Midwives And Health Professionals Against Vaccination

“Most doctors tend to have explicit trust in the scientific pronouncements of high ranking authority figures. It’s rare to find physicians who challenge established thinking and professionally very risky to do so.” – Alan Cantwell, MD.

A Medical Professional Speaks Out on Under-Reporting of Side-Effects

‘It’s estimated that over 1 million individuals are damaged by vaccines each year. However, less than 10% of these reactions are reported. Having worked in a medical practice, I can assure you that doctors will go to great lengths to avoid reporting vaccine reaction. It’s not good business to have a child become damaged or die on your watch. I have seen too many severe reactions in all my yrs in the med field and I have known several docs over the yrs. who do NOT vaccinate their own children.’

Anonymous Medical Professional.

Midwife and Editor of Midwifery Today

My Anti-Vaccine Passion

Vaccines are my pet peeve in life. The only “SIDS” case I have had in my practise (20 yrs, 800 births) was a little boy named Sam. His Mom had him in hospital with no meds and no intervention. She was someone I judged to be “too conservative” for me to mention the risks of vaccines.

Her baby had thrush at six weeks, so she took him to the doctor and he received an antifungal treatment for the thrush, then she drove to the public health clinic and he was given oral Polio and DPT shot. He never woke up for his 3:00 am feed . . . . . I’ll never forget getting the news he was dead. I told his Mom about my judgement of her and my cowardice to tell her about vaccine risks, and she slammed her fist into the kitchen wall. I promised her I would do everything I could to stop this health holocaust and to never let another client vaccinate without information about the risks.

This is what drives my passion.
Jan Tritten, editor
Midwifery Today Magazine

A Neuro-Pharmacologist

Unequivocally, There is Strong Evidence Linking Thimerosal to Autism
Open Letter to Gov. Linda Lingle
By Richard C. Deth, PhD, 7/3/2006

I am a neuropharmacologist and Full Professor at Northeastern University in Boston who has been investigating the molecular origins of neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders. For the past few years much of my lab’s work has focused on autism, including an evaluation of the possible contribution of thimerosal, the ethylmercury-containing vaccine preservative. Based upon my expertise in this area I have testified to Congress on several occasions, appeared on NBC Nightly News and in several documentaries and presented our findings at numerous scientific conferences.

I understand that you are currently evaluating legislation to removal thimerosal from vaccines used in Hawaii. Let me state unequivocally that there is strong scientific evidence linking thimerosal to autism, so taking steps to remove it from vaccines is a true “no-brainer”. Moreover, it is vital that states indicate their expectation of thimerosal-free vaccines in order to shift the pharmaceutical industry to this safer form. Public confidence in the vaccination program will be greatly increased when mercury is removed, allowing the full public health benefits without the unnecessary mercury burden.

Our research has shown that very low concentrations of thimerosal, typical of those found in the blood following vaccination, cause strong inhibition of metabolic processes that are crucial to neuronal cell well-being and survival. The most sensitive of these processes involves sulfur metabolism, including the anti-oxidant defense mechanism that is critical to all cells. The effect of thimerosal is to significantly lower levels of glutathione, the primary cellular antioxidant. Studies of autistic children clearly show that they are suffering from oxidative stress and their glutathione levels are reduced by 40-50%. Thus the toxic metabolic actions of thimerosal are paralleled in clinical studies of autistic children.

In further studies we showed that thimerosal inhibits a key cellular process called “methylation”, in which various activities, including gene expression, are controlled by the transfer of a single carbon atom. Methylation is closely linked to oxidative stress, and when thimerosal induces oxidative stress, it also causes impaired methylation. Again, blood tests in autistic children show that they have impaired methylation. Furthermore, metabolic therapies that help restore methylation have been able to improve the clinical symptoms of many autistic children, strongly indicating that this metabolic dysfunction plays a central role. Genetic studies have also revealed a higher frequency of risk-inducing polymorphisms and mutations affecting methylation and sulfur metabolism. Our most recent research indicates that the brain has a particularly higher vulnerability to oxidative stress, which helps explain why neurological problems occur with low doses of thimerosal.

The point of all this scientific background is to reinforce the common sense logic of reducing mercury exposure by all possible routes, including vaccine-related. It is illogical to inject mercury into anyone, at any age, and you will be doing a service to all Hawaiians by helping to restrict their exposure by signing SB2133 part II.

If I can help provide any further background, please feel to contact me. I am eager to assist.

Richard C. Deth, PhD is a Professor of Pharmacology for Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

GP Jayne Donegan

LONDON doctor Jayne Donegan, 42, has gone from being an enthusiastic supporter of the vaccination programme to a GP who will no longer vaccinate at all. Dr Donegan has two children, Antonia, seven, and Pandora, nine. She says:

“Last year a newsletter produced by the Committee on Safety of Medicines and the Medicines Control Agency was sent to all GPs and hospitals. It said that an independent committee had reviewed all the available evidence on whether the MMR jab is linked to autism and Crohn’s disease.

‘They concluded that it was impossible to prove or refute the suggested associations between MMR vaccine and autism or inflammatory bowel disease — and went on to say that the information available did not support or give cause for concern about the safety of the MMR vaccine.

‘This does not make any sense. If they were unable to refute the claims, they cannot then go on and say there is no cause for concern.

‘The Department of Health insists the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism, but every GP knows that when you give a vaccine, a child can get a high fever, suffer inconsolable crying or uncontrolled screaming, which are signs of encephalitis (an inflammation of the brain).

‘If a child had encephalitis from any other cause — such as measles— and had a change in personality, the doctors would say that the encephalitis was to blame.

‘Although they see so many people suffering from a mild form of vaccine encephalitis, they say it definitely doesn’t cause personality changes, and definitely not autism.

‘Are they saying that vaccine encephalitis is different from any other sort? And if so, how?

‘People might worry about the reappearance of measles, which is the most serious of the three diseases, if we don’t vaccinate.

‘According to government figures, deaths from measles had decreased by 95pc before the first vaccine was introduced in 1968. The decline was steady, indicating that the disease was dying out naturally. Diseases do die out on their own.

‘Deaths from measles had gone from 1,145 in 1941 to 100 in 1967. The figures have continued to decrease, but not at any greater speed. So what caused the decrease in the first place?

‘Better public health has had the greatest effect. The Victorians did a tremendous amount to improve our living conditions.

‘The Victorians took sewage out of the streets and rivers, built railways which brought fresh fruit and vegetables to the towns, and knocked down slums.

‘The slums were replaced, bylaw, with cleaner, better-ventilated houses. infectious diseases could no longer thrive in the improved conditions, and better diet meant stronger immune systems.

‘I believe vaccines weaken the Immune system. In 1994, the British Medical Journal wrote that it was well known among immunologists that auto-immune disease such as asthma, eczema and diabetes are the price we pay for eradicating infectious diseases.

‘The author said that our immune system had matured and developed purely because of catching the diseases we are trying to eradicate.

‘In my opinion, normal childhood diseases are basically good for us. They teach our immune system what is “us” and what is foreign.

‘All our childhood diseases were killers when they first came along. They wiped out thousands because we had no natural immunity against them. Diseases infect us and, in turn, strengthen our immune system.

‘I vaccinated both my children with the MMR jab, but this was before I started my research into the problems associated with it.

‘Knowing what I know now, I would not vaccinate my children and run the risk of them getting diabetes, asthma, eczema, becoming more susceptible to meningitis and ending up chronically disabled.’

Taken from The Daily Mail, 17 October 2000.

The Late Medical Doctor, Harold Buttram, MD

As an introductory comment, virtually all of the world’s religions, in their origins, have taught the importance of maintaining cleanliness and purity of the human body. Although it is an accepted practice to maintain a separation between matters of science and religion, in issues surrounding childhood immunizations there is sufficient overlap to justify mention of the religious aspect.

The most basic long-term concern with current childhood vaccines, one as yet largely theoretical, is that the introduction of foreign genetic material, especially in the forms of live-virus vaccines, into the system of the child may bring about genetic changes. These in turn may bring about disease-creating situations due to the presence of alien, incompatible genetic elements in the child. Research in this area being in its infancy, we have a long way to go before such a theory can be proven scientifically, but the concept does have roots in folklore from the earliest dawn of human history as well as in religious faiths.

It is true that there may be situations where extreme measures may be justified to preserve life and health as the lesser of two evils. The basic question, therefore, is whether the benefits of current childhood vaccines outweigh the harm, or whether the reverse is true.

As to the benefits of vaccines, polio has been eliminated from the Western Hemisphere; smallpox may have been eliminated worldwide, although there are disturbing reports that it still to be found in parts of the Far East.

However, vaccine proponents would have us believe that vaccines have been largely responsible for controlling virtually all of the former epidemics of killer diseases in the U.S.A. With the exceptions cited above, the facts do not bear this out. According to the records of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, from 1911 to 1935 the 4 leading causes of death from infectious diseases in the USA were diptheria, scarlet fever, whooping cough (pertussis) and measles. However, by 1945 the combined death rates from these causes had declined by 95%, BEFORE THE IMPLEMENTATION OF MASS IMMUNIZATION PROGRAMS. (1) By far the greatest factors in this decline were sanitation through public health measures, improved nutrition, and better housing with less crowded conditions.

It should be pointed out that today’s children receive up to 35 vaccines before school age, whereas today’s senior citizens received only one, the smallpox vaccine. Most infants have been receiving up to 15 doses of mercury-containing vaccines by the time they are 6 months old. It is almost inconceivable that these heavy burdens of foreign immunologic materials, introduced into the immature systems of children, could fail to bring about disruptions and adverse reactions in these in these systems. It is reasonable to ask ourselves, therefore, what is known about these reactions.

A small but growing minority of physicians and scientists are becoming aware that safety testings for the various vaccines have been woefully inadequate. As one of many examples, in 1994, a special committee of the National Academy of Sciences published a comprehensive review of the vaccine safety of the hepatitis B vaccine. When the committee investigated 5 possible and plausible adverse effects, they were unable to come to any conclusion for 4 of them because, to their dismay, they found that relevant safety research had not been done.

The clear implication of this and other revelations (2) concerning a general deficiency of safety testing in the vaccine field is that
adverse reactions may be taking place on a large scale without being recognized as to their true nature.

There is a school of thought that the so-called minor childhood illnesses of former times, including measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox, which entered the body through the mucous membranes, served a necessary and positive purpose in challenging and strengthening the immune systems of these membranes. (3) In contrast, the respective vaccines of these diseases are injected by needle directly into the system of the child, thereby bypassing the mucosal immune system. As a result, mucosal immunity remains relatively weak and stunted in many children, one complication of which may be the rapid increase in asthma now seen, both in frequency and severity.

It is true that in former times there were occasional serious complications from these childhood diseases, but most of these could be eliminated by nutrition, homeopathy, and other simple means, if these approaches were made widely available. No one wants to see serious complications from diseases in our children, but the vaccine route may in time prove to be the worst possible choice that could have been made, as concerns these minor childhood diseases.

Perhaps the greatest concern with vaccines today rests with the possible casual relation with the growing epidemic of childhood autism, developmental delay, and attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder, (ADHD). Regarding the latter, a recent report stated that ADHD had increased from 900,000 in 1991 to nearly 5 million today. Regarding autism, a recent statistical survey mandated by the California state legislature found an increase of 273% in California in the past 10 years. Reports from education departments in a number of states, reporting on the rapidly increasing needs of classrooms for developmentally delayed children, reflect comparable increases throughout the nation. (4)

At present, primary suspicion for this epidemic of neurobehavioral disorders rests with the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine. Although scientific evidence has not yet reached the standards of proof, one pioneer researcher in this area, Dr. Vijendra Singh with the University of Michigan, has published a report of a study in which he found that a large majority of autistic children tested had antibodies to brain tissue, in the form of antibodies to myelin basic protein. He also found a strong correlation between myelin basic protein antibodies and antibodies to measles, mumps, and rubella (almost all of the children had been immunized with MMR, and none had had these diseases). (5) This study confirms the results of a similar study published in The Lancet in 1998 by Dr. Andrew Wakefield of the Royal Free hospital in London, showing a link between MMR vaccination and Crohn’s disease of the bowel and autism. (6)

If the MMR vaccine were causing an autoimmune reaction involving the brains of autistic children, what would be the mechanism? Although research in this area is in its infancy, as previously mentioned, we do know some things. Both the measles and mumps fractions of the MMR vaccine are cultured in chick embryo tissue. As purely genetic material, viruses are highly susceptible to the process of “jumping genes,” in which they may incorporate genetic material from the tissues in which they are cultured (7-8). Once this genetic material of chick origin is introduced into the child, it may set in motion an immunologic battleground, a process that the work of Dr. Singh would tend to confirm.

