Gardasil Vaccine Against Cervical Cancer And Genital Warts Has Caused Genital Warts in 78 People Including 3 Primary Age Children

Gardasil Has Caused 78 cases of Genital Warts Including 3 in School Children

Earlier this year the Watchdog Judicial Watch reported that from information they obtained from the FDA under the freedom of information act – there have been 9749 adverse reactions to Gardasil vaccine and 21 deaths.

Also reported were 27 life threatening cases and 10 miscarriages. There have also been 78 cases of genital warts including 3 cases in primary aged children.

In Fiji, Ragogo writes, “Effectively, Cabinet approved a vaccine which is still being tested so no one can be sure of its effectiveness or long-term side effects. Our children are guinea pigs for a money-making, I mean, drug-making, machine.”

In a television interview with CBS News in May, Dr. Diane Harper, the specialist who helped develop the Gardasil vaccine, said making the vaccination mandatory is “a real danger zone.”

“The vaccine has not been out long enough for us to have post-marketing surveillance to really understand what all of the potential side effects are going to be,” Harper said. “To put in place a process that says you must have this vaccine means that you must be part of a big public experiment and so we can’t do that. We can’t have that until we have more data.”

Source: 18 November 2008.

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