Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Children

My suspicion of vaccines arose in 1991 when at the tender age of 13, I received a BCG shot and was handed a blue card AFTER the event, detailing side-effects. I might have been a child, but I was angry and knew that I had the right to have seen that information BEFORE.

However, I put the experience to the back of my mind. I thought the theory of ‘immunisation’ was strange (how can one achieve wellness by injecting themselves with germs? – even as a young child with no interest or knowledge of medicine I knew instinctively that in order to be healthy you need a clean internal system and if you introduce bacteria and viruses into the body you will disrupt the vital force, the healthy functioning of the natural immune system.  It seemed to me even as a child that to breech the skin to place foreign particles into the body was fundamentally wrong because the skin is part of the immune system, it’s a barrier to infection and by breaking that barrier you are breaking one of your immune defences – this seemed obvious to me at 13 and I couldn’t understand why more adults didn’t question it), but I still thought that they must be reasonably ‘okay’ because the doctors said so and I didn’t believe that doctors would give a treatment that could potentially harm.

I later learned that most doctors are fully aware that vaccines can cause brain damage and even death in some cases (as the CDC admit in their vaccine information statements) but all doctors will leave out this information when discussing vaccines with parents and not show them the manufacturer’s data information.

I came from a conservative family and was told doctors were experts who knew what they were doing.  My mother was a nurse and followed the doctor’s word to the letter.

She thought nothing of dolling out the Calpol (Tylenol) for every sniffle we had, and growing up, I hadn’t even heard of alternative therapy. The doctor’s had saved my life with their high-tech neonatal intensive care unit when I was born 3 months early, so why shouldn’t I believe what they had to say about vaccination?

I am disabled from a brain injury brought about by premature birth and in my childhood was a regular visitor to hospitals. I had surgeries during this time and was present in the room for the surgeons ‘risks and benefits’ speech on the particular surgery I was to have. I quickly learned that no medicine is risk free and that to be informed, you need to know both sides of the argument. I knew from being a tiny tot and listening to the conversations between my mother and the doctors.

So when I became pregnant, I knew I should have the same degree of caution with my baby’s healthcare. When you’re pregnant they tell you not to drink alcohol, don’t take aspirin or other drugs, only one paracetamol is safe ‘if you’re absolutely desperate’, and when your little miracle arrives you must check medicine labels carefully. In fact, most medicines aren’t suitable for infants under 3 months of age and just recently, the FDA in America has said that cough and cold medicines should not be used in children under 3 because of deaths associated with it.

It seemed perfectly natural, and reasonable therefore to CHECK THE LABELS of vaccinations. This was my daughter, my precious creation and the centre of my universe. I could not allow doctor’s to inject her with something if I had no idea what it was. Okay, so I know it’s a vaccine, but what was in the vaccine? I wasn’t prepared for them to put any old rubbish into my perfect baby, no matter what their arguments for ‘preventative health’ were.

I didn’t want to be sitting in clinic with her, getting pressured into it with zero balanced information like so many new mothers are, so I decided to find out what exactly a vaccine was while I was still pregnant. That would give me plenty of time to decide. I am also vegetarian so my thought was at the time that I could get the doctor to order me in an animal free vaccine, if necessary. I was young and.

I read a booklet on vaccinations that stated the DPT vaccine had originally been cultured using horses urine. There were also things about monkey kidneys and aluminium and mercury. I have to say, I didn’t believe a word of it. It resembled a science fiction novel.

My husband felt the same, and in fact, wanted to vaccinate our baby. He was particularly worried about tetanus and polio and he’d got his tetanus shot right in front of me when we first moved in together. I told him to hang on. Let me look into this first, and if you still want to vaccinate her by the time she is one year old, I’ll agree.
He said okay, he’d give us time to research.

Not believing the alternative therapy booklet about vaccines, I went to what I thought was a reputable source – a pharmacy. I asked the pharmacist if he’d kindly photocopy me all the data sheets on the vaccines my child was due to have and some other ones just for interest. He did so immediately.

There in black and white print for all to see was aluminium, mercury, bovine brain serum, monkey kidney’s, mouse brain, formaldehyde, human foetal medium (I nearly vomited) and a host of other nasties resembling a witches cauldron.

As well as this, and probably even more importantly, was a list of side-effects from vaccination as thick as a tree trunk, including the phrase ‘SIDS has occurred following the administration of DPT’.

Still in shock, I telephoned Aventis Pasteur and some other vaccine manufacturer’s and asked them to fax me details of what their vaccines were cultured on as well as any excipients not included in the ingredients. They did so. Pig’s blood was listed on one of the faxes.