A similar process may have taken place with the oral (Sabin) polio vaccine, which is cultured in monkey kidneys. Years ago Dr. John Martin, then serving as the director of the viral oncology branch within the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, reported to his supervisors that he found foreign DNA in contemporary polio vaccines. He later learned that a simian (Monkey) cytomegalic virus had been found in all of the eleven African green monkeys imported for production of the polio vaccine. (9) After leaving the FDA he took a position as professor of pathology with the University of Southern California. There he tested blood samples from patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, and other nervous disorders. This work led to his discovery of unique cell-destroying viruses that were not recognized by the immune system. Termed “stealth viruses,” the viruses were able to cause persistent infections because they were missing genes which, if evoked, would express immunity. (10-11)

In March 1995 Dr. Martin communicated to FDA officials that some stealth viruses clearly originated from African green monkey simian cytomegalic viruses, a type of herpes virus that may also infect humans. Dr. Martin asked the FDA to help him investigate the prevalence of this infection in the general population and in polio vaccine lots. His request was denied. (9)

Long overdue, on June 17, 1999 U.S. government officials voted to withdraw their recommendation for the use of the live polio vaccine and to recommend “exclusive” use of the inactivated (Salk) polio vaccine. (Parenthetically, the Salk vaccine is free of the danger of herpes virus contamination.)

In summary, it is possible that either the MMR or the oral polio vaccines, by mechanisms described above, may induce a process of encephalitis or brain inflammation, which may be highly prevalent but as yet rarely recognized for its true nature.

As another basic concept, it is highly pertinent that many of today’s children are second-generation vaccinees, that is, they are born to mothers previously vaccinated with the measles, mumps and rubella vaccines. It is possible that the reaction rates in the
second-generation vaccinees may be happening on a much larger scale due to previous sensitization of the mothers from their vaccines, this sensitization in turn being transmitted to the fetus during pregnancy. (12) If this process is taking place, something we cannot know until appropriate research is done, one shudders to think of the unfathomable consequences, should the process be continued into yet another, a third generation.

Time may prove that vaccine programs went awry when they deviated from the most basic of all medical ethics, the right of a patient to accept or reject a medical therapy, or the right of parents to accept or reject vaccines for their children. Freedom-of-choice provides a system of checks and balances now lacking. At the very least, this would provide the parents with power to compel better safety screening of the vaccines. The remedy? Parents should be allowed the right of informed consent, or the right to accept or reject vaccines for their children based on full and uncensored disclosure of pros and cons.

Today we have a system in which vaccine production by the pharmaceutical companies is largely self-regulated. Of course these companies are interested in profits from their products which, in itself, is not wrong. However, when arbitrary decisions in the mandating of vaccines are made by the government bureaucracies, which are highly partisan to the pharmaceuticals, with no recourse open to parents, we have all the potential ingredients for a tragedy of historical proportions.


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The Late Dr. Buchwald, Medical Doctor

Dr. Buchwald had a son who was born perfectly normal, who developed autism after a DPT shot.

Here are some medical studies by Dr. Buchwald on the danger of Smallpox jabs:

Dr. Buchwald testimony before the Quebec College of Physicians Medical Board

Buchwald G. [See Related Articles][Convulsive disease recognized by a court decision as a vaccination injury following smallpox vaccination]. Med Welt. 1967 Jun 17;24:1488-91. German. No abstract available.PMID: 4389310; UI: 69226516.

Buchwald G. [See Related Articles][Letter: Smallpox vaccination: more harm than benefit]. MMW Munch Med Wochenschr. 1975 Mar 7;117(10):411-2. German. No abstract available.PMID: 804606; UI: 75138089.

Buchwald G, et al.[Against compulsory smallpox vaccination]. Med Welt. 1972 May 13;23(20):758-60. German. No abstract available. PMID: 5037193; UI: 72214698.

Dr. Buchwald has also written books on the uselessness of BCG vaccines.

Vaccination – A Business Based on Fear ISBN 3-8334-0162-1
The Vaccination Nonsense (2004 Lectures) ISBN 3-8334-2508-3
The Decline of Tuberculosis despite “protective” Vaccination ISBN 3-88721-175-8

The Late Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, Medical Doctor

Here Is the Core of My Concern
1. There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease. . . .
2. It is commonly believed that the Salk vaccine was responsible for halting the polio epidemics that plagued American children in the 1940’s and 1950’s. If so, why did the epidemics also end in Europe , where polio vaccine was not so extensively used? . . . .
3. There are significant risks associated with every immunization and numerous contraindications that may make it dangerous for the shots to be given to your child. . . .
4. While the myriad short-term hazards of most immunizations are known (but rarely explained), no one knows the long-term consequences of injecting foreign proteins into the body of your child. Even more shocking is the fact that no one is making any structured effort to find out.
5. There is a growing suspicion that immunization against relatively harmless childhood diseases may be responsible for the dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases since mass inoculations were introduced. These are fearful diseases such as cancer, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, lupus, and the Guillain-Barré syndrome. . . .

”I want to raise doubt in your mind as to the safety, efficacy, and moral issues of vaccines. My goal is for you to do further research into all of the vaccines, use libraries, bookstores, our internet web site (, and ask questions. Only after fully weighing the evidence can you make an informed decision. An informed consumer is a wise consumer. This journey is a beginning of better understanding the issues surrounding childhood vaccinations.”

About Dr. Mayer
Dr. Mayer Eisenstein is a graduate of the University of Illinois Medical School, the Medical College of Wisconsin School of Public Health, and the John Marshall Law School. In his 33 years in medicine, he and his practice have cared for over 75,000 parents, grandparents and children.

He is Board Certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners, American Board of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians. He is a recipient of the Howard Fellowship, Health Professional Scholarship, University of Illinois School of Medicine Scholarship, and is a member of the Illinois Bar. He is the author of: “Give Birth at Home with The Home Birth Advantage,” “Safer Medicine,” “Unlocking Nature’s Pharmacy,” “Don’t Vaccinate Before You Educate.”

Patrick Quanten, GP For 18 Years

‘The theory of vaccinations in which they are said to protect us from disease is completely wrong. Micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi, parasites, originate from our own tissue as a result of illness. They are not the cause of the disease.

Viruses are not living organisms; they too are an indication of disease, of cellular decay.’

A Critical Look at Vaccination
by Dr Patrick Quanten MD

The overwhelming view presented to the public by mainstream science and medicine as well as the media is that immunisation is a safe, scientific procedure which protects and safeguards health. Historically, the story of vaccination and immunisation is one of sweeping claims coupled with apparent successes, tragic failures, and, in some (albeit rare) instances, actual distortion of objective evidence. The motives involved touch on the best and worst of human nature, as well as on professional short-sightedness and unwillingness to question currently held “truths”. This is a trait in medicine as in all orthodox professions, but it prevents truths from penetrating to mainstream practice for many years longer than is really necessary.

Current methods of immunisation include the use of live vaccines (this involves inactivated forms of the micro-organisms responsible for the particular disease). The diseases which are “protected against” by the use of live vaccines include measles, rubella, tuberculosis, polio and yellow fever. The main killed vaccines used relate to diseases such as cholera, influenza, typhoid and paratyphoid, whooping cough, anthrax and rabies.

The dependency on immunisation to give protection against disease misses the key factor in the equation — the individual’s immune system. Much of the thinking behind the concept of vaccination stems from a philosophical belief of the causation of disease, which perverts our understanding of the innate, self-regulating mechanisms of the body. The ability of the body to protect itself against infection is, of course, closely linked to underlying levels of well-being and immune efficiency. This means that arguments for reliance on a healthy and efficient immune system to offer protection, which makes perfect sense when discussing a child in good health, with optimal nutrition, becomes far less meaningful in relation to a malnourished child.

Is immunisation safe?

* Dr Archie Kalokerinos: “There has only been one controlled trial of smallpox vaccine and that was in the Philippines at the turn of the century when they were under Australian control. The figures were clearly startling. There were twice as many deaths amongst the vaccinated as amongst the unvaccinated. The only people who got smallpox twice were the vaccinated ones.
* Between 1973 and 1984 one quarter of all reported cases of paralytic polio occurred soon after vaccination, with 94% of these after the first dose of oral vaccine. 36% occurred in people who were in contact with vaccinated children, with 82% of these after the contact person had received the first dose of oral vaccine.
* In 1982 and 1983 all cases of paralytic poliomyelitis in the USA were vaccine associated. Only one case caused by wild virus has been reported. (Centres for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia)
* An outbreak of paralytic polio occurred in Germany in the early 1980’s following a vaccination campaign. The investigation into this concluded that diphtheria-whooping cough-tetanus injections should not be given at the same time as the live polio vaccine because of the risk of triggering “provocation polio”. (A practice which is still in use today!)
* Dr Robert Mendelsohn states after extensive research that “the use of either, live or killed virus, in vaccines will increase, not diminish, the possibility that your child will contract the disease. In short it appears that the most effective way to protect your child from polio is to make sure that he doesn’t get the vaccine.”
* Reports in the US suggest that one out of every 100,000 children receiving mumps vaccination will develop meningitis as a direct result. A study in Yugoslavia puts the figure at an astonishing one in 1000. British experience has been equally dramatic — with a suggestion of between one child in 4,000 to 11,000 likely to develop meningitis following a form of mumps vaccination.
* Drs Kalokerinos and Mendelsohn say that the measles vaccine itself carries a high risk of producing encephalitis, as well as other serious conditions such as subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, which is almost always fatal, involving as it does a hardening of the brain substance. There is also evidence that measles vaccination may produce such severe reactions as ataxia (lack of co-ordination of movement), mental retardation, meningitis, convulsions, one-sided paralysis and blindness.
* From “Science” magazine in America (26-3-1977): “The HEW reported in 1970 that as much as 26% of children receiving rubella vaccination, in national testing programs, developed arthralgia or arthritis. Many had to seek medical attention and some were hospitalised to test for rheumatic fever and rheumatoid arthritis. In New Jersey this same testing program showed that 17% of all children vaccinated developed arthralgia and arthritis. — The report points out that during the previous year there had been, in the entire USA, 87 cases of congenital birth defects, resulting from rubella infection in the expectant mother, but that the figures quoted above indicated that in the state of New Jersey alone 340,000 children were placed at risk of serious ill-health by virtue of immunisation against the disease which had resulted in but 12 cases of birth defect in that state in the previous year.”
* Glen Dettman PhD is quoted in the book “Dangers of Immunisation” as describing a figure of 30% of adults in Canada, given rubella vaccine, suffering from arthritic attacks within four weeks. Some of these were crippling in intensity. Dr Dettman states that live rubella viruses have been found in one third of children and adults suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
* It is often possible to isolate the virus from affected joints in children, vaccinated against rubella, many months after vaccination. Similarly, it is often possible to isolate rubella viruses from the peripheral blood of women with prolonged arthritis, which followed vaccination. These viruses were found up to eight years after the vaccination procedure, although there had been a normal immune response. This, it is suggested, could account for the chronic joint problems of many people.
* The greatest threat of rubella is to the unborn child and one would anticipate that obstetricians would be sure to have had immunisation to prevent them infecting their female patients. The American Medical Association Journal reported that more than 90% of the obstetricians and gynaecologists had refused vaccination.
* Professor Stewart writes in the British Medical Journal in 1983: “Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine has a consistent record in the published work, and in the unpublished reports since 1933, of neurotoxic and other sequelae unmatched by other vaccines long before there was any adverse publicity about it in the media.” Professor Stewart concludes that the risks of vaccination to first-born babies in the average household are as great as those of catching whooping cough itself.
* It was noted by Dr William Torch, of the University of Nevada School of Medicine, that the DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus vaccine) might be responsible for many cot deaths. He noted in one survey that two thirds of 103 children who died of cot death had been immunised with DPT vaccine within the previous three weeks.
* Professor Stewart’s views on the dangers of pertussis vaccination in 1980 were as follows: “If reference be made to events in the USA and UK at the time of the earlier trials of pertussis vaccine when given alone, it becomes clear that the inclusion of pertussis vaccine makes the triple vaccine (DPT) much more likely to be followed by adverse reactions involving heart and nervous system. Such reactions include shock, collapse, convulsions and screaming fits, all of which had been recorded in some children who received pertussis vaccine alone in the earlier trials.”
* A study undertaken in 1979 at the University of California Los Angeles under the sponsorship of the Food and Drug Administration, and subsequently confirmed by other studies, suggests that in the USA approximately 1,000 infants die annually as a direct result of DPT vaccination, and these are classified as cot deaths. These represent about 10 to 15 per cent of the total number of cot deaths occurring annually in the USA (between 8,000 and 10.000 depending on which statistics are used).
* The question is raised by Dr Robert Simpson of Rutgers University, New Jersey, and others as to whether the introduction of viruses of influenza, mumps, polio and so on to the body in vaccination programmes may not be “seeding” humans with virus RNA. This would allow the development of proviruses which could lie dormant anywhere in the body. The activation of these at a later stage might, it is thought, be responsible for such diseases as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, cancer and others.
* The health histories of over 3,500 people who had received measles vaccination in 1964 were evaluated and compared with the histories of over 11,000 people who had not been vaccinated against measles and around 2,500 of the partners of the vaccinated individuals (a total of over 17,000 people altogether). The results showed that measles vaccination leads to a 300% increased risk of developing Crohn’s disease and a 250% greater chance of ulcerative colitis.

In normal circumstances infection and contact with micro-organisms takes place via a series of interconnected events, which results in the activation of cell changes that prepares the B-lymphocytes to recognise and deactivate (or attempt to do so) any invader which reappears. This is what takes place when, in childhood, the normal diseases of this stage of life are overcome, one by one. By adult life immunity to these diseases will have been achieved, and it is estimated that only a small portion of the immune system’s capacity will have been committed and used in this defence mode, whereby B-lymphocytes can only recognise and challenge those pathogenic invaders previously responded to. The rest of the immune function remains free to deal with new challenges.

