the Chief Medical Officer and two doctors.

They explained to the court how in July 2005 they rushed their daughter Mireille to the Pediatrics Unit at the Emergency Department at St.Luke’s hospital five times after she was taken ill. They were assured that there was nothing alarming about the child’s condition and were advised to go back home.

The baby had developed a temperature of 103.7 degrees after being given her MMR vaccine. A swelling in her neck that had been caused by a throat infection was apparently ignored, the court heard. This resulted in an infection which spread to her blood, causing septicaemia and eventual death.

The couple described how on July 25, 2005 at around 5.30am they were made to wait for over 40 minutes for the Pediatric Unit to open. In the interim period Mireille began to show severe signs of dehydration. Her lips turned blue and she developed marks on her skin.

Alarmed by these symptoms, doctor on duty Daniela Demarco ordered an x-ray but the child died shortly after being admitted to the Special Care Baby Unit.

The First Hall civil court presided by Mr Justice Silvio Meli noted that medical examinations on the child had been superficial and worse still, Edward Zammit, the doctor who examined her, had only three months experience in paediatrics. Despite the child having turned blue and developed a rash, he had failed to consult his senior colleagues.

Mr Justice Meli held that there had clearly been serious negligence in the way the case was handled. The doctors examining the child had failed to exercise the diligence expected of their profession.

The Pediatric Unit was also found to be inefficient in that it was closed at times that proved to be critical and a paediatrician was not always present there. The system induced the user to seek medical care in the private sector, the court said.

The court established the compensation due at €60,518.73 after taking into account the parents’ low degree of dependence on the victim and deductions for a lump sum payment.

Source: Times of Malta, 8 November 2016.

Police sit on cases of vaccine-related deaths

MORE than 13 cases of deaths related to vaccines administered to children dating from 2007 which were submitted to the police for inquests, are yet to be investigated.

This is despite the World Health Organisation (WHO) stating early last month that the deaths are not related to the vaccines. The WHO based their findings on three babies whose conditions they investigated and cleared either as coincidence, or due to pre-existing medical conditions. Prosecutor general Martha Imalwa yesterday told The Namibian that she has not yet recieved any of the dockets as they are first supposed to be investigated by the police, brought before the magistrate’s court through a prosecutor and only submitted to her office once investigations are complete.

The Namibian obtained a list of the cases, most of whom were from Windhoek and Oshakati, and examined by chief forensic medical officer of the state forensic mortuary services, Dr Yury Vasin.

One such case was that of baby Shareedon Faith Harases, whose death was attributed to the six and 12-week vaccinations and the measles/rubella vaccinations this year.

Harases’ mother Julien Mouers, who was one of the seven parents who approached the Legal Assistance Centre for legal advice to sue the ministry of health, said she was informed by a committee from the health ministry that her daughter’s death was not due to a vaccine but due to a pre-existing condition, and was promised that they would release a report to prove this.

However, Mouers said the health ministry had failed to show her the report on which the conclusions on the cause of her child’s death were based.

“I’m still waiting to see that report to prove that my daughter’s death was not as a result of the vaccine,” she said, adding that her daughter also had cerebral palsy.

“I need to see the report and find closure for my baby’s death. I do not want the investigation to be done by this government; I want an independent investigation. They should give me the report so that I see if my daughter’s death was not vaccine-related so that I can move on,” she stated.

Mouers added that she had enquired from the ministry of health’s manager of the extended programme of immunsation, Nicholaus Shapumbwa, about the report, but received no answer. Shapumbwa did not reply to calls or messages sent to him yesterday.

Although Harases’ case was not investigated by the WHO, an investigation into her death has been opened at the Katutura Police Station.

Mouers said she approached the Khomas regional police crime investigations coordinator, deputy commissioner, Sylvanus Nghishidimbwa, on Friday about the progress on the investigation, but was told the investigations are still incomplete.