That on it’s own was enough to make us decide that we weren’t going to vaccinate our daughter. At that early stage in my parenting life I still believed that vaccines prevented diseases, but I wouldn’t inject those ingredients into a dog, never mind my baby, so I decided to take my chance with the diseases.

I wasn’t remotely alternative. I thought home birth was for hippies, I’d never heard of homeopathy and I had no qualms at that time about having my baby in a hospital. My first experience of anything alternative was when my midwife suggested using lavender oil to heal painful stitches, and no, I’d not heard of lavender oil either. My journey into the vaccination world was almost by accident.

In my young mind I thought we could just refuse the jabs, like any other medical treatment, and go about our lives. I didn’t realise that to question vaccines is to question orthodox medicine, an unspoken no no.

Instead, we were instantly struck off the doctor’s list, with a letter stating ‘you are refusing to comply with our efforts for preventative medicine.’


‘You seem to want healthcare purely on your terms.’

HELLO!? This was my body and my baby’s body! Why should it not be on our terms? We owned our own personage, after all.

I was annoyed, but let it go. We found another doctor, but that didn’t last. On the first consultation he said ‘if you don’t vaccinate your baby, I’m going to remove you from this practice.’

I pointed out to him all the disgusting ingredients in jabs and he denied it, saying, ‘Oh, I’m sure they don’t have those things in them.’
So I showed him the data sheet to prove it. I questioned him about brain damage and vaccinations. He said, ‘Oh, that’s only a one in a million chance.’ Excuse me, but when it came to my baby, even a one in a million figure was too much. What if she was that one? (I later learned it was actually 1/1750). I knew that illness sometimes caused brain damage, and that’s tragic, but at least that was nature. If it happened because of a vaccine – something I did – then that was tantamount to murder. I told him so. He wasn’t impressed.

A week later we got another letter saying we’d been struck off again. We searched for another GP, but no one would have us because they knew we were the couple who didn’t vaccinate, so the local authority has to assign us a practice. That didn’t last either.

The new GP yelled abuse at us every time we saw him, told us our baby was going to die of whooping cough, accused us of being selfish and irresponsible and jeered at me when I told him vaccination was a choice.

We were struck off a third time, and by now my teenage brain was boiling over with rage. I would not to strapped down to a table and forcibly operated on, so why should I be forced to vaccinate when we are supposed to have freedom of choice?

I went to the newspapers, the radio, the TV. A large camera crew parked up outside the surgery, and we were suddenly and unwittingly all over the news. People saw the programme and starting writing to me to ask for photocopies of the information I had collected when researching for my daughter, and before I knew it, I was a 19 year old with a national organisation.

We continued our research and I found hundreds of medical articles in peer reviewed journals, stating horrific side-effects from vaccines, diseases in vaccinated populations, crib deaths and the opposite of everything I had previously believed about vaccination. The thing that made it so powerful was that it came from medical orthodoxy, from their own journals, and they were the ones advocating vaccines.

By the time my daughter was a year old, my husband told me that if I ever vaccinated her, he would divorce me 🙂

Over the past 15 years I have carried on researching and providing articles for parents because I feel that everyone should be able to make an informed choice, and it isn’t informed if you only have half the information.

I went on to have another four unvaccinated babies and my knowledge in alternative health, natural birthing and parenting also grew, and I have put this website online purely as one mum to another, in the hope that it will assist someone.


Me (centre) with my first child, a friend (left) and Andy (right) in 1996.

The Baby Who Inspired My Research, Breastfeeding Her Own Unvaccinated Baby

Medical Citations for This Page

1. Pertussis toxin is required for pertussis vaccine encephalopathy, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA
Vol. 82, pp. 8733-8736, December 1985.

A mouse model for encephalopathy induced
by pertussis immunization has been described; it has features that closely resemble some of the severe reactions, including seizures and a shock-like state leading to death, occasionally seen after administration of Bordetella pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine.

The pertussis vaccine component of diphtheria-pertussis- tetanus (DPT) vaccine is associated with convulsions in one of 1750 doses (1), while severe and permanent neurologic damage has been calculated to occur with one of every 310,000 doses.

VAN UK’s Comment: Seizures after vaccination can lead to shock and death. They occurred 1 in every 1,750 doses and are indicative of brain irritation. Permanent brain damage occurs between 1 in every 310,000 doses (kids have more than 1 dose).

As US infants got 5 DPT shots, this translates to a 1 in 62000 risk of permanent brain damage.