When, however, the immune system is artificially challenged via immunisation methods, in which toxic material is injected into the bloodstream (not the way things happen in normal infection), a far larger commitment is called forth. It is estimated that as much as 70% of all immune capacity may be thus committed (as opposed to only between three and seven per cent — committed as a result of normal acquired previous infections). The consequences of this excess commitment of immune functions are unknown. But the chances are that impairment of the immune system results, leaving the individual more susceptible to infection of other sorts, more prone to allergic response, and with greater chance of disturbed immune function diseases.

Modern vaccines have been suggested as a major factor in the growing tendency towards allergy, involving both mind and body. Among other diseases which have been directly related to this sort of immune system assault are Cot Death and Multiple Sclerosis. In normal infections (i.e. not vaccination) the immune system responds to antigens of various sorts in an ordered and efficient manner. In artificial stimulation by vaccination the response is abnormal and unnatural.

Is vaccination effective?

* By the middle of the 20th century there was evidence that smallpox was already in slow and progressive decline and that smallpox vaccination was causing more deaths than the disease itself. Its incidence dropped in all parts of Europe, whether or not vaccination was being or had been employed.
* Tuberculosis reached its peak over two generations. In New York the death rate was certainly very high indeed in 1812, but had declined to 37 per 1,000 by 1892, when Koch cultured and stained the first bacillus. The rate was down to 18 per 1,000 when the first sanatorium opened in 1912. After World War II, before antibiotics came into general use, it had slipped to 5 per 1,000.
* Cholera, dysentery and typhoid similarly peaked and dwindled outside medical control. By the time their aetiology was understood, or their therapy had become specific, they had lost much of their relevance.
* The combined death rate for scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles from 1860 to 1965 for children up to 15 years of age shows that nearly 90% of the total decline in the death rate over this period had occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunisation against diphtheria.

The explanation for this decline could relate to altered virulence in the micro-organisms themselves as well as improved sanitation, better housing and, of course, greater resistance to disease, due to improved nutrition.

* Dr Bernard Greenberg, head of the Department of Biostatistics at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, has gone on record to say that cases of polio increased by 50% between 1957 and 1958 and by 80% between 1958 and 1959 after the introduction of mass immunisation. In five New England states cases of polio roughly doubled after polio vaccine was introduced. Nevertheless in the midst of the polio panic of the 1950’s, with pressure to find a magic bullet, health authorities, to give the opposite Impression, manipulated statistics. Cases of polio were renamed as “aseptic meningitis” or coxsackie virus infection. Doctors often simply do not believe that what they are seeing is a disease, which has been protected against, and therefore it must be something else.

In 1954 the requirements for an official diagnosis of polio were changed which means that you simply can not compare the numbers in the epidemic years with those cases after the change in criteria.

* In 1958 there were about 800,000 cases of measles in the USA, but by 1962, the year before a vaccine appeared, the number of cases had dropped by 300,000. During the next four years, while children were being vaccinated with an ineffective and now abandoned “killed” virus, the number of cases dropped another 300,000. In the UK, despite almost complete immunisation of infants the rate is rising again.
* The death rate from measles had declined equally dramatically, independently of vaccination. In 1900 there were 13.3 measles deaths per 100,000 population. By 1955, before the first measles vaccination, the death rate had declined by 97.7%, to only 0.03 deaths per 100,000 of the population. In 1978 a survey of 30 states showed that more than half of the children who contracted measles had been adequately vaccinated.
* A measles epidemic, during which 130 children were hospitalised and six died, occurred in St Louis City and County, during 1970 and 1971-74. 430 cases occurred, during a forty week period. In one school, out of 90 children known to have been vaccinated, 19 developed measles, a failure rate of 20%. Clinical data sheets were returned from another 125 children in another school; 28% of these had been vaccinated.
* During the winter of 1967-68 an epidemic of measles occurred in Chicago, from which two lessons were learned. One, there was a high percentage of cases among vaccinated pre-school children. Two, the failure of the intensive school immunisation program to terminate the measles epidemic.
* Dr Beverley Allan, of the University Department, Austin Hospital, Melbourne, Australia conducted trials on army recruits, who were immunised with an attenuated virus and sent to a training camp known for regular epidemics of rubella. Four months later an epidemic occurred which affected 80% of the men who had been “protected”.
* Annual deaths, per million children, from whooping cough over the period from 1900 to the mid-1970’s dropped consistently from a high point of just under 900 deaths per million children in 1905. By the time immunisation was introduced on a mass scale, in the mid-1950’s, mortality had dropped by 80% or more and this decline has continued, albeit at a slower rate, ever since.
* A report in The Lancet (5-10-85) described a group of children infected with whooping cough (confirmed by identification of the micro-organism) the majority of who had been immunised.
* According to Professor Gordon Stewart, formerly head of a department of community medicine at Glasgow University, “vaccination has been at best only partially effective in controlling whooping cough, and has never been proved to be adequate in protecting infants below one year of age who are, in the United Kingdom, the only group of children whose health is seriously menaced by whooping cough”.
* Professor Stewart states that in the 1974/5, and 1978/9 outbreaks in the UK, and in the 1974 outbreaks in the USA and Canada, the proportion of children developing whooping cough who had been fully vaccinated was between 30 and 50%.
* Flu-vaccine to protect against a coming influenza epidemic does not even contain the current influenza virus responsible for the outbreak, and can therefore not provide any protection against the new strain of influenza.

The central most important aspect in improving control of infectious diseases is the host and his/her immune function. To strengthen the individual’s immune system by natural ways should be our primary concern.

Some of the problems with statistics

* Prior to 1954 a diagnosis of polio was made on two clinical assessments of paralysis at least 24 hours apart (no laboratory confirmation was required). After 1954, residual paralysis was determined 10 to 20 days after the onset of illness and again 50 to 70 days after onset. What was diagnosed as polio before 1954, would not necessarily be polio after 1954.
* In July 1955, in Los Angeles County, there were 273 cases of polio and 50 cases of aseptic meningitis. A year later there were just five cases of polio and 256 cases of aseptic meningitis (the symptoms of which are hard to tell apart).
* Recently in China a condition called “Chinese Paralytic syndrome” has evolved. Researchers there believe that this disease, which affects mainly children and young adults, is a form of poliomyelitis. They believe that the widespread use of oral polio vaccine has resulted in a mutation of the virus and the development of a new paralytic condition. This, of course, is not classified as polio, so will not influence the WHO statistics for the elimination of the disease.
* In some countries (such as parts of England) AIDS is defined as existing if someone has tested positive for HIV using the ELISA system and has a specific number of what are known as AIDS-related diseases, conditions or symptoms. There are now almost 30 to choose from. In other countries (most parts of the USA) an AIDS diagnosis requires a positive HIV test on both ELISA and Western Blot test methods, and for the person to have an appropriate number of associated diseases or symptoms. In many parts of Africa, however, because of the lack of testing facilities and the expense of applying these, an AIDS diagnosis can be, and usually is, made based solely on the patient’s presenting symptoms plus a degree of weight loss over a short period of time.
* In underdeveloped countries where sanitation is poor, polio viruses are widespread. Almost 100% of children develop antibodies due to infection in infancy. Paralytic cases are few; the great majority of cases are minor illnesses and epidemics are unknown. With a higher standard of living, epidemics occur every few years, and paralytic polio becomes more the norm.
* Identification of the infective agent is not always carried out, especially during epidemics when medical facilities are stretched. Typical, during a “flu” epidemic, the influenza virus, responsible for flu, is not targeted in the medical procedures. Many viral infections are responsible for identical flu-type symptoms but all cases automatically become “flu” statistics.

Other information

The blood itself, if healthy, can deactivate and control bacterial and viral invasion via its very chemistry. This is largely dependent upon adequate nutrition. Vitamin C in the blood is capable of deactivating virus particles. It is important to realise that vitamin C levels required to achieve this degree of protection are far above that required to produce minimal anti-scurvy effect. Vitamin C requirements fluctuate widely at times of stress, infection, pregnancy, alcohol and tobacco use, air and water pollution levels, refined food products, etc. Insofar as the immunological defences are concerned there is also a need for optimum nutrition. This is the last line of defence after the skin, the mucous secretions and the chemical factors of the blood have failed to check an invader. Alertness of this immune response is said to depend upon adequate levels of Vitamin B6. Both this vitamin B6 and vitamin C require that all the many other nutrients are adequately present, in order to operate at high levels of efficiency.

Dr Archie Kalokerinos has done far and away the most important practical work in this area and Glen Dettman, PhD, in their work with aboriginal children in Australia, described in the book “Every Second Child”. Aboriginal infant death rates had shown a dramatic increase in the early 1970’s, having doubled in 1970 and gone even higher in 1971. In some areas of the Northern Territory the infant death rate was reaching 50 out of every 100 babies. Dr Kalokerinos proved that the cause of death was what is called immunological shock, or paralysis resulting from nutritional-immunological interactions; in this particular event it was Vitamin C deficiency. He says: “I have no doubt that some so-called “cot deaths” are in fact acute vitamin C deficiencies, and that these occur even if the diet is adequate….. and their response to vaccines against infections is not always good. First, there is an increased utilisation of vitamin C, and this, particularly when associated with dietary deficiency or failure of intestinal absorption, may precipitate deficiency of vitamin C in the blood. This deficiency lowers immunity, and the vaccine adds to this temporary lowering. An infection such as pneumonia or gastro-enteritis is likely …. Thus an infant may die a few days after being immunised.” The extra strain on the immune system can be provided by an infection, or it can be other vaccines administered around the same time.

Whatever the mechanisms involved it is at least now proved that many infants who are nutritionally compromised do die after immunisation.

The major reason for the use of measles vaccination is the prevention of the side-effects of the disease (which are, incidentally, very, very, rare in well nourished children) such as encephalitis. The official estimation is that children who contact measles suffer encephalitis about once in 1,000 cases. This is disputed, however, by such workers as Dr Mendelsohn, who claims that this may be true in children living in poverty and malnutrition but does not relate to well nourished children in hygienic conditions, where the level of this complication of measles itself is likely to be no more than one in 100,000.

Evidence regarding vitamin A deficiency in such children is well established and shows that:

* those children who have the worst symptoms during and following measles have lowest levels of vitamin A
* such children are the most likely to develop eye symptoms during measles
* they are also the most likely to have a fever above 40*C and require hospitalisation
* they are the children most likely to die from measles
* supplementing with vitamin A dramatically reduces the risks of severe illness or death associated with measles
* this has been demonstrated in Africa where a 700% reduction in children dying from measles followed vitamin A supplementation

The truth is that the vaccine itself carries a high risk of producing encephalitis, as well as other serious conditions such as subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, which is always fatal, involving as it does a hardening of the brain substance.


Information gained from other sources than the official advertising campaigns urging us to get vaccinated show a worrying and totally different picture. Official sources are generally quick to dismiss such studies and reports without proper independent investigation. Although there is a genuine attempt to reduce child morbidity and mortality, we must never lose sight of the hidden gains for people and organisations working in this area, such as financial rewards from the sale of millions of vaccines, status from the claim to have played a major part in improving the populations health, a place in history, etc. Sponsorship for studies regarding vaccination programmes is not without it’s ties; rewarding results are what is expected. Statistical information can easily be manipulated to suit one’s purpose, and the greater the pressure on having to find a particular result the greater the need to find it by whatever means necessary.

The key factor in having a healthy and efficient immune system is a good nutritional status. Given the right backing your immune system will keep you healthy, because it will have the resources to learn properly from its experiences, and to be at full capacity to attend to invaders. Artificial attacks on that immune system are not only extremely costly in terms of energy wastage, but are also by-passing the normal learning processes of the body which leaves it more vulnerable than before. As a result of vaccination the person is first subjected to a massive unnatural onslaught which drains great amounts of energy away from other duties, and is then left in a more fragile state than it was before as a result of an inadequate learning process; hence, the high figures showing re-infection of vaccinated people.

The long-term future will show us the answer. In the mean time we continue to introduce more and more unnatural health methods in our lives, the result of which can not be known for many decades. It is sad to see how little we are willing to learn from past experiences, and how eager we are to dismiss anything that might threaten that artificial world we have created.

Remember, no vaccination is compulsory;

scare mongering is effective in putting the blame on you;

you may be the only one who has your health at heart.

Dr Patrick Quanten MD

Medical Doctor Refuses Oral Polio Vaccine

Some residents of the FCT including a medical doctor yesterday turned down the administration of Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) on their children and wards.
An official of the FCDA Department of Public Health in Abuja, who preferred anonymity, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that those who turned down the vaccine claimed that the vaccine was not safe.
According to the official, all efforts to convince the doctor to allow her children to receive the vaccine fell on deaf ears as she questioned the safety of the vaccine.
The official said the doctor claimed that her children had already received other vaccines at the hospital, adding that those immunisations were enough to protect them from diseases.

Source: The Daily Triumph, 1st April 2009.


I can speak from personal experience about the effects of vaccines and the lack of reporting of adverse reactions. I have been a NICU nurse for over 10 years and have on numerous occasions I have seen infants who are ready to be discharged, code within a few hours after the vaccine is administered.

