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For 24 years a child, who has now become a woman of 29, residing
in the valley of Susa, in Turin, is in a coma for the failure of a
physician who does not administer a drug after a compulsory
vaccination. Her mother, Antonella Scarpanti, who is now 46 years
old, could no longer work and was abandoned by her husband. Intent ‘a
civil suit against the health authority, but after years on the court
of first instance ruled against. In recent days, however, the Court
of Appeal ordered the Piedmont Region, the successor to the dissolved
healthcare company, to compensate it with 1.8 million plus interest
and legal fees. “It’s compensation records, never granted for reasons
like this – explain the legal pool that has assisted the woman during
these years – and a sentence that states the company’s liability for
error of health practitioners, who in this case is deceased in the
meantime. ”

The pediatrician – a second expert witness – not
administer ‘of cortisone in the five days following vaccination and
after the onset of shock. The drug would prevent the entry into a
vegetative state after a diphtheria-tetanus which had been submitted
in the local health clinics in 1988, when she was five.

The girl’s family lived in Bussoleno (Turin). Immediately after the
vaccination that had been made of the dissolved local health clinics
in 36, the girl had experienced high fever, leg pain, headache and
diarrhea. The doctor refused to administer drugs and the clinical
picture worsened until she entered the small vegetative state in which
she remains today. After the judgment, the mother is “on cloud nine,
but exhausted after 24 years of this life,” says Antonella Scarpanti.
“I can not gloat after all I had to endure and suffer because they
dragged on for years, a situation that should be terminated
immediately. My child was very healthy and instead I had to live with
a brain-damaged. Now – ends – the compensation makes me more calm for the fact that if something happens to me, someone will be able to look after her. ” This judgment – the lawyers say Renato Ambrosio, Stefano Bertone Marco Bona and the law firm and Commodus Ambrosio, who witnessed her mother – has restored dignity to the mother after years of suffering and economic problems. That process was a very difficult time for her and for us, but winning on appeal repay us for all their suffering. ” The judgment makes the lawyers’ quite satisfied in terms of the law, because, for the second time in Italy, recognized the principle that the healthcare organization meets the
error of the practitioner.

Economic standpoint we met only partially, because for example
established a compensation of only 5,000 per year for non-work
potential of a little girl when she grew up. ” To pay the sum will be
subject to appeal to the Supreme Court, the Piedmont Region, “because – lawyers argue – after the disappearance of local health and training of local health services, the region is taking over ‘all debts of the USL, including accumulated after their breakup. We hope
– concluded – that there is an action that would slip compensation
for other years: Our client is poor and has already made many
sacrifices over a long period in which was the sole support for her daughter. ”

Source: La, 13th July 2012.

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