Nghishidimbwa yesterday told The Namibian that he informed Mouers that they could not complete the investigations because “there are a few outstanding things”. He said there were a number of investigations related to vaccines, but could not say how many they were.

Meanwhile, another mother, Angelina Veronica Lazarus from Elondo in the Omusati region, told The Namibian yesterday that her six-week-old baby, Paulus Selinus Amadhila, died after a dose of vaccine on 9 May at the Okahao Clinic, although the death certificate states that her baby died of suffocation.

She said she does not understand how her baby could have died from suffocation hours after the vaccine was administered.

“He was shaking, and he refused to be breastfed. The next day at around 16h00, he died, and his mouth turned dark,” she explained.

Lazarus also said her baby was the second one to die after a vaccination because when his body was taken to the mortuary, there was another baby who had died following a vaccination.

Source: The Nambian, 6th November 2016.

Two kids die, 11 affected badly due to anti-polio drops

Two children died and 11 others affected badly when they were administered anti-polio drops in Shalober, Kamber area of tehsil Bara of Khyber Agency on Wednesday.

The local and administration sources informed that health condition of 13 children deteriorated after they were administered anti-polio drops in the ongoing polio eradication campaign. They were shifted to Peshawar hospital where two infants died. Five children were discharged after providing medical treatment while six affected were admitted in the hospital, health sources told.

According to the parents, the children died they were administered polio drops, however agency surgeon Dr Niaz Afridi said that polio drops and measles vaccination have been administered to the children and so far reason of their death was unknown.

He said that sample of the vaccine have been sent to Islamabad to sort out cause of death. The deceased were identified as Abu Bakar and Musa.

Source: Daily Times, 21st December 2016.

Pakistan: Five Dead by Vaccination as Officials Deny Responsibility

Parent Refuses Consent Due to Previous Deaths, Child Force Vaccinated and Later Dies

Five children have been killed by the vaccination campaign in Pakistan’s tribal area of Khyber Agency in the past 8 days. The authorities have gone into denial and an “official” statement now says the deaths have no relation to vaccination – same as happens always in cases of vaccine-related deaths.

The first deaths were reported on December 21. About a dozen children in Bara (Khyber Agency) area near KPK province fell seriously sick on receiving vaccination. Conflicting reports appeared in different media regarding the kind of vaccines administered – most claiming polio vaccine was the one that made the kids sick within moments of administering by polio vaccinating teams that go door-to-door along with police escorts and force parents into vaccinating kids.

But a few reports emerged blaming measles vaccination that was also underway concomitant with polio vaccination. Most news sources, especially English-language dailies in the country, did not report on the incident in detail; their reports were confined to statements from officials/authorities who are stakeholders in polio vaccination projects – worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

After a few days, however, three more children were reported dead in a few media outlets with the Urdu-language daily AAJ reporting the first two of those three deaths in both print and online editions. It was one of the few reports that included a statement from a parent who, as the paper cited, requested the polio team not to administer polio drops to his 4-year-old son given the deaths and injuries of the preceding day in the area. But his request was dismissed and the child was administered polio drops soon after which he came down with serious sickness and was rushed to the Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) where he died while under treatment.

On December 27, The Nation reported the death toll from the vaccine-reaction in the area reaching 5. The paper reported that among the three dead was a four-month-old baby girl who had been very healthy until receiving the polio drops after which she started vomiting and breathed her last.

As has happened before in cases of vaccine-reaction illness and death in Pakistan, the authorities deny that vaccination caused the death. It hurts the moneymaking from the vaccination projects, funded with millions each year from abroad. Today’s official denial in the popular daily Dawn is another example of such response from the government. The statement merely says that they did blood tests and found no relation to the vaccination. What the report does not say is what caused the deaths and injuries and, most importantly, how objectivity and independence were ensured in the process of medical testing. And of course the complete medical report is also never made publicly available or granted open and free access to by the public.

