Matthew Developed Autism, ADHD and Hypersensitive Sight and Hearing After MMR

A FARNINGHAM woman is preparing for a new legal battle after claiming her brain-damaged son is “incarcerated” in his residential accommodation.

Matthew, 20, was diagnosed with pervasive development delay with autistic tendencies after he suffered from an extreme reaction to an MMR jab, given to him as a baby.

He suffers from severe learning difficulties, has a sensory disorder which means his sight and hearing is exaggerated and hypersensitive, causing anxiety, and he has a language and communication delay.

His mother Elaine battled Kent County Council in the High Court for 14 months to find suitable accommodation for him, and finally won a three-year placement at the specialist St John’s College, in Brighton.

She claims the council will not provide support so her son can come home during holidays.


VAN UK’s Comment: I (VAN’s founder Joanna) too suffered hypersensitive hearing – hyperacusis – following a BCG vaccine which lasted 11 years and still flares ocassionally. It meant I was in pain every day. I later found it was classed as an ASD

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