Home Education Photo Diary

Alicia entering a photo competition by doing English work in a strange place – check out the monkey watching her!

Monkeys at Monkey Forest, wandering freely in 60 acres, exhibiting their natural behaviour. The children loved getting up so close to them.

A photo Jacinta took of a monkey

Mum, dad, toddler and tiny baby monkey family

Jacinta filming monkeys with her sisters, Jerrica, Lucia and Alicia

Jacinta, Alicia, Lucia and Yanny at Monkey Forest

Jacinta, myself, Yanny, Lucia and Alicia at Monkey Forest

Alicia, Jacinta and Lucia playing seesaw at Monkey Forest

Mother carrying her baby on her back – it’s a bit blury because I was trying to take a picture when she walked right passed me!

Andy, myself, Yanny and Alicia at a caravan park used for home education camping holidays

Baking a cake for Asher’s birthday

Alicia outside Big Stone Gap Museum, VA, USA

Looking For Historical Items Around The Museum in Big Stone Gap

Book Worm’s Paradise!

Having Fun at the Piano

Football at the Gym, VA, USA

Looking at Display of Wildlife, Bays Mountain National Park, VA, USA

A Stuffed Bear at Bays Mountain National Park, VA, USA

Bays Mountain Grey Wolf Reserve

Wolf Sleeping on top of Wooden Hut

Alicia on a Boat at Bays Mountain National Park, VA, USA

Top of Mountain at Cumberland Gap, USA – showing view of three states


Feeding the Horses

Natural Tunnel – A Tunnel Naturally Formed By Water Erosion – VA, USA

‘Ski’ Lifts at Natural Tunnel

On the Natural Tunnel Train

Alicia, Yanny and James Inside the Train

Alicia Studying An Information Book on American Pioneers

Making Christmas Window Decorations

My daughter Lucia’s painting of penguins (5 baby penguins, do you think she was painting our family!?).

Adding Spines to a Dinosaur (Math)


Learning to write his name with the ‘My Name is Yanny’ book

Tracing words in an English book

German Class with Native German Speaking Steiner Teacher – Learning Colours in German Using Different Coloured Cars (Other Children not Photographed for Privacy Reasons).

7 Year Old Yan reading Greek

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