Also, it is well accepted in the NICU that infants tend to have apnea and bradycardia after vaccine administration. The question is why? On another note, the reporting of adverse reactions is so sparce that any journal that touts the safety of a vaccine based on adverse reactions that are reported is already dealing with a faulty data set. I queried our head of pharmacology in our hospital and here is the copy of the response.

..”According to the VAERS FAQ:

What events should I report to VAERS? top

VAERS encourages the reporting of any clinically significant adverse event that occurs after the administration of any vaccine licensed in the United States. You should report clinically significant adverse events even if you are unsure whether a vaccine caused the event.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) requires health care providers to report:

Any event listed by the vaccine manufacturer as a contraindication to subsequent doses of the vaccine.

Any event listed in the Reportable Events Table that occurs within the specified time period after vaccination.

A copy of the Reportable Events Table can be obtained by calling VAERS at 1-800-822-7967 or by downloading it from”

Here is the most important part:

…”But when you look at the reportable events table it only lists specifics, for example:


A. Anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock 7 days

B. Encephalopathy (or encephalitis) 7 days

C. Any sequelae (including death) of above events Not applicable

D. Events described in manufacturer’s package insert as contraindications to additional doses of vaccine See package insert

So it looks like to me that we are not required to report events not listed in the reportable events table, but encouraged.”

Basically, this hospital and another NICU that I worked at DO NOT report any adverse or suspected adverse reactions.

I have recomended parents who inquire about the safety of vaccines to do their own research on the subject and have also mentioned that I have chosen not to vaccinate my children.

Also , the theory about vaccines ramping up the immune sysytem might very well explain the huge increase in asthma, alleric skin disorders, crohns and IBS, and other immune mediated illness.

From Concerned Nurse of CA.

Source: US News, Heart To Heart column, 14th April 2009.

Doctor Jodie

I have been a medical professional for 20 years. I received Hep B as it was required for work. I asked if there were any side effects and told that there were none apart from soreness at the site. Within two weeks of receiving the vaccination, I ended up in a wheelchair on/off for 3 years due to Multiple Sclerosis.

I was assured that the vaccine was not to blame. I started researching both pros and cons for vaccination around 2 years ago. Interestingly the manufacturer�s information sheet that accompanies the Hep B jab mentions the possibility of MS as a side effect.

Thankfully I am now back on my feet again but sadly my trust in the medical establishment has been severely damaged.

Before you or your children have any vaccinations, my advice is to do your own research so that you can make an informed decision.

Source: letter to the Telegraph, 3rd March 2009.

One in Two GP’s Will REFUSE Swine Flu Vaccine For Themselves

Nearly half of GPs have decided to not be vaccinated against swine flu once a jab becomes available in the autumn.

A snapshot survey of GPs conducted by Pulse found that 56 of the 115 GPs surveyed said they did not intend to receive the jab.

But the Pulse poll shows the extent of the reluctance amongst GPs to have the jab. Of the 115 GPs surveyed, 56 said they did not intend to be vaccinated, 48 said they would have the jab when it was available, and 11 were undecided.

It comes as public opinion appears to be swaying in the face of continuing concern over the safety of the vaccine.

A study published in the journal Emerging Health Threats found parents may refuse to get immunised or vaccinate their children against a pandemic virus if they believe the risks of a novel vaccine outweigh the benefits.

Source: Pulse doctor’s magazine, 24 August 2009.

Nurses Don’t Care About Chocolate Bars, Lottery Tickets and Free Lunches, They Still Don’t Want The Swine Flu Shot!

Many incentives have been tried in hopes of persuading Ottawa hospital workers and others on the front lines to get seasonal flu vaccines — chocolate bars, lottery tickets and free lunches — but the numbers who roll up the sleeves of their uniforms stay stubbornly around 50 per cent.

Many strategies to encourage vaccination have failed. And making shots mandatory will meet with huge resistance, it’s predicted.

Ontario paramedics in 2002, for example, threatened to walk off the job en masse if forced to get the seasonal flu vaccine.

Health officials have said H1N1 flu shots will not be mandatory, but that has not been the case across the border. New York, which was the first state to be hard-hit by swine flu, is requiring all health workers to get immunized against both seasonal flu and H1N1 flu.

“If there is an attempt to make it mandatory I think you would see civil disobedience,” said Michael Hurley, president of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions, which represents 20,000 hospital workers.

Yet, what if anything will persuade half of health-care workers to get vaccinated? Many interviewed revealed a deep-seated reluctance to be vaccinated that stems from their own concerns about vaccine safety, questions about whether or not the flu really is a serious risk, balanced with their own obligation to protect patients they come in contact with.

Hurley said in an interview that health officials should not rely on gimmicks but instead do a better job of addressing workers’ concerns.

Source: Ottawa Citizen, 16 September 2009.

NY Nurse Refuses To Get Vaccinated For Swine Flu

A registered nurse in New York could be fired for refusing a swine flu vaccination.

At issue are memos from the Saratoga County Public Health Nursing Service and St. Peter’s Health Care Services in Albany that require all healthcare staff to have the vaccination, with no exceptions — not even based on religious beliefs.

Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, observed various reasons for not getting vaccinations in the past. “There [are] people who simply object to innoculations across the board for health reasons because their body is their temple and they don’t want to poison it with various kinds of concentrated mercury and other kinds of matters,” he points out.

In most states, individuals can opt out of vaccinations for philosophical or religious reasons. According to the Liberty Counsel founder, both of the organizations in this case refuse to permit exceptions on the basis of religion.

“If an employer had a ‘no exceptions’ rule, then clearly they would have a strong legal case because the law in most states — and even if you don’t have a state law but most states do — you have constitutional rights so that you don’t have to have something actually administered to your body,” the attorney adds.

Staver adds that health organizations have a right to establish certain standards for their workers to protect them and patients, but they cannot invalidate state law or the Constitution in the process.

Source: one news now, 18 September 2009.

“I have the option to say what goes into my body” – Nurse, anti-swine flu vaccine.

As long as I’ve been on this planet, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this before,” said Glens Falls Hospital Nurse Jill Litchfield.

“Very disconcerting to me,” said Glens Falls Hospital Nurse Mary Homkey.

Some New York hospital workers are fighting back, refusing to take the seasonal flu vaccine or the H1N1 vaccine mandated by the New York State Health Department for health care workers statewide.

“It reminds me of the 1976 swine flu pandemic that was out,” said Glens Falls Hospital Rehab Aide Florence Getter. “They created such a panic that people rushed to get these vaccines and over 4,000 people became disabled in one way or the other from the vaccines.”

“Getting the shot is not a 100 percent guarantee you won’t get the flu,” said Litchfield.

Even if long-term problems are unlikely, they worry about the safety of the vaccines. They say the vaccine hasn’t been properly tested. They wonder why it’s required in New York but not by other states, and that the only exemption is medical – meaning religious or philosophical differences don’t count.

“I will lose my job because I’m not going to get it,” said Getter.

Homkey said, “I’ll be out of a job, or I’ll move to a different state.”

“They’ll can me because I won’t get the shot,” said Litchfield. “After the two-week furlough, I’ll be looking for another job.”

All of this begs the question – is it legal for the state to require health care workers to get the vaccine? We spoke with legal expert Paul Der Ohannesian.

He said, “It’s going to be very difficult to challenge the Health Department’s authority to have this type of regulation where they have to get vaccines.”

In an open letter to health care workers, the health commissioner said, “Questions about safety and claims of personal preference are understandable. Given the outstanding efficacy and safety record of approved influenza vaccines, our overriding concern then, as health care workers, should be the interests of our patients, not our own sensibilities about mandates. On this, the facts are very clear: the welfare of patients is…best served by the very high rates of staff immunity that can only be achieved with mandatory influenza vaccination – not the 40-50% rates of staff immunization historically achieved with even the most vigorous of voluntary programs.”

These workers said they’ll be protesting at the state Capitol on Tuesday, as they’re left with the choice – keep their jobs and get the shots, or be out of work just before Christmas.

Getter said, “For me this is an infringement on my basic human rights, my civil rights. I have the option to say what goes in my body.”

Source: Capital News 9, 25 September 2009.

More Doctors Against Swine Flu Vaccine

I am a proper frontline doctor (not a media Doctor) living and working in Central London. I must have been exposed to over 300 cases that meet the WHO/HPA criteria for Swine Flu. I have not caught it. Why? Not because of some dodgy vaccine but because I follow simple hygiene advice when and after seeing patients. I will not be having it. None of my colleagues are having it. I resent these pathetic DOH attempts to emotionally blackmail staff into having it. No I don’t think its safe and I don’t think it’s necessary either. I speak as someone who has seen patient’s left with severe neurological disability post-vaccinations. Dr Jessen stop patronising your colleagues- we are more skilled and clinically competent than you.
If you have flu at Xmas, use your common sense and don’t visit Granny- that will save her, not some new vaccine that has been rushed through clinical trials. If you knew anything at all, you would know that the over 65yrs are not really affected by Swine Flu at all but you could kill her with normal flu.

Jon, GP from London.

Source: London Evening Standard, reader comments, 14 October 2009.

As a medical doctor myself, I felt I should add a few observations and criticisms of ‘Swine Flu’:

There is no available scientific evidence to justify the whole unusual and worrying over-reaction to this H1N1 Influenza – fact. There is no evidence that the anti-flu drugs prevent deaths or complications, yet still they were rolled out en-masse.
There is no evidence of a increased risk from H1N1 that justifies the mass use and commissioning of drugs or vaccines, yet the governments went ahead. It is unprecedented except for America’s 1970’s Swine Flu scare (a notorious non-event the response to which CAUSED multiple deaths).

Our pre-existing NICE guidelines on who should get drugs and vaccines in Influenza seem to have been torn up and thrown in the bin for no good reason, all because of an unwarranted and unproven risk assessment based on media scare and cod-science propagated by the WHO – a branch of the World Trade Organisation. In fact, it is well-known and admitted by the WHO that they are close partners of the drug and vaccine manufacturers, which is iself highly suspect.

Adam, Doctor, Isle of Man.

Source: London Evening Standard, reader comments, 14 October 2009.

Nurse Against Swine Flu Vaccine

I am an RN in our local area and have many health care professional friends. The Commissioner of the Dept. of Health, Richard Daines, has attempted to mandate the health care professionals to get the vaccine to protect the public.
If for one minute I thought the vaccine was safe, because of my concern for the public i work with daily, i would do it for the people. But the vaccine is far from even remotely being tested enough to assure any of us that it is safe.
Some of the H1N1 vaccine coming into our country has adjuvants added. These ingre dients are mercury, (which is being linked to the high rate of autism in our children) and squalene (used in the anthrax vaccines our Gulf war vets were injected with and subsequently suffered high rates of neurological damage, and Lou Gehrigs disease).
The children’s dose of the H1N1 vaccine in a neighboring county has thimerosal in it. It is for the children under age 3. Thimerosal is mercury. We all know the effects of mercury from the studies being done on it.T
he ingredients are written on the paperwork inside the boxes the vaccines are arriving in. It also states “Novartis, safety and effectiveness of H1N1Influenza A Monovalent Vaccine is not established for pregnant women, nursing mothers or children under 4.It is also not known if it can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or affect reproductive capacity.
It should be given to pregnant women, if only clearly needed.It is not known if it is transferred via breast milk. It has not been tested for carcin ogenic or mutagenesis, or impairment of fertility. It is inactivated with formaldehyde.
The Flumist that goes up the nose, is actually a live weakened attenuated virus, so you will very possibly develop symptoms of the swine flu, and guess what, you will transmit it to others.
Dr. Bovo also suggests that people over 65 are more susceptible to the flu, due to a “weakened immune system.” All the research i have done, states that those of us who are over 65 are going to fare pretty well with this round, because we had similar strains as younger people, before everyone started getting immunized for everything. Some of us have an acquired immunity.
I believe we are living with an epidemic all right. It is an epidemic of fear. This particular round of swine flu did not mutate as the country was fearful it would. It is serious, I will not deny that, but I believe, the vaccine is possibly more dangerous, or at the very least as dangerous as the swine flu.
The doctor’s offices aren’t even diagnosing numbers of swine flu. They are determining, if you go for an office visit, and have a fever, aches and pains, respiratory symptoms, chills, that you have the swine flu. So where are the numbers coming from in the media showing all of the swine flu deaths, when we aren’t even getting diagnosed with specific blood tests to confirm that is what it truly is?
Our doctor’s offices are swamped, vaccines are coming to the offices from all over the place, and people are scared. And to beat it all the drug companies, such as Novartis, Glaxo Smith Kline, etc. have been granted immunity by the government from repercussions from individuals should they develop neurological or any body system damage from this vaccine that has been fast tracked and pushed on the American public.
What is wrong with that picture? I remember the Swine Flu epidemic in 1976 when thousands of people got immunized against it, and many developed auto immune diseases and guillain-barre syndrome.
So, for me, the issue is multi faceted. Should the Department of Health Commissioner be able to mandate a segment of population to be injected with a substance that many of them do not want, and cannot refuse based on religious or cultural beliefs?
Nurses and doctors care about their patients. We are vomited on, urinated on, bled on, and much more that i will not share here. We have great immunities. I am concerned that if we are forced to take a flu mist up our noses, or an injection that has the potential to make us ill, we won’t be able to care for our people
And then what, in a state where there is already a huge nursing shortage? I believe this is unconstitutional and many nurses will be fired because the Department of Health is mandating hospitals to also make sure their employees are vaccinated or let them go.,and hospitals will be fined if they don’t comply
And the other issue, that is just as large to me, is I feel the American public has not been told the truth. And until I know beyond a doubt, that there has been significant testing done on a vaccine, and i am privy as a private individual to be able to know what is being injected into me, and that it is safe, I will take my chances with my own immune system.
I believe in our bodies’ abilities to heal .And i for one, will not be part of the epidemic of fear. Make your own decision. But be careful, friends.