Mainstream media worldwide and in Pakistan as well are infamous for suppressing and many a time outright ignoring stories of vaccine-related injuries and deaths as media get their share of the millions in form of advertisements and perks. At the end of the day, the parents mourn for some day, weeks, maybe a few years and the nightmare of state-sponsored killings and injuries continues.

Source: News Blaze, 29th December 2016.

Father of deceased minor girl demands investigation

Girl died after being administered anti-polio drops five days ago.

A Landikotal resident appealed to the government to conduct inquiry of his daughter’s death who allegedly died of polio drops administered her five days ago.

Farooq Shinwari, the father of four-month-old Safoora Bibi, flanked by Haji Aziz Shinwari and other family members told a press conference on Tuesday that polio workers administered polio drops to his daughter on December 22. He said his daughter was healthy at the time when she was administered polio drops. He said as she was vaccinated with the polio drops she started vomiting and a bad smell started from her mouth and urine.

Farooq said his daughter was not stable for since she had polio drops and breathed her last on December 26. He threatened that his family members would not allow administering polio drops to their children until the government provides them justice.

When contacted agency surgeon doctor Niaz Afridi said that the same kind of incident was also happened with two children in Bara a few days ago. He said they had sent blood of the affected families to Islamabad and found no harm thing in the polio drops. He said the death of those children might be of natural as they were quite sure that there were no harmful ingredients in the vaccines to cause deaths of children.

He said on the directives of health officials they have already halted anti-polio campaign in Khyber Agency to reach the real cause of the children’s death occurred in Bara and Landikotal.

Polio supervisor Saeed Khan also rejected the allegations leveled on the polio workers said that some of the left wing people in Khyber Agency want to defame and stop polio eradication campaign. He said it was totally wrong that a purified polio drops that had made to save lives could harm children.

Saeed claimed that they were very close to completely root out polio virus from Pakistan. Asking media for their support, Saeed Shinwari said the whole Pakistani nation was in their back support of the polio eradication program to wash out polio virus and protect their next generation from such lethal virus.

After the deaths of few children allegedly due to polio drops has raised concerns among the parents who were regularly administering polio vaccines to their children. People now started debates in homes and other public places that whether they should let the health workers to give polio drops to their children or not.

Source: Daily Times, 28th December 2016.

VAN UK’s Comment: Another example of agencies lying to parents by saying there are no harmful ingredients in vaccines and they are ‘pure’.  Unfortunately people in India may not have the same access to the internet that we have so they can check the data sheets for themselves.

Oral Polio Vaccine Ingredients

Physicochemical characteristics:

    Produced from a mixture of three types of attenuated polioviruses that have been grown on human diploid (MRC-5) cell cultures or that have been propagated in monkey kidney cell culture {01} {23} {24}. Poliovirus vaccine live oral (OPV) contains the live, attenuated polioviruses {01} {23} {24}.

Human diploid is aborted human baby cells and this vaccine also contains antibiotics as further down the data sheet it says:

‘Allergy to neomycin, polymyxin B, or streptomycin    (patients allergic to neomycin, polymyxin B, or streptomycin may be allergic to OPV because the vaccine contains trace amounts of neomycin, polymyxin B, and streptomycin, which are used in the production of the vaccine to prevent bacterial overgrowth in the viral culture; OPV is contraindicated in persons who previously have had an anaphylactic reaction to OPV or to these antibiotics {01})’


Poliovirus Vaccine Live Oral (Systemic),

4-month-old dies day after vaccination, parents protest

LUDHIANA: Parents of a four-month-old baby from Kalyan Nagar staged a protest at Deep Hospital after the death of their infant son, who passed away less than two days after being vaccinated.

The parents rushed to Deep Hospital in Model Town after the infant’s lips turned blue on Thursday evening.