Hypotonic–Hyporesponsive Episodes Reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1996–1998, Pediatrics Vol. 106 No. 4 October 1, 2000,

‘A hypotonic–hyporesponsive episode (HHE) is the sudden onset of hypotonia, hyporesponsiveness, and pallor or cyanosis that occurs within 48 hours after childhood immunizations. This syndrome has been primarily associated with pertussis-containing vaccines administered to children.’

Another study found that permanent, severe brain damage occurred after DPT vaccination in one in every 50,000 children, a figure even greater than one in 310,000.

The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health wrote:

‘From a file of 1127 children in whom signs of brain damage were reported after injections of vaccines containing pertussis antigen, the first 197 cases with good documentation of events were chosen for further study. In these children, 291 reactions had been reported, usually of screaming attacks (68), convulsions (87), collapse (17), or one or more of these signs (99), within 24 hours of injection. Subsequently 165 children became mentally defective and 102 had further convulsions. In 129 (65%), contraindications to vaccination were present ab initio and in 25, subsequent injections were given despite reactions to a previous injection or injections.

From a mathematical model constructed from data in published reports, it is calculated that the frequency of convulsions appears to be higher by 2: 1 in vaccinated than in unvaccinated infants. In children subject to febrile or other convulsions, the frequencies may be of the same order but a second convulsion occurring only after a second or subsequent injection of vaccine is unlikely to be due to chance.

The pattern of reactions and sequence of events observed in the present study and in published reports suggest an association between certain reactions to pertussis vaccine and subsequent severe brain damage, the incidence of which appears to be not less than one per fifty thousand children vaccinated during the last 20 years of mass vaccination in the United Kingdom.’

(J Epidemiol Community Health. 1979 June; 33(2): 150–156 –

WHO Information on Rates of Collapse after DPT Vaccine

Collapse(hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode)- 1/1,750 doses.

Convulsions(with or without fever)-1/1,750 doses.

They also say in this document that persistent, inconsolable crying occurred 1 in every 100 doses. This type of crying is indicative of cerebral irritation.

This link is a bit strange because on firefox internet server it goes to the information I described but on Microsoft internet explorer it goes to an updated page that doesn’t contain this information. If this happens to you, go to this WHO document:

The above document also says that persistent inconsolable screaming (cri-encephalique) can occur in up to 1 in 15 doses, seizures in 1 in 1750 doses, collapse in 1 in 1000 doses, anaphylaxis in 1 in every 50,000 doses.


The Lancet, Volume 309, Issue 8005, 29 January 1977, Pages 234-237.

alculations based on the mortality of whooping-cough before 1957 predict accurately the subsequent decline and the present low mortality. Notifications of incidence, though variable and incomplete, follow the same pattern of steady decline in the United Kingdom and are unaffected either by small-scale vaccination beginning about 1948 or by nationwide vaccination beginning in 1957. When valid comparisons can be made, attack-rates may be lower and complications fewer in vaccinated children, but allowance has to be made for overcrowding and socioeconomic differences which may be more important as determinants of attack-rates. No protection by vaccination is demonstrable in infants. Adverse reactions and neurotoxicity following vaccinations were studied in 160 cases. In 79, the relationship to pertussis vaccine was strong. In 14 of these cases, reaction was transient but characteristic of a syndrome of shock and cerebral disturbance, which, in the other 65 cases, was followed by convulsions, hyperkinesis, and severe mental defect. It seems likely that most adverse reactions are unreported and that many are overlooked. Precise information about the efficacy and safety of this vaccine is lacking, because existing provisions, national and international, for epidemiological surveillance and evaluation are inadequate. The claim by official bodies that the risks of whooping-cough exceed those of vaccination is questionable, at least in the U.K.

VAN UK’s Comment: Note here Professor Stewart says seizures are sometimes followed by permanent mental damage.

CDC Pink Book Disgusting Vaccine Ingredients

Here is a link from the CDC about many of the disgusting ingredients that go into vaccines.

DTaP/Hib (TriHIBit)
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate, Ammonium Sulfate, Bovine Extract, Formaldehyde or Formalin, Gelatin, Polysorbate 80, Sucrose, Thimerosal.

Those are only the ‘inactive’ ingredients and discludes the viruses, bacteria etc.

The whole cell DPT that I was expected to give my daughter also contained the full amount of thimerosal that has since been deemed unsafe. Here are the main ingredients from old style DPT vaccine data (excipients not listed on it, so it would have had other things in it too):

Each 0.5 mL dose contains: diphtheria toxoid (25 Lf), tetanus toxoid (5 Lf), pertussis vaccine (4 to 12 Protective Units) (P.U.) and aluminum phosphate 1.5 mg. Thimerosal 0.01% is added as a preservative. Multidose rubber stoppered vials of 5 mL and single dose glass ampuls of 0.5 mL.