Source: The Livingston County News, 22 October 2009.

Pediatrician Against Swine Flu Vaccine

The biggest frustration facing many doctors is the dearth of swine flu vaccine for their patients. But not Paula Soghomonian’s pediatrician at Pediatric Village in the District. She is not recommending the shots — or the nasal spray.

“The senior doctor there doesn’t believe in it and doesn’t want it for her patients,” Soghomonian said. “I think the feeling was it’s just too new.”

Soghomonian’s doctor is one of a small cadre of outliers who remain skeptical about the government’s unprecedented immunization campaign, citing doubts about the risks presented by the H1N1 virus or the safety of the vaccine, despite the fact that no worrisome reactions have been reported.

“My feeling is that this is all being over-hyped,” said Laurence J. Murphy, a pediatrician in Burke who also will not inoculate his patients. “Most people who get this virus do beautifully. I believe the vaccine hasn’t been tested enough. I just think the benefit of it at this point is not outweighed by the possible risk.”

Source: The Washington Post, 8 November 2009.

Finnish GP Against Swine Flu Vaccine Thinks WHO Engineered ‘Pandemic’

Hi everyone!

I’m a Finnish general practitioner in public health care, mother of three girls and I’m very interested of problems in our society. I’ve been lately very concerned, things happening around us. So, I think after thinking and with intuition I’ve become more and more aware of that we have to influence to our society to get it better and safer… I don’t mean microchips, I mean balance with nature and ourselves.

Nanotechnolgy in vaccinations is here today! They have told us about hepatitis B –vaccine for third world. Yesterday one of us found evidence article which proves that our Pandemrix vaccine is a so called nanovaccine.
Nanotechnology is extremely unpredictable and dangerous for human beings and environment, it doesn’t belong to our world. Just what I said is worth of billions. If their reputation goes downhill, it means lost of huge amounts of their money.

EU REACH chemical laws ignore this nanotechnology! It says that this artificial nanosize material is the same as original material though it has very different and complex behavior. So, it means that EU is the one who allows this everything happen.

I’m extreamly worried about this: World Health Organization made (2005) “Global pandemic influenza action plan to increase vaccine supply progress report 2006-2008”.

They said :

“The business plan evaluates
the short- to medium-term (2007–2017) options to be able to produce enough vaccine
to immunize the world’s population within six to nine months of the transfer of the
prototype strain to industry.
The business plan is novel and thus entails some obvious risks. Notably, if there
is no influenza pandemic within the next five years, there may be loss of interest,
political awareness and investment. A major potential risk is also the lack of a
public health structure in communities to piggyback on the growing influenza
vaccine production capacity.”…05_eng.pdf

and here is the newiest:…20Flu3.pdf
Here in Finland GlaxoSmithKline forbid THL (finnish Health and Welfare Institution under Social and Health Ministry STM) to give into public the statistics of dead and also they´re not allowed to publish the of what and how the vaccine is actually made; it´s business secret, goes the official explanation. This GSK is the power in WHO, too. We are in the middle of totaliarism of corporations.

This page stays here among Finnish ones for discussing overseas. Our collective problem is failed globalization. Fortunately, it brings us together!

Maybe you found me here:…mp;lang=en

Best Wishes,

Mirjaleena Isoaho

Source: GP’s blog, entitled ‘Overseas Discussions for Concerned People’, 30 November 2009.

Brave Midwives Defy ‘Government’ Advice on Vaccinating Pregnant Women

Prof Steve Field told the Daily Telegraph: “It is irresponsible for health professionals not to follow the guidance and to actively dissuade women from having the vaccine.

“This is a professional matter and all the professions are united on the advice.”

Prof Field said the College had received dozens of emails from GPs who had been confronted by women who said their midwife had given them conflicting advice.

Any nurse or midwife who continues to reject Government advice over the swine flu vaccine may have to account for their actions to the professional regulator, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, if a complaint was made.
Following reports that some patients were being advised to avoid the jab, or even denied it altogether, health authorities have sent out letters reminding midwives of their obligations.

The letter sent out to midwives says: “All pregnant women in the UK have been prioritised for the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine as an ‘at risk’ group.

“However, there has been accumulating evidence that some nurses and midwives are either refusing to immunise pregnant women or strongly advising women against this option.

Source: The Telegraph, 5 December 2009.

Majority of GP’s Think Vaccinating Under 5 Year old’s Against H1N1 is a Waste of Resources – Disease Described as ‘Trivial’

The majority of GPs believe that vaccinating all healthy children under the age of five against swine flu is a poor use of NHS resources, a Pulse survey has found.

In a snapshot poll of 146 GPs, 56% said that the Government’s extension of the swine flu vaccination campaign to all children under the age of five was not ‘a good use of healthcare resources’.

The findings came as NHS managers claimed that GPs in some areas have now completed the vaccination of priority groups at their practices, and are now concentrating solely on vaccination of the under-fives.

Just over a third (34%) of respondents to Pulse’s survey, conducted over the past week, said their practice had now signed up to a local deal to carry out swine flu vaccination of the under fives, with a further 44% currently engaged in local negotiations.

GPs also backed the GPC’s decision not to agree to a national deal on vaccinating under 5s, with three quarters supporting their negotiators’ stance.

Elsewhere, two thirds felt that the Government’s target for GPs to vaccinate 50.7% of patients in priority groups will not be achievable.
Click here to find out more!

Dr Benedict Glover, a GP in Glenarm, Northern Ireland, was one of those to express scepticism about the vaccination programme.

He said: ‘This programme should cease immediately. It is a waste of resources and finance to treat normal healthy patients for a trivial condition.’

Dr Babak Shokouhi, a GP in Worthing, West Sussex, said uptake was flagging as patients remained unconvinced. ‘Patients are dubious about vaccinating their children and there’s a lack of confidence [in the] Department of Health,’ he said.

But others adopted a more cautious tone. Dr Stephen McCluskey, A GP in Portadown, Northern Ireland, said: ‘We should pick our battlefields more carefully. We will never win in the eyes of the public if we used children as a bargaining tool.’

Meanwhile, NHS bosses in the southwest of England said some GPs in the area had completed their vaccinations of those in the higher-risk groups, and were now focusing on vaccinating the under fives.

Source: Pulse GP magazine, 22 December 2009.

Midwife Against Vaccination

Recently I have come accross your VA website. Can I just say how much it scares me and makes me feel sick. I am a health professional who is supposed to advocate immunisation. I am also a mother who had my firstborn immunised against childhood illnesses.

Your website scares me and I wish that I could disagree with it but I can not. I can apply what is going on with vaccinations when I look at what is going on in the maternity services.

I was bullied by fellow midwives for not accepting their plan of ‘care’ for me during my pregnancy and had to fight to get a home birth.

And that is all nothing in comparison to what I see going on at work. I have also just finished re-reading ‘the Polotic’s of Breastfeeding’ and it never ceases to amaze me just how corrupt this world is. So, it is quite easy to see that vaccinations are a huge whopper.

Just the other day I received a copy of ‘The Practicing Midwife’. It was reporting that the NMC is warning midwives not to discourage pregnant women against the H1N1 sf v. and is reminding us of our codes.

I feel sick right now having had my eldest child vaccinated. My new baby will not be getting vaccinated but I am dreading the response from my local surgery. All that I got from the HP’s during my pregnancy was ‘she’s a midwife, she should know better’. But I do…

Thank you for your fantastic website, the world really needs people like you.

Mrs G.

Source: Letter to VAN UK, 28 January 2010.

70% of Health Professionals in Hull Have Refused the H1N1 Vaccine

THE majority of front-line healthcare staff have refused to have the swine flu vaccine.

Despite recommendations from health officials, 70 per cent of staff who are eligible for the vaccine across Hull and the East Riding have refused it.

Frontline staff and social care workers have had the opportunity to be immunised since October last year.

They were offered the vaccine at the same time as the first clinical “at-risk” groups.

However, figures obtained by the Mail through a request made under the Freedom of Information Act found only 2,488 staff have had the jab.

A total of 8,000 staff were offered the vaccination.

At Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, 6,255 staff members are eligible, but only 1,780 staff, or 28.5 per cent, have opted to be immunised.

At Hull PCT, 879 staff are eligible for the vaccine, but just 274, or 31 per cent, have had the jab.

And at East Riding of Yorkshire PCT, 915 staff are eligible, and only 434 staff, or 47 per cent, have opted to have the vaccine.

The Mail understands staff, some of whom are GPs who will be advising patients to have the vaccine, are turning it down because of safety concerns.


90% of Doctors in India Refuse H1N1 Jab

It’s been 10 days since vaccination for swine flu began in city hospitals but only 10 per cent of doctors and support staff have come forward to receive the shot.

The vaccination programme was started by the Union Ministry of Health to immunise the medical staff against the H1N1 virus.

But medical community, including doctors, nurses and the paramedics, seem uninterested.

A single dose of Penanza, a drug procured by the Centre from a French pharmaceutical company, is given during vaccination.

Of the 2,200 staff members at the GMCH, Sector 32, only 515 have come forward to get vaccinated.

Source: Indian Express, 30 March 2010.

Why I Left Mainstream Medicine – From a Nurse

Dr. Andrew Gunn – not anti-vaccine, but has spoken out against HPV vaccine and is very enlightened on drug side-effects

Doctors deal in drugs. Dangerous ones. Not surprisingly, we sometimes stuff up. As the Romans depressingly suggested, Qui medice vivit misere vivit. Who lives medically, lives miserably. Another ancient quote worthy of reflection is Primum non nocere. It means First, do no harm. Those words sum up this article’s message. If you’re time-poor, read no further.

First, do no harm is a favourite dictum of doctors. It is usually attributed to long-dead white males like Hippocrates or Galen but might have first appeared a couple of millennia later in an obscure 1860 book. Hippocrates did, however, write that regarding diseases and treatments a physician should “make a habit of two things – to help, or at least to do no harm”.

Unfortunately, for a doctor to never do harm requires either enormous luck or a very peculiar practice. Competency is not repeating mistakes; incompetency is not recognising them. All doctors occasionally harm patients so a more realistic goal is to “Do more good than harm” or perhaps, in case the doctor is preventing someone else from doing even more good, “Do more good than the alternatives” .


This article was prompted by reports of harm stemming from specialists’ ignorance of prescription drug side-effects. In medicine, it is said generalists know nothing about everything and specialists know everything about nothing. There’s a degree of truth in this, but the avalanche of new information means even conscientious doctors sub-specialising in small, well-defined fields can struggle to keep up with all potentially relevant drug data.

Most drugs have a huge list of potential side effects. Doctors are generally not good at acknowledging or even recognising these. Every week, I probably fail a patient in this respect. There is also plenty of evidence that doctors tend to be too uncritical in accepting drug promotions including dodgy studies and data interpretation. In addition, a psychological leap is required to admit the treatment you have prescribed is possibly worse than useless.

The problem, therefore, is not usually wilful ignorance. The medical profession has been known to illustrate more than one of the Seven Deadly Sins – pride and avarice spring to mind – but, to be fair, sloth is not usually one of them. Anyway, being lazy and ignorant is not a good fit with being proud and greedy.

Napoleon once said one should not ascribe to malice that which is better explained by incompetence. Sometimes, however, incompetence appears an inadequate explanation.

I receive a constant stream of mail from manufacturers saying their drugs do not work as initially advertised. Today’s letter was from GlaxoSmithKline. It stated that excessive use of Polident Extra Hold Denture Adhesive Cream could be dangerous. In fact, “as a precautionary measure GSK has voluntarily stopped the manufacture, distribution and advertising of this product”.

Until the letter arrived, I had never given the slightest thought to Polident Extra Hold Denture Adhesive Cream. In fact, I had never heard of it let alone considered its potential interactions and hazards. It now seems there are reports that the zinc in the product might be responsible for some consumers experiencing “sensory disturbance, limb weakness and difficulty walking”. The company’s letter did not say when these concerns became apparent. A pack of lawyers has probably already diverted from ambulance-chasing to try to find out.

GSK is also currently in trouble over its diabetes drug, Avandia (rosiglitazone) . For years, the company downplayed concerns about Avandia’s cardiac safety. Then, on February 20 this year, a US Senate committee released a report based on over 250,000 internal company documents. The US Food and Drug Administration has estimated that the drug caused 83,000 heart attacks between 1999 and 2007.

The Senate report confirmed that GSK’s own experts raised serious questions about Avandia’s safety at least as far back as 2003. When these concerns became public in 2007, it is said that executives deflected them, intimidated critics, orchestrated the early release of favourable data from a supposedly independent study and attempted to continue business as usual. With billions of dollars at stake, this is no surprise. On this planet, people routinely die for far less.