Amit Kaura, the infant’s uncle, said, “Esophagus surgery was conducted by Dr Sanjeev Gupta, pediatric surgeon, four months ago at Deep Hospital. We visited Dr Gupta’s home on Wednesday, where he vaccinated the child. But the child suffered a reaction and his body turned blue. On Thursday evening, we rushed to the doctor’s home and on his advice, we admitted the baby in the Intensive Care Unit of Deep Hospital, where he breathed his last.”

Parents of the 4-month-old staged a protest against doctors on Thursday night, saying that the vaccine reaction killed the child. The doctor who treated him denied this.

Dr Baldev Singh, owner of Deep Hospital, said, “Dr Sanjeev Gupta, the visiting pediatric surgeon, goes to more than 10 to 12 hospitals. His patients took the vaccine at his place, not at my hospital. So his patients cannot claim it is the fault of the hospital. The allegations are wrong as the child was sinking badly. We did our best and tried whatever we could.”

According to Dr Sanjeev Gupta, “The child had a major problem as his esophagus was not developed. He underwent a surgery when he was a day old. The final surgery was supposed to be conducted when he attained a weight of 10 kg. On Wednesday, he was given rotavirus vaccination and polio drops. He was fine for 24 hours. On Thursday, he had loose motions, for which we suggested ORS solution and asked the family to take him to the hospital if there was no improvement.”

The doctor said his mother called in the evening saying his lips had gone blue and he asked her to bring the baby to the hospital. “But they brought him to my home and I accompanied him to the hospital, where we tried our best to revive him. He was brought in very serious condition and had very shallow breath. Even ventilation could not help bring him back,” said Dr Gupta.

Meanwhile, family members of the child demanded police action and raised slogans against hospital authorities. Police personnel from Model Town police station had to be sent to prevent escalation of the situation.

Source: Times of India, 31 December 2016.

Baby Bently Died After Having 13 Vaccines in One Day – The Richie Allen Show


MMR VACCINE KILLS TWO BABIES; Samoa is reeling. Officials have seized all #MMR Vaccines, and ordered practitioners to cease use of the vaccine pending further investigation. HighWire reveals this is not the first story of tragedy in the tumultous history of the MMR #vaccine. Follow The HighWire with Del Bigtree Thursdays at 11am pacific. This is The #HighWire

Posted by The HighWire with Del Bigtree on Tuesday, 10 July 2018

7-month-old dies post-immunisation

A seven-month-old boy Sunday died at Hirabai in Telnadi panchayat under this block in Nabarangpur district a day after he was vaccinated during a government-sponsored immunisation programme, a report said.

The deceased was identified as Kunal Santa, son of Urdev Santa. According to reports, a lady health worker of Dhanpur sub-centre visited the village Saturday and many infants of the village were administered vaccines. However, Kunal suddenly took ill in the evening. The infant succumbed in the wee hours of Sunday, the family said.

Dr Ashutosh Mishra, medical officer of Jharigaon community health centre, along with other physicians visited the village to investigate the matter.

While other babies of the village, who were immunised, had no problems, the reason behind Kunal’s death would be known after the completion of the probe, Mishra said.

At least 55 families live in Hirabai village but the administration has failed to check the infant and maternal mortality rates due to lack of sincerity on the part of government officials, the villagers alleged.

The village has neither a school nor an Anganwadi for proper education of children. The healthcare services offered by the administration are not up to the mark, the villagers alleged.

Source: Orissa Post, 19th August 2018.

7-month-old dies post-immunisation

Women fear vaccine deaths

Women have lost confidence in the Samoa public health system following the deaths of two toddlers in Savai’i last week.

A mother and grandmother, Lipena Heremoni of Tulaele spoke to the Weekend Observer saying she has lost confidence in the services offered by the hospital.

“I have an eight months old grandson and when I heard about this. I quickly called up my son and his wife who were working here to go to Savaii and I specifically said to them not to take my grandson to the hospital ever again even to get immunized,” she said.

“I’m scared because of what had happened to these two babies. And ever since the incident, I have been connecting with my kids and my grandson and I basically begged them not to take the boy to the hospital ever again. I don’t trust the hospital anymore – even the doctors and this goes out to all my family members starting from my children.”