Mouse Brains in Vaccines

Extract from report of GACVS meeting of 9-10 June 2005, published in the WHO Weekly Epidemiological Record on 15 July 2005.

The Committee considered the decision taken by the Government of Japan on 30 May 2005 to suspend routine vaccination with the mouse brain-derived Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccine currently used in Japan.1 This decision followed a review by the Japanese national advisory committee on vaccine adverse events of a single case of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis following JE vaccination and the national committee’s conclusion that it could not rule out a causal link with the vaccine.

Article Talking about Mouse Brains in Vaccines

Aborted Human Baby to Make Vaccines

These are the ingredients of MMR. Trace amounts of fetal cells will remain in the vaccine as it isn’t possible to remove them when harvesting the viruses:

After reconstitution, one dose (0.5 ml) contains:

Measles virus1 Enders’ Edmonston strain (live, attenuated) ……….not less than 1×103 CCID50*

Mumps virus1 Jeryl Lynn™ [Level B] strain (live, attenuated)………not less than 12.5×103 CCID50*

Rubella virus2 Wistar RA 27/3 strain (live, attenuated) ………………….not less than 1×103 CCID50*

*50% cell culture infectious dose

1 produced in chick embryo cells.

2 produced in WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts.

The vaccine may contain traces of recombinant human albumin (rHA).

This vaccine contains a trace amount of neomycin.


And They’re Still Using Foetal Tissue……..

Dev Biol (Basel). 2006;123:251-63; discussion 265-6.

Tumorigenicity assessments of Per.C6 cells and of an Ad5-vectored HIV-1 vaccine produced on this continuous cell line.

PER.C6, a cell line derived from human embryonic retinal cells transformed with the Adenovirus Type 5 (Ad5) E1A and E1B genes, is used to produce E1-deleted Ad5 vectors such as the MRKAd5 HIV-1 gag vaccine. While whole, live PER.C6 cells are capable of growing as tumours when transplanted subcutaneously into immunodeficient nude mice at a high dosage, the process for vaccine production includes filtration steps and other methods which effectively preclude contamination by intact viable substrate cells. However, because of the neoplastic nature of this cell line, we carried out a series of investigations to assess the tumorigenic risk posed by residuals from the cell substrate in a vaccine. To address concerns about transmission of oncogenic DNA, we demonstrated that purified PER.C6 cellular DNA does not induce tumours in newborn hamsters or nude mice. To address concerns about other potential residuals, including hypothetical adventitious tumour viruses, we demonstrated that a PER.C6 cell lysate and a MRKAd5 HIV-1 gag vaccine produced on PER.C6 cells do not induce tumours in newborn hamsters or newborn rats. These results, in conjunction with the wide panel of viral safety tests performed on these cells, support the safety of the PER.C6 as a cell substrate for vaccine production.

Company Advertising Use of Aborted Baby for Vaccines

PER.C6® technology is a comprehensive package of tools designed to facilitate the large-scale production of safe and affordable biopharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and gene therapy products.

This technology offers major advantages over other platforms used for manufacturing biological products and is uniquely positioned to meet the key challenges in the industry. These include the need to produce larger volumes of product more quickly and cost-effectively, while meeting increasingly stringent safety requirements.

The heart of PER.C6® technology is the PER.C6® human cell line. This is a continuously dividing set of cells derived from a single human cell, immortalized using recombinant DNA technology.

Vaccines and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Reports of severe neurologic damage and death associated with the administration of DTP date back many years.2 To most physicians during the early years of pertussis vaccine these reported events were probably deemed to be a small price to pay for protection from a disease of high mortality and morbidity. Only as the disease has nearly disappeared in the United States and other developed countries,largely because of the vaccine, have these untoward reactions loomed larger in importance.
The occasional untoward events temporally associated with DTP that have been of greatest concern are acute encephalopathy with permanent brain damage and the suddeninfant death syndrome (SIDS).3

VAN UK’s Comment: Losing my child isn’t an acceptable price to pay. Child sacrifice should have died out along with gladiating and religious sacrifice.

Possible temporal association between diphtheria-tetanus toxoid-pertussis vaccination and sudden infant death syndrome.

Pediatr Infect Dis. 1983 Jan-Feb;2(1):7-11.