Doctor in Court after Ex Reports Her For Delaying Vaccination

Dubai: A doctor faces charges of endangering the life of her six-year-old son by allegedly failing to have him vaccinated ever since his birth, a court heard recently.

Prosecutors accused the 45-year-old Emirati mother [who is of European origin] of endangering the life of her son, after her husband, an American, complained to the police.

When the mother appeared before the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours she strongly refuted her accusations and pleaded not guilty.

Meanwhile, her lawyer Dr Riyadh Al Kabban contended before the judge: “My client did not endanger her boy’s life. She couldn’t have done so. Why would a mother endanger her son’s life… the husband had complained maliciously and malevolently against my client because they are in the process of a divorce.

“The husband wants to pressure my client in the divorce case and the boy’s custody which is currently being handled by the Dubai Sharia Court.”

When the 46-year-old father [of Arabic origin] testified before prosecutors, he alleged that marital disputes had begun when he refused to transfer the ownership of some of his property to his wife’s name.

“She took my child and left home to an unknown destination. When I was checking the house for their passports, I surprisingly found my son’s health record. It showed that he had not been vaccinated since birth.

“The health report confirmed that she had [allegedly] refused to vaccinate him. Our son’s doctor also confirmed to me that the boy had not been vaccinated… so I opened a criminal case against my wife,” the father said.

Reasons for delay

The father also told prosecutors that there is a divorce case and legal battle over their son’s custody before Dubai Courts.

When confronted, the mother refuted the allegations. She testified: “I had agreed with my husband not to vaccinate our son until the age of five because my family suffers from a hereditary disease… I was afraid of him suffering any side effects like my other children suffered when I vaccinated them before the age of 5.

“I didn’t endanger his life, and I had an agreement with my husband. I could bring witnesses to that.”

Dr Al Kabban argued before the Court of Misdemeanors: “The husband is the one responsible. Why did he ask about the vaccination after all these years?

“The boy is six today and his mother vaccinated him as soon as he became above five. He had his vaccination while the case was still being investigated by prosecutors. She didn’t have any criminal intention, but she was trying to protect her boy from any side effects.

“We ask the court to bring in the American paediatrician who examined the boy and testified before prosecutors.”

The court reconvenes next month to hear the paediatrician’s statement.

Source:, 24th January 2011.

Medical Staff Shun Flu Shot

Just 63% of health care providers at Lambton County’s community health services department have been immunized against influenza.

While that’s lower than desired, the rate was similar in past years, said supervisor Vicki Hawksworth.

“I have no idea why people don’t get their flu shot in our building because we don’t ask that information …” she said. “We certainly encourage it.”

At Bluewater Health, 35% of staff were immunized over the past five months, said Janet DeActis, director of occupational health and safety.

That rate is lower than usual, she said.

Source: The Observer, 14th February 2011.

Dr. Kenneth Stoller

Dr. Kenneth Stoller, MD was trained as a pediatrician at UCLA and was a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics for two decades. In 2008 he resigned from the AAP after realizing that the AAP has known that mercury in vaccines can cause Autism and other neurological damage, yet the organization has refused to make a determined effort to have mercury (in thimerosal) removed from all vaccines. And in fact, has instead engaged in a cover-up to protect the interests of the vaccine makers and pharmaceutical empires.

See this youtube video by Dr. Stoller:

Jenny Drew, Registered Nurse

This lady is a registered nurse who later became a full time mother and chose not to vaccinate her own children and she set up a natural, organic product company called Jenuinely Pure.

Listen to this radio show about it here:

Patti White, Registered Nurse (Against Hepatitis B Vaccine)

Hepatitis B Vaccine Hearings: A School Nurse Perspective

To the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources of the Committee on Government Reform,
U.S. House of Representatives
May 17, 1999

Mr. Chairman and Members of the Subcommittee:

This is a school nursing perspective for the congressional hearings to be held on May 18, 1999 regarding the safety of the hepatitis B vaccine that is being mandated for newborns and now older children in America. We ask you to please consider the following information and submit it into the congressional testimony. As nurses we continually see more and more damaged children entering our schools, and we are very concerned that a major portion of that damage may be due to the hepatitis B vaccine’s assault on the newborn neurological and immune system.

My name is Patti White, R.N. I am a registered professional nurse and the district health services coordinator for a multi-school district. I am writing on behalf of the school nurses in our district. We have very grave concerns about the hepatitis B vaccine.

For the past three or four years our school districts have noted a significant increase in the number of children entering school with developmental disorders, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders and/or serious chronic illness such as diabetes, asthma and seizure disorders. Each of the past four years has been worse than the year before. There is only one common thread we have been able to identify in these children: they are the children who received the first trial hepatitis B injections as newborns in the early 1990s.

As the hepatitis B compliance rate in newborns has gone up in our community, so has the percentage of damaged children. This is very alarming. Because of having so many damaged children we have tried to find the long term clinical trials that ruled this vaccine “safe and effective”. We discovered through an exhaustive Medline search that the FDA based its decision to approve hepatitis B vaccine for administration in the first hours of a newborn baby’s life upon clinical trials and upon post-marketing surveillance studies in which patients and their doctors were asked to report any adverse effects they noticed within 4-5 days after each injection [4 days for SmithKline and 5 days for Merck].

The problems being reported in increasing numbers as occurring after hepatitis B vaccination appear to be autoimmune and neurological in origin. Such problems take weeks to months to produce noticeable symptoms, and cannot be spotted in a 4-5 day observation period. These are the only clinical studies that have been done by Merck or SmithKline. There is not one long-term study that we could find.

The CDC and FDA have no idea what the long term effects will be on the newly developing neurological and immune systems of the infants who are injected with this vaccine. They seem to only be concerned with denying the connection between these damaged children and the hepatitis B shot they received within a few hours of birth. The CDC even admits the lack of study and states they do not even know how long the vaccine will be effective. We found this amazing since the vaccine was developed for a population at risk for hepatitis B: IV drug users, high risk medical professionals and those who are involved in high risk sexual practices.

In 1950 (before mass immunizations began), the USA had the third lowest infant mortality rate in the world. By 1986, the USA dropped to 17th place. In 1995 the USA dropped to 23rd and now the USA has dropped to the appalling position of 24th in the health of its children. But the USA is now first in vaccine compliance through government mandates. (Update: The latest report reveals that the United States has dropped to 31st in the world in the health of its children). See the Unicef report.

The elementary grades are overwhelmed with children who have symptoms of neurological and/or immune system damage: epilepsy, seizure disorders, various kinds of palsies, autism, mental retardation, learning disabilities, juvenile-onset diabetes, asthma, vision /hearing loss, and a multitude of new conduct/behavior disorders.

We have come to believe the hepatitis B vaccine is an assault on a newborns developing neurological and immune system. Vaccines are supposed to be making us healthier, however, in twenty-five years of nursing I have never seen so many damaged, sick kids. Something very, very wrong is happening to our children. The census of ill children treated in our health rooms each day has increased by 300% in only four years.

In our last central district school nurse meeting we discussed whether the combination of so many viruses all at one time (hepatitis B vaccine commonly given at the same time of the DTaP, IPV, HiB, PCV, Var and MMR) is causing the infants immune system to be overwhelmed and unable to mount a sufficient defense response. We are advocating clinical studies to determine: Is the combination of all these viruses at one time an assault on an infant’s immune and neurological system that increases the chances for adverse reaction AND what are the long-term neurological and immune system responses to these vaccines. We are all continuing to research this issue and will be happy to share the many resources we have found with you. I hope you will do the same as you open up this issue.

We have talked many times about the possible cause(s) of the continuing increase in pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), such as autism. From the literature we have found, we should expect a rate for PDD of about 2-5 in 10,000. In our community the rate in 1st and 2nd grade is about 1 in 150 and in kindergarten, 1 in 100.

As school nurses, we have had many parents calling and asking how they can exempt their children from the hepatitis B vaccination (HBV). Many of them have spent long hours in study and research perplexed over this issue. For the past six months we have been studying documents, books and research articles published by internationally respected doctors and scientists that cause us grave concern. You must understand that we began this study to reassure our parents and show them the truth about how safe vaccines are.

Unfortunately, our sincere, honest, dedicated study has caused a complete reversal of our once strongly held beliefs. Instead of being able to reassure the parents, we have found ourselves being drawn deeper and deeper into this unbelievable controversy over vaccines that is raging among physicians, scientists, researchers, parents, and the government. We pray you will have the courage to shine the light on this controversy through these hepatitis B hearings.

My daughter’s own experience with the hepatitis B vaccine made me much more open-minded to the information we have been receiving from parents, teachers and other nurses in our community. I personally have had to research this on my own to determine if I have been enforcing a policy that is actually harming more children than it will ever help. I have spent countless hours reading books, vaccine-hearing testimony, research papers, medical journal articles and Internet web-sites from around the world. I did not come to my decision easily or lightly, I assure you. Twenty-five years of total belief in something does not shake that easily.

I have repeated the well-rehearsed refrain “Be Wise; Immunize” thousands of times during those years and reassured countless parents that they were doing the right thing by vaccinating their precious children . . . even the ones who came to me with serious doubts and reservations. I will now have to live with that.

We are all now faced with a moral dilemma: will we protect the “sacred cow of conventional vaccine philosophy” or will we stand up and speak out for the “health and well being of innocent children”? We choose children. We wonder, which will our government choose?

Because the hepatitis B vaccine was developed for those at risk of disease, including IV drug users and sexually promiscuous individuals, efforts to require administration of the vaccine to most, if not all of the U.S. population is very controversial. The increasing number of adverse reaction reports connected with this vaccine exacerbates the controversy. The controversy stems to a great extent from our lack of understanding of the mechanisms of the immune response to the hepatitis B surface antigen and lack of long term follow-up of individuals who have received the vaccine. In a January 27, 1999 press release, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) released figures which show that the number of hepatitis B vaccine-associated serious adverse event and death reports in American children under the age of 14 outnumber the reported cases of hepatitis B disease.

During our research we discovered a copy of the grant proposal submitted recently to the National Institute of Health by Dr. B. S. Dunbar, who has worked in autoimmunity and vaccine development for over twenty years and was honored two years ago by the National Institute of Health. Dr. Dunbar is working with a team of veteran vaccine researchers from all over the world. Their grant is requested for the purpose of studying the hypothesis that: hepatitis B recombinant vaccine does cause adverse autoimmune reactions in genetically susceptible individuals. This study will also provide new insights into the predictability of determining adverse side effects of the hepatitis B vaccine in individuals at risk as related to their histocompatability subtypes. Their study of auto-immune diseases/symptoms caused by the hepatitis B vaccine include: lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, vascular disorders, Guillain Barre syndrome, demyelinating disorders such as optic neuritis (blindness), Bell’s palsy, demyelinating neuropathy (multiple developmental disorders), multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus and chronic fatigue syndrome to mention the most common.

This group of internationally respected vaccine researchers headed up by Dr. Dunbar also point out that, “The studies (for the approval of HPB) were not designed to assess serious, rare adverse events; the total number of recipients were too small; and the follow-up was too short to detect rare or delayed, serious, adverse reactions.” Finally they point out that “overall the number of examples of adverse neurologic outcomes following receipt of hepatitis B vaccine are of concern, particularly those resulting in demyelinating neurologic disease.”

They continue, “In view of these observations. . . it is medically crucial to evaluate the nature of the autoimmune reactions (i.e. risks) associated with the hepatitis B vaccine and to determine if individuals who will have these adverse reactions can be identified in advance of receiving the vaccine”. There are critical questions that must be addressed to establish the risk/benefit of the current hepatitis B vaccines in the United States. These questions are particularly important in view of recent mandates to vaccinate all children including newborn infants.”

You may read the text of Dr. Dunbar’s grant proposal here.

Many groups have called for a moratorium on hepatitis B vaccination until some of these questions can be answered adequately. The NVIC reported “Newborn babies are dying shortly after their shots and their deaths are being written off as sudden infant death syndrome. Parents should have the right to give their informed consent to vaccination and Congress should give emergency, priority funding to independent scientists, who can take an unbiased look at this vaccine, instead of leaving the search for truth in the hands of government officials who have already decided to force every child to get the vaccine”. We agree completely. The NVIC can be contacted for further information.

In Dr. Coulter’s book, “Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality” the thesis is developed that the “sociopathic personality” which has emerged on a mass scale in recent decades, and which is responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime and violence, is causally linked to the childhood vaccination program. Vaccination frequently causes encephalitis and neuropathy that in turn leads to these post-encephalitic states and conditions. In his book, Dr. Coulter presents a time line of increase in developmental disability related to vaccine introduction that is indeed frightening. Dr. Coulter believes about 20% of our children are suffering from this neurological vaccine damage.

Our own school district’s confidential health statistics show at least 20% of our children (K-3) have significant neurological damage and/or chronic illness. The last three years have shown acceleration in the numbers of children who are entering our schools with these “developmental disorders”. (Could these be the same infants who received the first trial doses of hepatitis B as only a few hour-old newborns?) As school nurses, working with these damaged children on a daily basis, we pray this is not true. If it is, the ramification to this generation of children is unthinkable!

Should we not pause, call for a moratorium on these poorly tested, rapidly approved vaccines, and allow independent American physicians and researchers to study them before blindly injecting an experimental vaccine into an entire generation? (We have found the only ones declaring the vaccine’s safety are the ones who are making millions of dollars from its sales, whose employment depends on it or the ones being supported by the drug companies’ vast number of grants and fundings. The independent researchers seem to be coming up with an entirely different report.)

