Baby Gallery

If you have an unvaccinated or partially unvaccinated baby or child that you would like to star on this page, please send your picture via email to us. We only publish first names.You don’t have to send any details with the photo. I have included it with the following pictures as they are my children.

Jacinta Kristina


Jacinta at age 4 months (now aged 22).

7lbs quarter of an ounce


No artificial vitamin K

Organic food – was vegan in toddler years and then raised as a


Wore cloth nappies until she trained at 2 years old.

Excellent health. Had one stomach bug at age 6 months.

Measles at 15 months (caught from baby who’d just had his MMR)

2 ear infections (at age 2 and age 3).

Chickenpox at 3 years

Now age 19, gets the odd cold but otherwise fine. Has only had 1 spoon of antibiotic in her


River Aoife Elspeth

River’s mother is unvaccinated and had no vaccines during pregnancy.

Born by home water birth with only gas and air.

No vitamin K.


Will remain unvaccinated.

Learnt to smile at 3 weeks.


Robin’s mother was given the DTaP and flu vaccines while pregnant and felt horrible afterwards. She also had an itchy skin reaction  and symptoms of anxiousness.  When she asked her GP for further information about vaccine ingredients they wouldn’t give her any information and acted like nothing happened. Baby Robin received one dose of DTaP/IPV/HIB and PCV and afterwards became ill and weak so the mother looked up the vaccine ingredients for herself and decided not to give anymore vaccines.

Luca Ezra Phoenix

First grandson of Joanna and Andy – Founders of VAN UK, born to their eldest daughter, Jacinta.

Born 10 days ‘overdue’ after a 4 hour labour. Born in waterbirth pool at home. Weighed 9lbs, 15 1/2ozs, completely healthy. Luca is breastfed. His parents refused vitamin K shot and drops. Luca is unvaccinated and will remain so.

Yanny Anthony Malachi


Pregnancy with wholefood, vegetarian food and vitamin supplements

Home birthed with no drugs (9lbs, 1oz)

Unvaccinated and has had no antibiotics so far

No artificial vitamin K

Breast fed on cue (and continues to be so)

Sleeps in mummy’s bed with mummy

Wears cloth nappies

No illnesses in his nearly year of life apart from an mild case of eczema on his cheek, which is treated with a beeswax and lavender oil skin cream.

UPDATE: Eczema CURED permanently at age 13 months by eliminating dairy products from his diet.

We now don’t use the skin cream and have no need for the steroids that doctor’s said he would ‘need for the rest of his life.’

FURTHER UPDATE: Yanny is now 11 years old and has never had an ear infection or required any medication, including antibiotics and paracetamol.

Alicia Nicole

Alicia at 15 months (now aged 16)

Unassisted home birthed with no drugs (7lbs, 3ozs)

Breast fed on cue for three and a half years.

Slept in the bed with mummy until four years old


No artificial vitamin K

Brought up on organic food

Wore cloth nappies until she trained

No illnesses in the first year of life at all

Then chickenpox and mumps at age four years, and minor surgery to remove a cyst during which she had antibiotics for the first time in her life.

Lucia Courtney Sarah

Lucia at age 4 months

7lbs, 14ozs


No artificial vitamin K

Breast fed on cue until a toddler

Raised on organic food

Wore cloth nappies until she trained

The only illnesses she had as a baby were mild eczema on her ear at age 2 months which went away with natural treatment

Chickenpox at 7 months

Mumps at age 7 years and the odd cold

Developed asthma at age 16, otherwise healthy.

Jerrica Jasmine

Jerrica at age 15 months (now aged 20)

8lbs, 5ozs


Partially breast fed for 10 weeks – failed due to latch and suckling problems. Then put on formula until 12 months old.

Brought up on organic wholefood

Wore cloth nappies until she trained

Was born in a hospital and had the cord tangled around her neck. Born grey in colour.

Now has dyslexia, probably due to birth

She had whooping cough at 2 months, which she fully recovered from with homeopathic treatment.

Had chickenpox at 2 years old

Two broken arms requiring surgery to fix them at 4 years of age, during which time she had antibiotics for the only time in her life.

Did not have any other illnesses or drugs from the age of 4 years-12 years.

Then developed gut pain at age 12.

Diagnosed with EDS at age 20 – a genetic connective tissue disorder inherited from her father’s side of the family.

She is working to heal her gut health.