Because diphtheria and tetanus toxoids pertussis (DTP) vaccine is routinely given during the period of highest incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), this study was undertaken to determine if there is a temporal association between DTP immunization and SIDS. Parents of 145 SIDS victims who died in Los Angeles County between January 1, 1979, and August 23, 1980, were contacted and interviewed regarding their child’s recent immunization history. Fifty-three had received a DTP immunization. Of these 53, 27 had received a DTP immunization within 28 days of death. Six SIDS deaths occurred within 24 hours and 17 occurred within 1 week of DTP immunization. These SIDS deaths were significantly more than expected were there no association between DTP immunization and SIDS. An additional 46 infants had a physician/clinic visit without DTP immunization prior to death. Forty of these infants died within 28 days of this visit, seven on the third day and 22 within the first week following the visit. These deaths were also significantly more than expected. These data suggest a temporal association between DTP immunization, physician visits without DTP immunization and SIDS.

Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids Adsorbed and Pertussis Vaccine (DPT Adsorbed)

Persistent, inconsolable crying lasting 3 or more hours (1%) and high-pitched, unusual screaming (0.1%) have also been reported after DPT vaccination. Convulsions and a hypotonic-hyporesponsive state have each been reported to occur at a frequency of about 1:1 750 injections of DPT.

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) has been reported in temporal relationship to the administration of vaccines containing diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and pertussis vaccine (DPT).

Diseases in Vaccinated People

We examined the family of a 4-month-old infant who died of pertussis in Israel, as well as children at two day-care centers that two siblings had attended during the infant’s illness. The two siblings, ages 2 and 5 years, attended different day-care centers, for ages 2-3 years and 5-6 years, respectively. Both siblings continued to attend the centers despite paroxysmal cough for 4 to 5 weeks. Thirty other children attended the day-care center for the 2- to 3-year-old group. Sixteen other children attended the center for the 5- to 6-year-old group.

In the infant’s family, a third sibling, age 11 years, also had a paroxysmal cough of 4 to 5 weeks duration. The 35-year-old mother had a 3-month history of persistent cough. An 18-year-old aunt, who took care of the infant and lived in the same house, reported a mild respiratory illness without paroxysmal cough.

All the children in the day-care centers had been immunized in infancy with all four doses of Pasteur diphtheria-tetanus toxoid pertussis (DTP) vaccine, which includes a booster dose at 12 months of age. The Pasteur vaccine contains 1 immunization dose (ID) of purified diphtheria toxoid, 1 ID of purified tetanus toxoid, and >4 IU of B. pertussis. All family members of the infant were also fully vaccinated with four doses of DTP. The infant had received only the first dose of vaccine at 2 months of age.

Vaccinated Children Reservoirs of Infection

Emerg Infect Dis. 2000 Sep-Oct; 6(5): 526–529.

We tested 46 fully vaccinated children in two day-care centers in Israel who were exposed to a fatal case of pertussis infection. Only two of five children who tested positive for Bordetella pertussis met the World Health Organization’s case definition for pertussis. Vaccinated children may be asymptomatic reservoirs for infection.

Clinical presentation of pertussis in fully immunized children in Lithuania

BMC Infectious Diseases 2005, 5:40.

In Lithuania, the vaccination coverage against pertussis is high. Nevertheless, there is a significant increase in pertussis cases in fully immunized children. The aim of our study was to determine the frequency of classical symptoms of laboratory confirmed pertussis and describe its epidemiology in children fully vaccinated against pertussis.

A total of 53 (75.7%) of the 70 recruited patients with prolonged cough showed laboratory evidence of pertussis. 32 of them were fully vaccinated with whole cell pertussis vaccine (DTP). The age of fully vaccinated patients varied from 4 to 15 years (average 10.9 ± 3.1; median 11).

Outbreak of paralytic poliomyelitis in Oman: evidence for widespread transmission among fully vaccinated children.

Lancet. 1991 Sep 21;338(8769):715-20.

From January, 1988, to March, 1989, a widespread outbreak (118 cases) of poliomyelitis type 1 occurred in Oman. Incidence of paralytic disease was highest in children younger than 2 years (87/100,000) despite an immunisation programme that recently had raised coverage with 3 doses of oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV) among 12-month-old children from 67% to 87%. We did a case-control study (70 case-patients, 692 age-matched controls) to estimate the clinical efficacy of OPV, assessed the immunogenicity of OPV and extent of poliovirus spread by serology, retrospectively evaluated the cold chain and vaccine potency, and sought the origin of the outbreak strain by genomic sequencing. 3 doses of OPV reduced the risk of paralysis by 91%; vaccine failures could not be explained by failures in the cold chain nor on suboptimum vaccine potency. Cases and controls had virtually identical type 1 neutralising antibody profiles, suggesting that poliovirus type 1 circulation was widespread. Genomic sequencing indicated that the outbreak strain had been recently imported from South Asia and was distinguishable from isolates indigenous to the Middle East. Accumulation of enough children to sustain the outbreak seems to have been due to previous success of the immunisation programme in reducing spread of endemic strains, suboptimum efficacy of OPV, and delay in completing the primary immunisation series until 7 months of age. Additionally, the estimated attack rate of infection among children aged 9-23 months exceeded 25% in some regions, suggesting that a substantial proportion of fully vaccinated children had been involved in the chain of transmission.

