My Letter to the Government re Covid 19

I would like to express my concern at the fact that all the citizens of the UK are effectively under house arrest. We may be ‘allowed’ to go to the supermarket, get exercise or go to the doctor, but we have no more freedom than an open prisoner. The Corona Virus Act was put in place without a vote from anyone in parliament and without consultation with the public. It was rushed through and has received almost no media attention so the majority of the British public don’t know they could be under house arrest for 2 years.

This draconian, martial law response from the government makes no sense whatsoever to anyone capable of thinking critically. So far, the government website says we have had 1,019 deaths classed as Covid 19 in total since the ‘pandemic’ began, but in week 1 of 2018 we had 13,217 deaths from ‘influenza-like illness’ and that was for 7 days alone, which makes covid 19 deaths pale in comparison.…/2018to2019provisionaland2017to2018…

I fail to see why the government would lockdown the entire country to prevent spread when more than 13,000 people die every week in the winter months from influenza like illnesses. Where was the national emergency over that? It has always been known that the elderly, disabled and immuno-compromised react worse to illnesses and may even die. For many of them, a simple cold can kill them, yet we don’t start panicking over colds so the rhetoric that we all have to remain indoors to protect the elderly and sick doesn’t ring true. The Liverpool Pathway was instituted some years ago to hasten the deaths of the frail elderly, disabled or those with terminal conditions by withdrawing treatment and fluids and just providing them with palliative care. This was done without consent of the patient or his family and sometimes when the patient was not dying. It led to the premature deaths of many elderly and disabled people. While the scheme was scrapped it is still standard practice to remove fluids from the elderly, disabled or cancer patients, thus causing their death faster than it would have been. I have also read newspaper articles stating that people with Down Syndrome should be left to die of Covid 19 to preserve ventilators for the abled bodied. This is not a government nor a country that has ever cared about the elderly, sick or disabled.

You could have reduced the excess 13,000 plus deaths per week from influenza-like illness had you increased the meagre state pension that our elderly are expected to live on so that they don’t have to choose between eating or heating their homes. If they were all warm and well fed, many of these deaths would be prevented.

As I understand it, there isn’t even a specific test for covid 19. The test is only for Corona viruses in general, of which there are many. Corona viruses are present in cold and flu, so it could be that a big percentage of those deaths from covid 19 are actually some of the excess winter deaths we have always had, but that have been reclassified. There is a difference between dying of Corona virus and dying with it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

On the 19th March, Public Health England downgraded covid 19 because they said they’d learnt more about it and it had a ‘low mortality overall’ for the UK.…/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-h… The Euro Momo site that monitors excess deaths in Europe also did not show any spike in deaths from any cause compared with the last 4 and a half years.

Despite this, the public were not told that the disease had changed in classification and Boris Johnson still put everyone on lockdown in their own houses on the 23rd March when he knew by his own website, the disease was not significant for the UK and did not have a high death toll.

The death toll in any case was only predicted via statistical modelling (guess work) from Imperial College London, a branch of WHO. The scientist who predicted 500k deaths now says he made a mistake and it is actually 20k or less (more guess work). No government should scare the public daily with how many people are going to die and how we are going to run out of ventilators when you are basing this scenario on statistical modelling and not actual proven cases. They certainly should not be removing the civil liberties of the entire country over it. Imperial College London are also working with Bill and Melinda Gates to develop a Covid vaccine and this should have been taken into consideration when looking at their statistics since they have a clear conflict of interest. They will profit by billions from a scared public who will demand a vaccine from them. Johns Hopkins school of Public Health in America and the Bill Gates Foundation also hosted a Corona virus pandemic simulation in October 2019, not long before the first cases were seen in intensive care patients in China.…/scenario.html… It is still on the Center for Health Security website for all to see.

This seems a little too convenient. Of course this could be nothing more than a coincidence, but I feel that where something clearly doesn’t make sense, it’s because it isn’t true. I have since read in media such as Forbes that because of Corona virus we can say goodbye to our civil liberties ‘forever’…/coronavirus-could-infect-privacy…/… by having the government track us through our mobile phones and introducing face recognition like China has done.

I don’t pretend to know what is going on, but I do feel that this whole situation has been whipped up and used to the advantage of the government to remove or restrict the freedoms of the people and bring about a society where greater surveillance and tracking are an acceptable price to pay for ‘safety’.

As Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Please explain why the UK government and indeed world governments have taken the action that they have and how long they intend to keep people shut in their own homes for an illness that has so far killed less than influenza?

This letter was written in March 2020.

I have so far not had a response to my letter which was sent to a parish councillor, county councillor, MP, Lord and the Prime Minister.


My Letter to Public Health England

Dear Public Health England,
I just have a query about the statistics on Corona Virus. The NHS Corona Virus Tracking site says that they have 3634 cases of Corona Virus every day (obviously this number varies daily), yet your notifiable diseases statistics said there were just 210 cases for the whole of week 14 (screenshot attached).  Can you please explain the discrepancy between the NHS tracking statistics and the notifiable disease statistics?  If there were only 210 cases that week, then the NHS statistics cannot be correct?
Image showing actual number of Covid 19 cases from week 14 in England and Wales, sourced from Public Health England.