5 Months old.

Weighed 6lbs, 12ozs

Breast fed on cue (and still is)

No processed baby foods and no solid foods as yet (now 8 months old)

Co-slept till 7 months old, now sleeps in own bed next to parent’s bed

Vaccinated up until 6 months of age, now mom has decided no more vaccines

Bronchiolitis at 2 months old

Stomach flu at 6 months old and a few colds. No other illnesses since then.

No antibiotics given so far, and mom declined fluoride drops that were offered at 4 months of age.


Aged 4 and a half years.


Organic diet

Wore cloth nappies

Never been ill

Never been to a doctor.


Aged 2 and a half years


Organic diet

Wore cloth nappies

Never been ill

Never had antibiotics

Never been to the doctor.


Baby Seven at birth (now aged 2 months).

Water birthed at home (7lbs, 2ozs)


Breast fed on cue

Wears cloth nappies and is carried in a sling

No illnesses yet in her 2 months of life.

Mikaelah Arielle

6 months old.

Weighed 5lbs, 6ozs at birth. Now over 19lbs


No antibiotics

Breast fed

Eats organic home made baby food and raw goats milk

Excellent health.


Baby Uhurah (meaning ‘Freedom’) at 5 months


Breast fed

Eats organic baby food and home made food made of oatmeal

Happy and Healthy.

Uhurah at age 11 months.


Aged 10 months


No illnesses yet, not even a cold.

Gracen and Cooper

Gracen, aged 7 years, and Cooper, aged 10 months

Gracen was vaccinated as a baby, but now mum has decided no more vaccines

Cooper is unvaccinated.


Aged 4 and a half years

Vaccinated until 18 months of age, then mom decided no more vaccines

Had a cold every month of life for the first 12 months. Has allergy related eczema

Recurrent colds stopped after vaccines stopped

Has not seen a doctor since the age of 18 months

Sees a chiropractor for her eczema

Was breast fed for a year

Sleeps in the family bed

Reads books by herself.


Aged 2 and a half years


Born at home

Breast fed (and continues to be so)

Sleeps in the family bed

Only had a few colds in his life, no other illnesses

Never been to the doctor.


Aged 3 years

Vaccinated until 12 months old, then mom ‘woke up’ and decided no more vaccines (her words)

Breast fed for six months

Had a cold and ear infection in the first year of life

Had antibiotics in the first year

Fewer colds and no antibiotics since the age of one

Eats organic, home cooked food and a dairy and wheat free diet.


Aged one year


Breast fed for 8 months

No illnesses, no type of medication

Had eczema which went away when mother stopped feeding her formula

Organic home cooked food, dairy and wheat free diet.


Aged 6 years

Vaccinated until age 3 years, then mum decided no more vaccines

Suffered bad rashes after vaccination which prompted mum to research the issue.


Vaccinated until 6 months old, then mum decided no more vaccines

He suffered bad rashes after vaccination which prompted mum to research the issue.


Aged 10 months


No illnesses in his life so far.

Name Withheld

 Unvaccinated Happy and Healthy.


Aged 10 months

Had the first two sets of shots at 2 months and 3 months, then mum decided no more vaccines.

Home birthed

Breast fed exclusively for 7 and a half months

Only had a few colds, no other illnesses.


Aged 19 months


Breast fed on cue (and continues to be so)

Organic diet

Given homeopathic remedies

Had a few colds and the whooping cough at 15 months.

Mum reports she has not had a cold since recovering from whooping cough and her chest seems stronger than prior to the whooping cough. Mum thinks it was a strengthening milestone for her.

Name Withheld


Mom states: ‘This is my unvaccinated baby, just graduating from high school!’ Congratulations to him on his graduation.

 Jon, Jessica, Issac and Peter

Jon – aged 13, partially vaccinated, then mom stopped

Jessica – aged 9, partially vaccinated, then mom stopped

Issac – unvaccinated

Peter – unvaccinated.

Aged 5 years

100% unvaccinated.


David at 9 months

Breast fed


David at 18 months

Still not vaccinated

Still breast feeding.


Aged nearly 4 months


Mom stopped vaccinating her children in 2001. She reports her children are happy and healthy, and that health doesn’t come from a needle.


Aged 3 and a half years

Her adoption was final 17 May 2007

She was born meth addicted with many health problems and had developmental delay as an infant

Was given Hepatitis B vaccine at birth, and one polio and one measles shot

She contracted measles from the shot

Since her adoption by a loving family she has been vaccine free

Raised on organic vegan diet

Wore cloth nappies

Co-sleeps in parents bed

Will be home schooled

Now rarely ill.