For more cases of diseases in the vaccinated see:

Here are Jacinta’s Illnesses in her whole life so far

My daughter Jacinta at 15 Years

Gastrointestinal bug at 6 months of age due to bottle feeding (infected episiotomy nearly killed me so I did not feed her myself) – this was the first time she was ill. SHE HAD NO ILLNESSES IN THE FIRST SIX MONTHS OF LIFE.

Ear infection at exactly 2 years old – again, lack of breast milk.

Measles (that doctor refused to report, from MMR shedding of another child), aged 15 months.

Ear infection – aged 3 years, again lack of breast milk.

Chickenpox – didn’t even feel ill, aged 4 years.

The odd headache and/or snuffles over the years. She hardly ever gets colds or illness but when she does, her symptom appears to be headache. When others in the house have had flu etc, all she has is tiredness and headache.

Gastrointestinal bug – aged about 7 years.

Fractured elbow – aged 8, jumped over a seesaw and landed wrongly.

Gets migraine after drinking percolated coffee – aged 20.  Goes away when she avoids coffee and gets more sleep.

Jacinta and her son

That’s it, in 20 years. My other children who all had breast milk had NOT EVEN ONE EAR INFECTION between them, in 19 years. I don’t believe that’s a coincidence.

My Illnesses (Jacinta’s VACCINATED mother) – I had whole cell DPT now deemed unsafe, oral polio vaccine now deemed unsafe, single measles vaccine now deemed ineffective and BCG now deemed useless)

Cerebral palsy (would have got it anyway being 3 months early but vaccines wouldn’t have helped the situation).

Repeated ear infections and fungal foot infections throughout early childhood.

Viral meningitis – aged 4 (after pre-school boosters).

Regular chest infections and stomach bugs.

Migraine from age 11

Collapse – age 11 (don’t know if I fainted or had a seizure or what but I got a terrible pain in the back of my head, followed by total loss of consciousness, vision and hearing. All I could hear was ‘radio interference’. I had no awareness of who I was during this episode. My mother said my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I was shaking the table but I have no memory of this. I then had 3 months off school, bed ridden most of the time because of fainting and dizzy spells).

Chronic vulvodynia (nerve damage to vulva, abnormal pain signals) – age 12 to the present day.

Chronic, Permanent Thrush that Cannot be Cured – age 12 to present. I test positive for thrush in 50% of my swabs, have symptoms permanently except when using clotrimaole or tea tree. As soon as I cease treatment, infection returns.

Hyperacusis, unexplained fevers, temporary deafness for 2 days, changes in brain neurons (reaction to BCG) – age 14 (hyperacusis is part of ASD and is why autistic people don’t like noise). Before the jab I never had any ASD or any problem with hearing. 90% cured at age 25, but still have residual problems.

Chest pains – aged 23 to the present.

Osteoarthritis – aged 32 (I don’t attribute this one to vaccines, it’s a side-effect of cerebral palsy).

Occipital neuralgia, constant daily headache – aged 33 to present.

Severe dental illnesses – for the past 15 years or so, normally not common till after 40’s.

Unexplained peripheral neuropathy in hands, arms and feet – aged 34.

Fluctuating blood pressure – aged 34.

Irregular heart beat – aged 34.

Repeated Miscarriages – aged 21 to age 38 (lost four babies).

Chronic stomach pain and bowel issues – aged 35 to present.

Right Cataract – age 36. Lost my vision in the right eye by age 39, legally blind in that eye.

Uveitis that was resistant to treatment – age 37.

Spontaneous Bruising Without Known Cause – age 36 to present

Anti-Nuclear Antibodies (antibodies against myself) – Age 38 to present.

Low Complement Cells (cells that make up the immune system) – age 39.

Cataract in left eye – age 39 – will go blind without surgery.

I may have a pre-existing condition but someone as young as me should not have all that wrong with them. I feel that I never regained what was left of my health after the BCG as a teenager and have struggled with daily pain and chronic ill health every day since.

I am on the following medications for my illnesses: propranolol (beta blocker), clotrimazole, yearly steroid injections and ocassional paracetamol (acetaminophen) and codeine combined when the pain of my constant migraine is too much. I’m also taking the following alternative medications: glucosamine, multi-vitamins, vitamin D and tea tree cream.

