5 in 1 Vaccine only Reduces Minor Side-Effects, Not Serious Ones

General practitioner consultation data were used to compare the reactogenicity in infants of a 5-in-1 acellular pertussis vaccine (DTaP5/Hib/IPV) introduced in the United Kingdom in 2004 to the 4-in-1 whole cell-pertussis vaccine (DTwP/Hib) that it replaced. For each vaccine the incidence in the week following vaccination was compared to other periods to obtain a relative incidence. A lower relative incidence of crying, fever and local reactions was seen with DTaP5/Hib/IPV than DTwP/Hib. Although there were no other significant differences between vaccines the relative incidence was significantly above one on the day of vaccination for convulsions following DTwP/Hib and for apnoea/collapse following DTaP5/Hib/IPV.

Source: Vaccine,Volume 28, Issue 44, 18 October 2010, Pages 7215-7220.

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