Interesting snip bits from CDC document:

‘The number of reported adverse events associated with vaccination was greater than the number of reported cases of vaccine-preventable disease.’

‘CDC does not have complete adverse event surveillance data on which to base health messages.’
I.e. we don’t really know that vaccines are safe when we tell you that as we don’t properly monitor side-effects.

‘Some claims against vaccine CANNOT be disproved.’

Of course the document is not about how to improve vaccine safety but merely how to counter perfectly valid arguments of ‘anti vaccine’ parents who are obviously all into alternative therapies and ‘hostile’ towards doctors.

Well, CDC if you read this, I have news for you. I was not ‘into’ alternative therapies when myself and my husband decided not to vaccinate. I was 18 and had never encountered alternative therapies at that time.

I was not hostile towards my doctor. They were hostile towards me for opting out of a programme that is voluntary anyway. They called me names, they yelled at me, they threatened me, they refused to see my children even for genuine medical problems unless I agreed to vaccinate, they denied me ante-natal care until I was 6 months pregnant with my second child.

I have lovely allopathic doctors now, that I use in addition to alternative therapy when the need arises and if you actually talked to parents who don’t vaccinate, you would find similar stories.

Source: See for CDC Document.

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  • Ted Kuntz Posted 19th August 2018 9:55 pm

    The allopathic medical profession has squandered the trust of health consumers due to their unwillingness to act in their patient’s best interests. Their insistence on imposing their vaccine mythology will do more than destroy the vaccine program, it will erode confidence in medical doctors and cause patients to look elsewhere for care. The medical profession needs to grow up or go away.

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