The death of the two toddlers at Savai’i last Friday compelled the grandmother to switch to herbal medicine to treat her children and grandchildren, which she claims are safe.

“I would rather treat them at home with some old fashion herbal medicines than taking them to see a doctor. And because children died from these, I don’t trust any medication or vaccines from the hospital no matter what. I also think it’s about time to bring back the old medicines that our forefathers and mothers had done to heal us.”

Another mother and vocal businesswoman, Moe Lei Sam, blamed the Government for the two fatalities at Savai’i.

“I always say the hospital should always prioritize the patient no matter what. I know I have been complaining about so many things but most of my complaints it’s about the service at the hospital and now two innocent lives have been lost because of the carelessness of the hospital. But what happened in Savaii I heard from the news that the children are only seen by the doctor once a week. What is this? What if there is an emergency? What I see is that what happened I don’t think it’s the carelessness of the nurses but I strongly think it’s where they store these vaccines.”

She said the vaccines could have expired due to Samoa’s hot climate, but not before scrutinizing the Government’s decision to host the Pacific Games next year.

“Look, the Prime Minister and the Government is prioritising these games next year when he should be prioritising the hospital. I have already mentioned this before and what did Tuilaepa say? The hospital is not a paradise and now look if it’s not a paradise then what should we call the hospital? A death house? Because people are dying not only adults but also children. It also seems like he (Prime Minister) is blaming the nurses and doctors, but I believe if the condition of the hospital is not good then this is the result.”

Another mother, Lei Sam, blamed the Minister for Health and Member of Parliament of Safotu District saying she should be on top of issues such as medication and vaccination

“The other person that should be blamed for what had happened is the Minister of Health and the Member of Parliament of Safotu District because she should be on top of all these issues whether the medications and vaccinations are okay in terms of temperature as well as where these things are stored,” she said.

Porita Taisia of Sapapalii Savai’i said she feared for her nieces and nephews and she has lost trust in the health system.

“I am not a mother but I have nieces and nephews and I say that I will never trust the health system again. Even if they say these are the vaccinations that protect the child from diseases, I would not dare to trust them again and the reason is how can they say these vaccinations will protect the children and yet these are the same vaccinations that killed these two innocent children? So which one is it? Is it supposed to protect the children or kill them?”

Source: Samoa Observer, 14 July 2018.

Guj: Girl died due to MR vaccine complications, alleges kin

A 3-year-old girl died today after falling ill in Gujarat’s district, with her family blaming her death on the Measles-which was administered to her.

Officials dismissed claims that she died due to complications from the They said that she was administered the MR along with over 30 children and none of the others fell ill.

A MR drive for 1.6 crore children, aged between nine months and 15 years, is underway in the state since July 16 under the aegis of the Union government’s (NHM).

Asha Devda, the daughter of a farm labourer, had taken ill yesterday and was rushed to the government health centre in Danta town where she died today, said officials.

The family alleged that the toddler died due to complications due to the MR vaccine, a said, adding that an accidental death report

was taken in this connection.

said that Asha was administered the MR vaccine along with over 30 children at an Anganwadi in Danta on July 31.

“None of the children, apart from Asha, fell ill. Two of her elder brothers, who were administered the vaccine, are also fine. Her body had been sent to the Ahmedabad civil hospital for post-mortem,” Acharya said.

Her death is the fifth in the state since the drive began. A four-member Adverse Effect Following Immunisation (AEFI) Committee, headed by the (Immunisation) of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, had on July 28 said these deaths were not connected to the vaccine.

Earlier, Sneha Rathod (14) from Sabarkantha, Mukesh Gameti (7) from Arvalli, Dimple Maheshwari (13) from Kutch and (12) from Ahmedabad had died within five days of being administered the MR vaccine.

Source: Business Standard, 2nd August 2018.

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