I cannot eat bread because the yeast creates uncontrollable thrush symptoms where my skin actually bleeds so I am restricted to yeast-free crackers or rye bread. I cannot drink beer for the same reason.

Wine and coffee are also impossible as it triggers a migraine.  Chocolate triggers an immediate sore throat even if I only eat a tiny bit.

I cannot function and am in too much pain without my medications, and that’s what vaccination does. It alters your immune system at a young age when you are still neurologically developing and permanently activates the INFLAMMATION response. Inflammation is a proven cause of many dysfunctions including neuropathic pain disorders, heart disease and even depression and cancer. This means that you will regularly need a doctor and drugs for the rest of your life. Like I have.

Who is the healthiest? My unvaccinated daughter or myself who was supposedly given health preserving vaccines? Well, it’s certainly NOT me.

Other Stories of Mothers Who Vaccinated and Then Changed Their Mind

For other mum’s stories of choosing not to vaccinate, see:

Shane Elison, Chemist, Chose not to Vaccinate His Children

Vaccines are purported to work by triggering the body’s natural immunity. By injecting weak or dead infectious agents through our skin, it’s believed that the body will create the appropriate immune defense. They are even called “immunizations.”

And while this idea is over two hundred years old, it’s not nearly as effective as the pharmaceutical companies, doctors and government agencies want you to believe.

At best, vaccines boost our defenses only temporarily. That’s because your immune system is programmed to recognize and attack invaders that come through the biological “front door.” That would be your nose, mouth and eyes. It doesn’t work properly when we shove infection into our body with a needle.

The World Health Organization (WHO) underscored this fact in their report titled, Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals. They wrote that, “Children under two years of age do not consistently develop immunity following vaccination.” Therefore, vaccines can fly “below the radar” of our immune system.

Not only does this weaken the immune system, it renders many vaccines ineffective – More of Shane’s reasons why he didn’t vaccinate his children are here:

Vaccinations: Why Not?

Another mum’s reasons for not vaccinating:

Here is a brief summary of the reasons why we don’t vaccinate:

1. The chemicals in vaccines don’t belong in peoples’ bodies, especially not tiny bodies whose immune systems and blood-brain barriers are still developing.

2. Vaccines haven’t been as thoroughly and rigorously tested for safety as doctors would like you to believe. Most are tested only against previously licensed vaccines, and the entire schedule has never been tested. This safety data is not enough for me.

3. We believe the immune system functions better if it is allowed to develop naturally, through acute illnesses, breastfeeding, etc. We believe this is God’s design.

4. There is currently no accepted explanation for the explosion in autism, allergies, asthma, ADHD, diabetes, etc. We believe that vaccines do play a role, even though there are other factors.

5. We would rather take our chances with the diseases (and we have studied how best to treat them) than vaccines.

Those are our reasons. In the future, I’ll post my full argument, which includes lots of sources. Please read and research for yourselves. This is meant only to present our choice.

Source:  Modern Alternative Mama, 17th October 2009. See why we don’t vaccinate, for full story.

15 Stars Against Vaccination (This Includes some people who did vaccinate and have injured children).

15 Stars Against Vaccines

Why NOT vaccinating my kids was the best decision I ever made’: Mother of EIGHT had six of her babies vaccinated but refused to immunise her two youngest… and says they’re the only ones without chronic health problems ‘

Mom who vaccinated SIX children, who are now chronically ill, and has two UNvaccinated completely well children

Letter to the editor: Why we chose to not vaccinate

To the editor: There are many decisions we must make when we become parents. Vaccinations are one of them. We must decide which, if any, our children will receive. Many parents are under the impression that their child must receive them as their pediatrician dictates. In Maine, vaccinations are not mandatory. You have the right to refuse them on the basis of religious, medical, or philosophical exemptions. I am a parent who has chosen to refuse all vaccinations based on philosophical exemptions. That is what I will address in this letter.

There are many reasons for not vaccinating a child. Autism is not always the fear that drives that decision. It has much more to do with the fear of other things than it has to do with autism. Many physicians believe that the benefits outweigh the risk. Vaccinations are not 100 percent risk free nor are they 100 percent effective. Some can even cause the disease they are suppose to prevent. This can happen because some vaccines “shed” infecting anyone close to the recently vaccinated. The non-vaccinated are often to blame for this.

Please start by asking your child’s pediatrician for the full vaccine insert (not the simple little information sheet they hand out). You need to read about the possible side effects and research the ingredients in the vaccine being given. Some of the reactions include death, allergies, asthma, auto immune diseases, seizures, paralysis, and brain inflammation. These are just some of the documented side effects but there are many, many more. It’s often the case that if your child suffers from any of these adverse reactions their physician will not trace it back to the vaccination. Say if a child is not developmentally ready to speak when the vaccine is given, six or seven months down the road when it’s typical for a child to start talking and doesn’t their physician may not link it to the vaccine even when you know in your heart that’s the cause.

