‘Family Health’, 1997, published for Boots the Chemist, says:

‘This (measles) can be like a bad cold. The child is miserable, has a fever, cough, runny nose, and watering or sticky eyes. Small white spots appear inside the cheeks – Koplik’s spots.  These symptoms continue for 7-10 days before the rash appears. A blotchy, red, fine rash appears behind the ears and on the face, then spreads all over the body. The rash lasts five to seven days.’

‘Aids to Public Health’, by Llywelyn Roberts, Medical Officer for Sheffield, 1957, says:

‘Measles itself is a comparatively mild disease and the deaths are mostly caused by the complications, e.g. pneumonia, enteritis…the death rate is about 0.03% of all cases (of measles and whooping cough).’