Vaccine producers have nothing to lose since our U.S. Congress has made them immune from responsibility or liability for injuries caused from their vaccines. The push is on for them to create more and more vaccines. There are huge amounts of money being made by these people who no longer worry about the consequences of their inadequate clinical trials. The United States government has had to pay out over a billion dollars in damages to families who can prove their children have been damaged or killed by vaccines, and there are thousands more cases pending.

We believe, as medical professionals, that we are doing a great disservice to our country by forcing government mandated vaccines on all children. Please research this and we pray you have the courage to speak out and tell the nation what you find. (These are the personal beliefs of the school nurses and do not necessarily reflect those of the school district.)

Patti White, RN

Source: Chronic Syndrome Support Association –

Nancy Banks, MD (Gynaecologist)

Nancy gives a vaccination talk here:

Patriot Nurse – Why This Nurse Won’t Vaccinate Her Children

Stavros Saripanidis – Obstetrician.

Dear Editors,

This detailed study provides solid evidence for not vaccinating high risk patients against influenza H1N1.

One thing is developing and measuring antibodies against influenza virus H1N1, and another thing is to actually obtain clinical benefit after vaccination.

Hundreds of thousands were vaccinated in this Danish study, but hospital admissions due to H1N1 influenza virus did not diminish!

There results come with some interesting legal consequences: no one can actually declare anymore that after vaccination the patient’s overall health is protected.

NHS Trusts, together with other European Health Ministries, will find it extremely difficult to dedicate hundreds of millions of pounds in extended vaccination programs that do not reduce hospitalizations of high risk patients!

Source: BMJ Rapid Response, 5th February 2012. Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Private Surgery, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Sean Niemi – Army Medic

Sean Niemi was an army medic, trained in an army medical school and deployed in combat twice.  Earlier on this year (2012) he decided that he would rather live naturally and rely on his God given natural immunity rather than have the many army mandated vaccines that they wanted him to have.  They then threatened him, denied him promotion, bullied him, threatened his life and tried to send him to prison for a year.  He won his court hearing and was not imprisoned, but they honourably discharged him from duty even though there is NOTHING in army legislation or law that compells a soldier to have vaccines.  Here is his story:

Docs Not Hot on HPV Vaccine

Let’s call a spade a spade. Since it was first introduced, the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has been mired in controversy. For a different glance at the topic, researchers asked doctors what they thought about these shots.

Moffitt Cancer Center researchers surveyed just over 1,000 physicians to learn about their beliefs, recommendations and practices around the HPV vaccine.

So 112 doctors offered their thoughts on the vaccine, and they didn’t hold back. They “expressed concerns about safety, efficacy, morality, receptiveness of parents, and ‘interference’ by government and the media,” a Moffitt press release describes.

Susan T. Vadaparampil, PhD, MPH., associate member of Health Outcomes & Behavior at Moffitt, led the survey, which learned family medicine docs, pediatrictians, and OB/GYNs, in general –

  • Didn’t trust the safety or effectiveness of the vaccine
  • Weren’t in favor of recommending or giving it to their patients
  • Family medicine physicians thought the vaccine may keep young women from being screened, that girls under the age of 13 didn’t need it and that it “promoted promiscuity.”


Study co-author Gwendolyn P. Quinn, Ph.D., associate member at Moffitt and director of the Survey Methods Core Facility, continues summarizing doctor concerns:

  • Some doctors would recommend the vaccine, despite their safety concerns.
  • Parents who objected to the vaccine were “in denial” about their daughters sexual activity.
  • Requiring the vaccine was okay with some doctors.
  • There were some physicians who supported the vaccine and its use in young men and women over the age of 26.

According to Vadaparampil, doctors also voiced “cost concerns, institutional policies and procedures and, of course, offered their personal views regarding HPV vaccine,” Vadaparampil said. “Most of those concerned with vaccine costs advocated for insurance reimbursement.”


Prof. Scott-Mumby, MD

Professor Scott-Mumby qualified as a medical doctor in 1970 and began specialising in nutrition and allergies.  He opened a food and environmental allergy clinic in 1979 which was the UK’s first such clinic.

In 1986 he made medical history by providing evidence in a murder trial that food allergies could make someone murderously violent.  As a result, the offender was released on condition that he follow a special diet devised by Prof. Scott-Mumby.

He has written books about allergies and been on TV and radio shows.  His work with allergies led him to explore what causes allergies and he discovered that one of those causes is vaccination.

He has written an e-book called ’21 Reasons Not to Get Vaccinated’, which is available for free on his website at:

Donald Miller, MD

Dr. Miller is a heart surgeon at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

After joining a group called Doctors for Disaster Preparedness he heard a talk on mercury exposure and vaccines and this led him to investigate vaccines and become openly critical of them.  He has done speeches and written articles about vaccination issues.

He originally advocated a delayed schedule starting at 2 years old (when 80% of the brain is developed), but when he discovered that you can no longer separate vaccines, he no longer supports a delayed schedule and says you don’t need to take a healthy baby to the doctor.

To hear one of his speeches, ‘Vaccines: are they right for you?’ – go here:

Janet Levatin, MD, Holistic Pediatrician Practicing Integrated Medicine.

It is no surprise that the rates of chronic disease have increased in parallel with the accelerated infant and childhood vaccination schedule. For over 20 years, one-day-old infants have routinely been injected with hepatitis B vaccine. Parents never get to see their babies at a normal, un-medicated baseline. By age 2, most children will have received almost 40 doses of 15 vaccines. The shots contain bacterial and viral particles, toxic ingredients, more than 60 different chemicals, heavy metals such as aluminum and traces of mercury. Not only does the baby have to mount an immune response to the injected pathogens, (which, by the way, is not physiological at such a young age), he also has to attempt to clear the toxins, an overwhelming task for his little body.  It’s no wonder children are so sick.

Full article here:

73% of Doctors Don’t want to Disclose Whether they Have Had Flu Vaccine or Not

An overwhelming number of doctors – 73% – believe that doctors should not be required to disclose their flu vaccination status, amid warnings that this year’s influenza season could be the worse since 2009.
Findings from an online Australian Doctor poll reveal that 67% of respondents believe vaccination is a personal choice for doctors, as it is for everyone else, and should remain private.
A further 6% say it should not be disclosed because knowing a doctor’s vaccination status could influence a patient’s decision to be immunised or not.

Source: Australian Doctor, 20th July 2012.

Dr. Garth Nicolson, Microbiologist

See a talk by Garth Nicolson, a whistle-blowing microbiologist who DOES NOT agree with vaccines:

Doctors Worried about Side-Effects Too

Few doctors have shown the urgency to protect them by getting vaccinated.

Head of BMC’s epidemiology cell Dr Mangala Gomare said the civic body currently has 600 doses of vaccine at its disposal. But, so far, only 24 doses have been used as most doctors showed reluctance to take the injectable vaccine. “They are scared of the side-effects and therefore sceptical to take it,” she said.

The injectable vaccine made available to the BMC has come directly from the Centre. But after 2,000 doses of the vaccine had to be returned last year, the BMC chose to order it in lesser quantity. Executive health officer Dr Arun Bamne said besides medication and vaccine, the BMC has also made adequate number of N95 masks available to its doctors, nurses and other staffers.

Interestingly, a doctor from the Kasturba Hospital of Infectious Diseases at Chinchpokli said that some of the doctors who got vaccinated also suffered some minor side-effects. “At least three doctors out of the 25 who had taken the vaccine had complaints of fever, joint and muscle pain and bodily rashes,” the doctor said.

But Srivastava said fever or flu like illness after vaccination is normal and nothing to worry about. “Also, the risk of getting GB Syndrome (neurological condition) is as much as associated with any other vaccine. So far, no such case has been reported,” he said.


Nurses Taking Legal Action over Vaccine Mandates

Nurses are preparing to fight the government over a mandate to force vaccinations during flu season.

The requirement, announced Thursday by provincial health officer Dr. Perry Kendall, makes B.C. the first Canadian province to require health-care workers to take such action.

The regulations are geared to improve a low vaccination rate among health-care workers and reduce the risk of infections among the most vulnerable people in B.C.

Nurses say it oversteps workers’ rights and are considering legal action to thwart the move. “We will be going to our lawyer and asking for a legal opinion,” said Jo Taylor, B.C. Nurses Union Pacific Rim regional representative.

Only about half of health-care workers in B.C., including those employed in long-term care homes, receive vaccinations.

That is a staggeringly low number considering the potential for transmitting flu viruses, Kendall said.

“That’s way lower than we’d like to see and it’s actually been dropping over the years,” he said.

Health worker unions say they support improving vaccination rates among staff, but question the need for mandatory measures. Vaccination rates among employees at public facilities operated by the Vancouver Island Health Authority, are even lower, at just 38%.

We feel (vaccination) should be voluntary,” said Mike Old, communications officer for the Hospital Employees’ Union. “There should be an education campaign and we should improve access to the vaccine.”

Taylor said it puts the BCNU in a “tough position,” since some members worry about reactions to the vaccine.

“People should be able to make their own choice. It is their body and their right,” Taylor said.

Health officials say workers have the option to wear a mask if they don’t want the shot.

Egg products used to make the vaccine can cause allergic reactions, which health officials say are minor compared to flu and last only a day or so.

VIHA offers free shots for all its employees and often holds inhouse clinics to encourage more people to get them.

“It is really easy to get the flu shot, if you want to do it,” said Suzanne Germain, VIHA spokeswoman. “It is everywhere in the health-care settings.”

A decision on legal action wouldn’t be known until mid-September, Taylor said.


VAN UK’s Comment: In our opinion it is the vaccinated nurses who should wear the mask since they are the ones shedding live flu viruses for 3 weeks after being vaccinated.

Video By Dr. Meyer Eisenstein

‘Well child’ visits and vaccinations are associated with an increased risk of flu-like illnesses in the two weeks following the visit. See Dr. Meyer’s video:

Dr. Philip Incao

Dr. Philip Incao received his MD from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1966. He has been studying children’s health, infections, immune system function and vaccination since the 1970’s. He is against vaccination and ran a Anthroposophic Medicine clinic in a Steiner school for 23 years and now runs a practice from his home.

He has acted as an expert witness in trials concerning vaccinations and has submitted medical reports in favour of parents seeking compensation for vaccine injuries.

‘Don’t assume vaccines are safe’

This is in response to Judith Hicks’ letter in the March 11 Mountain Mail concerning an article about 2 years ago stating mandatory flu shots for employees of Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center would be required in the future.

This mandate from the Colorado Department of Public Health states that by 2014, 90 percent of hospital employees would be required to get a flu shot whether or not they have patient contact.

The HRRMC policy states the only exemptions are for medical reasons or religious exemption, which would have to be stated in the employee’s church doctrine and signed by a member of the clergy. Employees with an exemption are required to wear a surgical mask from door to door except at break time and while eating lunch.

Linda and I were both fired from HRRMC because we refused the vaccine. At least two other employees that I know of quit because of the mandate. I had worked there almost 13 years and Linda for 20 years.

The majority of people Linda and I have talked to (including many employees at the hospital) agree it is unethical to force an employee to get a flu shot or lose their job. This goes against individual choice in healthcare treatment.

There are potentially harmful ingredients in flu vaccine, which includes mercury at 250 times the recommended amount by the EPA, formaldehyde, ethylene glycol (antifreeze) and aluminum. By the Center for Disease Control’s estimate, only approximately 59-60 percent of people ages 6-64 are actually protected from getting the flu by getting the flu shot, and in younger children and the elderly, effectiveness of the vaccine is not proven.

Known side-effects range from flu-like symptoms, paralysis in some and death in others. There are about 100 strains of flu viruses, but only three strains are chosen for the vaccine in a given year based on what strains might be prevalent.

Linda has been very healthy, only missing a few days of work. I only missed 2 days of work in 13 years because of a stomach bug. We feel taking care of yourself by eating a nutritional diet, exercising, hand-washing and taking vitamin supplements is more effective to combat getting the flu.

Barbara Fisher, cofounder of National Vaccine Information Center, states, “Vaccines are poorly studied, tested and regulated for safety as well as unsafely administered, and no one is held accountable when a citizen is injured or killed by that product. No other product in America is protected from the pressures of the marketplace like that.

“Forcing individuals to risk injury or death is a violation of civil and human rights, the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declarations. On principle, it is also a violation on the tenets embodied in the scriptures of every major religion and goes against the first principle of the healing profession: First do no harm.”

Do your homework and don’t assume flu vaccines are totally safe and effective.

Lynn Purcell and Linda Hersch, Medical Professionals fired for refusing flu shots.

600 French Medical Professionals and 250 Midwives Sign Petition Against HPV Vaccine

The French petition for medical professionals says:

If you are a general practitioner or specialist, pharmacist, midwife, and if you agree with us on the following points:

–   That the consequences of vaccinating young girls against HPV are unknown and that HPV vaccine effectiveness remains to be proven,

– That the High Council of Public Health estimated less than 20% efficiency when HPV vaccination programs included those 16-23 years of age,

–   During clinical trials, HPV vaccines were tested against a false placebo … false, since it contained aluminum, a known neurotoxin.

