The outbreak of measles at Orlando, Florida was followed by a barrage of what can only be described as legalised ‘hate’ speech against parents who choose not to vaccinate (and parents who watched their children descend into chronic ill health and disability and who have elected not to give them anymore).  Apart from the fact that health authorities, drug companies and the media are inciting this hate speech without knowing who the ‘index’ child is and using an outbreak as publicity to promote MMR, they are also withholding the fact that large outbreaks of measles WILL occur because of the very vaccination programme they are promoting!

Mothers used to have what was essentially life-long immunity to measles because they had got it as little girls. They then passed transplacental immunity to their babies (and antibodies to measles in breast milk, if they breastfed) to protect them in their most vulnerable early years. Most children, then, would get measles after babyhood but before their teens at a time when it was most benign.

They would then have immunity which was constantly re-boosted by frequent exposure to circulating virus in the community. Some children would be immune without even showing symptoms of illness – exposure was enough. This is nature’s plan and meant that fetuses were protected during pregnancy and during the first year of life. It also meant that late teens and adults were protected (as measles is adulthood has a much higher rate of encephalitis).

Now, the majority of mothers are vaccinated, meaning that they can’t pass transplacental or breast milk antibodies, putting their babies at risk from the start. The antibody response elicited from vaccination doesn’t mean you’ll be protected and always wears off after 3 to 5 years, meaning that if you swap your natural immune system for vaccination you are swapping life-long immunity for a deeply inferior and unproven antibody response. Your immune system will no longer be able to make sure you face these viral challenges at an age appropriate time and so you will have to have vaccine booster after vaccine booster because you have no immunity.

Vaccine scientists have known this for years but they still choose to simplify the argument by pointing the finger at people who don’t vaccinate and suggesting that more vaccination is the answer.  Here are some studies to show that these epidemics are not only vaccine caused and highly expected by the medical community:

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