Government Preventing Family From Seeking Damages for 23 Years for Illegally Injecting Their Child

23 years ago, Jodie Marchant was given an experimental 8 in one vaccine containing MMR – a vaccine so dangerous they couldn’t trial it because all research animals died. Jodie’s parents had only consented to MMR and not DPT or any other vaccine and the combined vaccine was injected without their knowledge or consent.

Their daughter became brain damaged and autistic. and tests showed she had measles virus in her gut.

Once her parents discovered what had happened, they recieved death threats, leading them to believe that babies may be being injected with experimental vaccines during ‘well-baby’ visits.

For Jodie’s story please see:

Government Prevents Family Seeking Damages

Baby Illegally given 8-in-1 experimental vaccine without consent

This mainstream newspaper suggests Jodie’s vaccination was an error but the 8-in1 vaccine is an experimental drug never knowingly used in vaccine schedules

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