Vaccines CAUSE Pneumonia!

The Rotavirus vaccine – an American vaccine against childhood diarrhea and dehydration – has been found to cause pneumonia!

It has already been withdrawn once for causing intersuption of the bowel (where the bowel sticks together – the condition can be life threatening if not treated).

Now the FDA have said that according to 11 trials, rotavirus vaccine causes pneumonia, bronchitis, convulsions and death.

63,000 children were given the vaccine and there was a ‘statistically significant’ increase in the number of pneumonia deaths compared with the placebo, and the rotavirus vaccine group also had more bronchitis and a higher rate of convulsions.

The FDA now want to bring in an oral rotavirus vaccine instead of using the injection.

Source: Reuters, 15 February 2008.

Editor’s Comment: I wonder what substance the placebo were given? As this is a vaccine trial, it would not have been water or a sugar pill, but another vaccine or aluminium.

The most common cause of infant diarrhea is bottle feeding. Breast fed babies do not normally get diarrhea. Most life threatening cases of diarrhea and dehydration are in the third world, not in Western countries.

Here it can easily be remedied by doctor’s educating on the importance of breast feeding and giving plenty of water.

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