14 years old

Was given Hepatitis B vaccine at birth WITHOUT the mother’s consent

Has since been vaccine free

Organic vegetarian diet

Rarely ill

Had salmonella poisoning at 2 months of age

Whooping cough at 5 years old, caught from child who’d just had his DPT

Chickenpox just recently

Was breast fed until he self-weaned at 4 years old

Wore cloth nappies as a baby

Was home schooled through to the 8th grade

Will now be attending Performing Arts School

His adopted sister Nellie has also had chickenpox recently and mom is ‘looking forward to whatever fun diseases she can find!’


Baby Sujeeth (photo is dated 1965)



Aged 7 months

Delayed vaccination

Unvaccinated until 3 and a half years

Home birthed (9lbs)

Breast fed on cue

Eats organic food.


Aged 4 years


Natural childbirth in a hospital

Breast fed for one year

Organic diet.


Aged 8 years

Home birthed

Was breast fed

Had the initial shots as a baby but not the later ones

Mum refused MMR due to Autism connection

Child has various allergies

Now mum has decided no more vaccines.


Aged 5 years



Aged 2 years



Name withheld, referred to as ‘Sproggy’

Aged 6 months


Non-hearing tested

Non-heel prick tested

Non-vitamin K

Breast fed

Baby led weaning

Sproggy’s mother is into organic foods, homeopathy, reiki and ‘mother Earth’ stuff.

Melissa, Johnny and Mitchell

Melissa – aged 6 years. Born 2002, weighing 7lbs, 4ozs

Born by natural childbirth

Had vitamin K and antibiotic eye drops at birth before mom thought about it


Was breast fed for 3 years and 2 months

Wore cloth diapers (nappies)

Sleeps in the family bed

Never had antibiotics

Had cradle cap as a baby which was cured with natural treatment

Had a few colds and flu and ‘Fifth’ disease, otherwise healthy.

Johnny – aged 3 years. Born 2005, weighing 9lbs, 2ozs

Born by natural childbirth – swallowed meconium

No vitamin K or eye drops


Breast fed for 2 years and 4 months

Wore cloth diapers (nappies)

Sleeps in the family bed

Never had antibiotics

Had cradle cap as a baby, cured with natural treatment

Had a few colds and flu and one ear infection

Had suspected measles but is now fine

Has type 1 diabetes (auto-immune)

Mitchell, aged 8 months. Born 2007

Born by natural childbirth – had the cord wrapped around his neck

No vitamin K or eye drops


Breast fed (and continues to be so)

Wears cloth diapers (nappies)

Sleeps in the family bed

Never had antibiotics

Only had cradle cap and mild eczema, no other illnesses so far.

Logan, Jadan and Jacob

Logan, aged 4 years.

Given one Hep B vaccine at birth because mom didn’t know she could refuse.

No other vaccines given.

One ear infection. Rarely ill and when ill, not for more than 48-72 hours.

Breast fed for 16 months.

Jaden, 2 years old.


One ear infection, one cold, fevers lasting 24 hours – 72 hours. Breast fed for 13 months.

Jacob, aged 7 months.


Had a couple of fevers lasting 24-48 hours. No other illnesses.

Currently breast feeding.


Samantha – aged 10 months

Induced hospital birth with ventouse and epidural – weighed 6lbs, 7ozs.

No artificial vitamin K

Had her first set of shots at 2 months old and STOPPED BREATHING TWICE AND TURNED BLUE.

Mother then researched vaccines and thanked VAN UK for ‘saving her baby’s life’ and has decided no more vaccines.

Breast fed on cue and continues to be so.

Sleeps in her own bed in parent’s room but goes into mommy and daddy’s bed if she wakes up in the night or early morning.

Wears cloth nappies.

No illnesses yet except the vaccine reaction and a mild cold at 9 months old and some cradle cap which was treated homeopathically..


Eric aged 5 months.

Natural birthed.


Happy and healthy.

Frank Andrew

Almost 8 months.


Caesarean birth due to transverse lie.

Two tiny doses of vitamin K that will always be regretted.

Breast fed on demand (with solid food introduced at 6 months old as part of baby led weaning).

Vegan since conception, till he is old enough to decide.

Wears cloth nappies.

Only had one cold that lasted two days, and teething pain.

Given homeopathic teething remedy, no other medications given.


Daniel stopped breathing at 2 days old and spent 12 days in the NICU.

Daniel was removed from pediatrician’s office for being unvaccinated, so he now sees a chiropractor.

He is fed organic, non-GMO formula.

He wears cloth diapers (nappies).