Are you aware of what is actually in the vaccinations? This is a list provided by the CDC itself: formaldehyde, Vero (monkey kidney) cells, FD&C Yellow No. 6 aluminum lake dye, and MRC-5 (human diploid) cells. Do you know what that last one is? It’s cells taken from an aborted fetus. The Influenza vaccine still contains thimerosal (mercury). The entire list sorted by vaccine can be found in a link provided below. You can never unvaccinate. Once the damage is done it often can not be undone.

The risks of vaccinations are understated and underrated. Please do your due diligence for the sake of your child. Simple research on the following websites are suggested if you are questioning which, if any, vaccinations you want your child to receive. Please keep in mind that some of the side effects are rare. What if your child is one of the rare cases? Is that a chance you want to take? Also research the natural treatments for measles, mumps, and any of the other diseases.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A Vaccine Excipient and Media Summary from the CDC

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

The National Vaccine Information Center



  • Christine A Posted 25th January 2019 3:55 am

    I am very moved and a little shocked by your story and information. I am a mother of a 3 year old boy, and have questioned vaccines since maybe 4 years before he was born. When I was pregnant I was adamant about anyone who wasn’t vaccinated with the DPT not being aloud to be around him the first few weeks. I breastfed him for 7 months then only mainly organic food since. He has received one round of vaccinations because I was on Medicare and it’s MANDATORY, but never took him back to the doctor (where illnesses and germs are sure to be) until he really needed to go. And in his 3 and half years of life he has been one time-it was for the flu which was an easy recovery. Not a single ear infection, has always been ahead in development compared to my friends’ vaccinated children. I was at the doctor constantly as a child with ear infections, I had hypochondria as well as other anxiety and panic issues, asthma, mono, annual strep or flu… The list goes on. But my son is healthy and that’s all I have to say when i get ridiculed by my parents or doctors and social media. It’s parents like you with your research and awareness that push a wary parent like me to stick to my beliefs. Let me know what I can do to help spread awareness.

    • Joanna Karpasea Posted 17th March 2019 9:47 pm

      Thank you for your comments. Using medical sources of information about vaccines is one way to raise awareness or at least to get others to see your viewpoint, even if they don’t agree with it. PubMed is a very good source for vaccine studies. EMC Medicines also lists the data sheets that come with vaccines (although they are European and I’m guessing as you’re on Medicare that you are in the USA) and they contain information about ingredients, safety tests, or lack of, and side-effects. The CDC Pink book also provide lists of ingredients and excipients in vaccines given in the U.S. Their vaccine information statements, while very brief and simplified, do contain some of the side-effects that may happen (they are on the CDC VIS pages). The U.S’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is also searchable online, although it is not very accurate as the reporting system is voluntary and most doctors won’t report side-effects or don’t recognise them as such so it doesn’t show true rates of effects, but it is still a useful tool.

  • Katie Monica Posted 24th June 2019 8:52 pm

    I have three beautiful, HEALTHY, children. Ages 2, 5 & 6. All NEVER vaccinated and all breastfed. My youngest being the longest of being breastfed (he still is!) I also, like you have struggled to find doctors to see my children. If ever needed I just take them to our towns quickmed. Which they have only been about 8 times (that’s between all of them for just a cold)
    I live in NY. Now all of a sudden the government is saying vaccines are mandatory. That my any exemptions are no longer able/out the window. I just received a letter in the mail from my child’s school (the one her brother just enrolled to) stating I need proof of appointment to vaccinate my children by July 28 or they will NOT be attending school and I will be reported to Social Services with Medical Neglect. I honestly have no idea how to fight this. I’m sick to my stomach. My kids are so smart, so pure, so full of life. I am being FORCED to let them inject my children. My children are not their guinea pig. If there is any info you can give me on how to react to this, please do.

    • Joanna Karpasea Posted 30th June 2019 10:10 pm

      As I understand it, mandates are for school entry and you still have the option to home school. If you don’t want to vaccinate them, don’t do it out of fear. One of these mandates in Rockland County has already been overturned in court. I would first contact NVIC as they are American, whereas this is a UK site so I have less knowledge on American laws than NVIC would. I’d also contact a vaccine lawyer. If you need contact info, please email me and I’ll send them to you. Stay strong, no matter what mandates, the law says that consent is required for treatment and they do not have your voluntary consent which makes what they are doing illegal.

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