Lola Jolie

At one year old (now 16 months).

7lbs, 8ozs at birth.


No artificial vitamin K.

No antibiotics.

Breast fed on que.

Organic, low gluten diet.

Co-slept for one year.

Had three colds and one stomach bug.


Wyatt is 2 years, 4 months old.


Breast fed for 15 months.

Wyatt has a health condition called laryngomalacia (an under-developed larynx that he was born with).  Due to this he has had many ill health conditions including 8 ear infections and 2 PE tubes, 10 bouts of strep throat, hand, foot and mouth disease, RSV, bronchitis, pneumonia, obstructive sleep apnea.

He had surgery at 20 months old to fix his larynx and sleep apnea.  He then got gastroenteritis while recovering from surgery.

Just before age 2, he had blood tests to check for immuno-suppression or allergies in case they were contributing to his illnesses but they found he has no immuno-suppression or allergies.

Doctors have tried to pressure mom into giving him all his vaccines at once despite his illnesses (vaccines are usually only tested on healthy children and are known to cause apnea in sick babies).  Mom has stood her ground on no vaccines.


13 months.


Born by natural childbirth.

Wears cloth diapers (nappies).

Still being breast fed.

100% home made vegetarian food, mostly organic.

Only sees a naturopath for baby visits.


Born Valentine’s day 2011, weighing 8lbs, 13ozs.  (now aged 17 months).


No artificial vitamin K.

No antibiotics.

Still breastfeeding on que.

Walked at 8 months old.

Communicating with baby sign language at 9 months old.

Co-sleeps with mommy and daddy.

Had 1 stomach bug at 15 months old.


Aged 8 weeks.

Naturally born with no drugs.

Unvaccinated with NO at birth hep B injection.

No vitamin K shot.

No antibiotic eye ointment.

Never had antibiotics.

Breastfed to 7 months, then started grabbing at parent’s food.

Eats organic, home cooked food and loves fruit and veg.

Wore both cloth and disposable diapers (nappies).

At 9mnths she came into contact with a vaccinated child who received the MMR vaccine. One morning she woke up with a rubella rash on her face, chest and back. She had no fever. We treated her with liquid angstrom silver, zinc, copper, vitamin C, and lots of water. Within 24 hrs it completely cleared up. Afterward, she had a lingering congestion in her sinuses (like head cold) which lasted a week, but we continued the regimen and it cleared up completely.

Very happy, busy and healthy.

London at 11 months.

London at 13 Months.


4 months old.

Home birthed in water

Will be home schooled

No medical intervention ever

Perfectly healthy

Vaccine free


Cloth and chlorine free diapers

Exclusively breast fed


Worn by mom and dad

Rides in a car always with two parents – one in the back beside him

All natural organic bath products

Happiest baby I’ve ever known – and he knows how special we think he is.  Every moment with him is sacred and we honor his blessing by nurturing his body, mind, and soul.



No artificial vitamin K.

Breast fed for 3 years.

Whole food diet.

Product of attachment parenting.

Amazing child with no health issues.

Smarter than all her class, more articulate, calmer, has the ability to rationalize and empathize unlike many of her vaccinated classmates who have ADHD.

Anwyn Eve

Born 10th November 2011, weighing 5lbs, 8ozs.  Now 8 months old.

Only had 2 ultrasound scans during pregnancy (mom refused a third one).


No artificial vitamin K.

No antibiotics.

Natural home water and lotus birth, almost arrived before midwife did.

Born with 2 vessel cord.

Cord naturally detached from placenta one week later.

Breast fed on que.

Co-sleeps with her attachment parenting mom.

Now standing on her own.

Wears cloth diapers (nappies).

Started eating organic fruit and veg at 6 months old, when she wanted to, plus cod liver oil and organic egg yolk.

Eats earth from the garden.

Cats sleep on the bed and there is a dog in the house.

Illnesses so far are: 3 small colds, all caught from other vaccinated babies all lasted a short period of time.

1 ear infection (seemed to be related to teething)

 Ear pulling treated with all natural olive oil with garlic, mullein and calendula, any discomfort resolves within minutes.

Some light cradle cap, naturally disappeared, used a bit of grape seed oil on it.

Colic (treated with homeopathy).  Colic can also be controlled depending on what mom eats.

Some food intolerances (gluten, dairy) through the breast milk.

All the doctors in her area in Canada refused to see the baby because she is unvaccinated  so as mom is a naturopath she is doing the baby checks herself.


8 months old. No Vaccines. No Formula.