–   That the presumption of serious adverse events is not to be neglected,

–   That when vaccinating women who started their sexual life a study conducted in Australia, showed an increased number of severe precancerous lesions,

– That the vaccine is particularly expensive, and it is a very heavy cost to the Insurance,

– That a recent survey published in “Le Canard chained” showed that there was suspicion of conflicts of interest,

–   It has been shown that a majority of women believe that the smear becomes useless after vaccination, the result of a feeling of protection that actually proves illusory,

–   That health authorities have shown that regular practice of smear alone, properly conducted and analyzed, has demonstrated its benefit in the detection of precancerous lesions, prior to the development of cervical cancer.

If you are a medical professional and you want to sign the petition, Learn more about the French petition here.


An article about the petition is written here:

Turning First Do NO Harm on its Head: Doctors Force Vaccine on Allergic Nurse and Disable Her

A nurse is suing a South Charleston hospital claiming she was forced to get a flu shot or risk losing her job, even though she says she is severely allergic to the vaccine.

Susan Dean says in a lawsuit filed last week in Kanawha County Circuit Court that she is now disabled because Herbert J. Thomas Memorial Hospital, her employer of more than 30 years, required her to prove she is allergic to the flu vaccine — when staff there should have known.

Dean’s lawsuit asks that in addition to her being awarded damages, medical professionals be required to undergo training to deal with employees’ allergic to the vaccine. Paige Johnson, spokeswoman for Thomas, said Tuesday the hospital’s policy is one used by most medical facilities and was set by The Joint Commission, an independent national organization that certifies thousands of health care organizations.

According to the lawsuit, Dean had an immediate allergic reaction after being administered the flu shot by a Thomas nurse 15 years ago. The nurse witnessed the reaction, the suit alleges, in which Dean experienced shortness of breath, which was exacerbated by her asthma.

Dean was out of work for a month after that episode and prescribed various medications to recover, the complaint written by attorney Lonnie Simmons states.

Because of her reaction around 1999, Dean wasn’t asked to take the flu vaccine again until 2012, according to the complaint. Dean provided a letter from Dr. Leo B. Gibson stating she shouldn’t have the vaccine because of severe allergies and the matter was resolved.

Last September, the hospital implemented a new policy about vaccines, according to the lawsuit, and a nurse came to Dean to tell her “she had bad news for her.”

The new policy meant hospital officials would no longer take an employee’s word for it that they are allergic to the vaccine.

According to the policy, “All healthcare workers including contract staff, students, volunteers and chaplains at the Thomas Health System are mandated to receive yearly influenza vaccinations.”

Exemptions would be granted only if an employee had a statement from a doctor saying the employee was allergic to eggs, to be verified through allergy testing at the employee’s expense; a previous episode of Gullian-Barre, a rare disorder where the body’s immune system attacks its nervous system, or upon recommendation from an OB/GYN for a pregnant employee.

Johnson said the policy also allows exemptions for religious reasons. The policy is still in effect at the hospital, Johnson said. She wouldn’t comment about the pending litigation, but said the hospital carefully considers exemption cases.

“We have an entire team of infection control nurses and they are very aware of individual situations and we make provisions for those,” Johnson said.

If an employee refused to have the vaccination and wasn’t found to be exempt based on the hospital’s criteria, they would first be suspended without pay for 30 days and be allowed during that time to become compliant. If the employee remained noncompliant they would be fired at the end of the suspension period.


Dean’s lawsuit says that she is not allergic to eggs and that she told nurses at the hospital that the doctor who treated her 15 years prior had told her if she had another flu vaccine “it may kill her.”

During that conversation, according to the lawsuit, the nurse handed Dean the new policy.

Because she had so many years invested in her job, Dean went forward with allergy testing on Oct. 7, 2013. Medical personnel in the allergist’s office were advised of her history with the vaccine, according to the complaint.

Shortly after the test was administered, Dean’s arm became swollen and red. She was itching, her throat became scratchy, she began sneezing and suffered significant shortness of breath and tightness in her chest and produced yellow sputum.

She was hospitalized for two days after undergoing the allergy test and diagnosed as suffering from acute exacerbation of asthma and reaction to flu vaccine and treated with intravenous steroids and other medications, according to the complaint.

Her symptoms worsened and she was hospitalized on and off again until February, when she was able to return to work.

By April, though, her symptoms flared up again and she was hospitalized for a week, the lawsuit states. Since then, her doctor has ordered her not to go back to work and she continues to, the lawsuit states, a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine.

Dean says she has also been told to avoid crowds because her lungs aren’t strong enough to handle infection, flu or cold.

Source: The Charlston Gazette, 19th August 2014 –

Michael Elice, MD (Pediatrician)

As a board certified pediatrician, I took the same oath as all physicians, “to do no harm.”
The latest media presentation of the measles outbreak at Disneyland as a result of unvaccinated children is very upsetting to me.  We are being fed information that is essentially inaccurate by media journalists – none of whom have medical degrees – which may actually be promoting medical harm to our children.

The latest reports blaming a failure of the measles vaccine on the unvaccinated population are not accurate, and in some reports, not true at all.  In fact, over the past 30 years, there have been similar numbers of measles cases reported in various areas of the United States.  Studies published in leading medical journals, such as the New England Journal of MedicineAmerican Journal of EpidemiologyAmerican Journal of Public Health and others around the world have confirmed small numbers, 75-140 cases of measles annually.  So why then is the latest statistic of over 90 cases of measles spread over 14 states, representing tens of millions of people being billed as an epidemic?

The media would have us believe that this is a result of the fringe population of anti-vaxers who refuse to have their children vaccinated according the guidelines of the current vaccine schedule.  Medical reporting has brought to light the glaring ineffectiveness of the measles vaccines in fulfilling their widely claimed promise of preventing outbreaks in highly vaccine compliant populations.  In fact, measles outbreaks have occurred in populations that have been vaccinated on the average of 77%- 99%, not the so-called anti-vaxers.

Last year 1 in every 500,000 Americans came down with the measles. Nearly all recovered in a few days without serious consequences.  At the same time 1 in 68 American children were diagnosed with autism or for every case of measles there were 7000 cases of autism.  I ask myself which is the real epidemic here?

Frank Bruni in an editorial in the New York Times on February 1, 2015 states that this measles outbreak is a result of “wealthy, educated people who deliberately didn’t vaccinate their children.”  He refers to measles as “the scourge once essentially eliminated in this country is back” when, in fact, it never left!  He refers to all links between autism and MMR vaccines as having been discredited yet he obviously has not read all the studies from the U.S. and around the world proving his information false.   As a recent example, I would ask him to justify the 340% increase in autism in African-American boys in Chicago – a report that was supposedly squelched by the CDC .  While he reports that the incidence of measles has increased over the past 10 years, no patients have died.

Scare tactics were used to terrorize those who attended this year’s SuperBowl in Phoenix because of one woman who sat in a clinic without being properly isolated or that every one of the thousands of people passing through Penn Station are at risk because of one man who rode an Amtrak train.  It appears that the saturation of the media amplifies the hypotheses to a point that seems misleadingly worthy of consideration.  In other words, if enough people say things enough times there must be some truth to it.  Does that justify USA Today publishing an article claiming that non-vaccinated parents should be jailed or sued or have their children removed from the home if they chose not to vaccinate their children against the measles? Does that justify the immediate vaccination of every child and adult in this country regardless of their immune status or overall medical health?  Will the local pharmacies be hooking pedestrians into their stores for MMR vaccines as they have been doing for the less than effective flu vaccines?

As I write this piece, the director of the CDC states that the overall vaccination rate in this country is 92% !!  Yet he is very concerned of a large outbreak because of the trend in not vaccinating certain children.  Does this make sense?

I wish these journalists, vaccinologists and infectious disease specialists spent a week in my office.  I wish they would actually listen to the testimonials given to me by parents of autistic children who were obviously affected by these vaccines adversely.  I wish they would tell parents that the risk of dying from the measles in the United States is around zero.  I wish they would admit that they are being told by pharmaceutical companies not to report certain statistics or to cover up factual scientific information.  I wish they could be free to report honestly about vaccines rather than being dependent upon drug advertising and internet information.

This is an emotional debate for sure.  If we discount emotion and fear, we would realize that a child may have a greater chance of getting struck by lightning, accidental drowning or possibly from adverse side effects of the MMR vaccination itself than from acquiring live measles infection.  I wish that my pediatric colleagues would offer parents factual pros and cons of vaccines in general so that a parent can make an informed decision and then give consent to vaccinate rather than being told that if their child isn’t vaccinated they will be thrown out of school and they are guilty of child abuse!

I am not advocating that vaccines be discontinued.  I am advocating that doctors and patients become aware of the ingredients of these vaccines, what they can potentially do to affect an adverse outcome in an immunologically compromised child.  Adverse reactions to MMR and other vaccines have been reported in numerous clinical trials and studies.  I am advocating that medical practitioners and researchers, not journalists, address the real medical epidemics of autism, asthma, GI disease and autoimmune diseases facing our society and people around the world. Stop hyping the safety of MMR vaccines which may actually be more dangerous than live measles and may be ineffective in preventing the illness which they are so anxious to report as a dangerous epidemic itself.   Let’s stop believing that the mainstream media is telling us the truth when all they are doing is shutting down any intelligent and open discussion about vaccine safety and how to improve it.

Michael Elice, MD

Videos of Medical Professionals Against Vaccination

Dr Palevsky – Pediatrician

Dr Suzanne Humphries – Kidney Specialist

Dr Russell Blaylock – Retired Neuro-Surgeon

Dr Sheri Tenpenny – Former ER doctor

Meryl Nass, MD – Doctor of Internal Medicine


Shane Ellison, Chemist and Former Employee of Eli Lily Pharmaceutical Company

Medicinal Chemist Shane Ellison – Think before you Vaccinate

Dr David Ayoub – Radiologist

The Late Dr Mayer Eisenstein – Family Doctor and Obstetrician who Delivered Babies at Home (1946-2014).

Dr Mayer’s Practice

The Late Dr Archie Kalokerinos – Greek Australian Family Doctor who gave children vitamin C before vaccination to stop them dying – (1927-2012).

Unvaccinated nurses who refused flu jabs sent home

Three Waikato Hospital nurses have been suspended for defying a controversial new policy forcing non-vaccinated workers to either get flu jabs or wear face masks.

Waikato District Health Board has defended its stance, saying any staff member who refused to comply could face the sack.

Last month, the board became the first in the country to make it compulsory for unvaccinated staff to wear masks, to protect employees and patients from the flu.

Last night, it confirmed that four workers, understood to be nurses, had since been identified as being “non-compliant” with the new policy – a move unions have branded as heavy-handed and “bullying”.

Three of the workers were suspended and given an opportunity to “review the clinical evidence” and meet their supervisors about the issue, the DHB said. All had since returned to work. The fourth staffer was made subject to “restrictions”.

Waikato DHB suspends three nurses for refusing to have flu vaccinations or wear masks, but unions are appalled.

Waikato District Health Board has defended its stance, saying any staff member who refused to comply could face the sack. Photo / Getty Images

Three Waikato Hospital nurses have been suspended for defying a controversial new policy forcing non-vaccinated workers to either get flu jabs or wear face masks.

Waikato District Health Board has defended its stance, saying any staff member who refused to comply could face the sack.

Last month, the board became the first in the country to make it compulsory for unvaccinated staff to wear masks, to protect employees and patients from the flu.

Last night, it confirmed that four workers, understood to be nurses, had since been identified as being “non-compliant” with the new policy – a move unions have branded as heavy-handed and “bullying”.

Three of the workers were suspended and given an opportunity to “review the clinical evidence” and meet their supervisors about the issue, the DHB said. All had since returned to work. The fourth staffer was made subject to “restrictions”.

The DHB refused to say last night how long the workers were suspended or whether they agreed to vaccinations in order to return to work.

While no staff have yet taken legal action over the policy, the DHB has been served with a claim by several unions challenging it.

A DHB spokesman reiterated that any staff who worked in clinical areas and were not prepared to be immunised or wear a mask would be removed from active clinical duty.

“If following further discussion a solution is not reached, then it is foreseeable that employment will be terminated.”

One staff member told the Weekend Herald that while she personally didn’t have an issue with the policy, some staff had been “very vocal”, protesting it was bullying behaviour.

The DHB, however, claimed the policy had had “widespread acceptance” and contributed to a big increase in staff getting vaccinated.

More than 75 per cent had – an improvement on last year’s 53 per cent.

“When considering that our employee numbers are in excess of 6,500, the reality is that almost all staff are getting on with doing their duties and they recognise that the intent of the policy is to provide a safer clinical environment for our patients and fellow employees,” the spokesman said.

But the Nurses Organisation sees the measure as a “punitive action” against staff, some of whom have turned to the union for support.

“Whether the DHB can legally suspend staff and discipline them is unknown,” said the union’s industrial adviser, Lesley Harry. “However, we believe the DHB has failed in its obligations to adequately consult with unions both in respect of the implementation of the policy and its impact on the workforce.”

Ms Harry said that while the Nurses Organisation supported education on vaccination, as well as making jabs readily available to staff, Waikato DHB had gone too far.

“We think forcing healthy nurses to wear masks when dealing with patients and their families regardless of circumstances is bullying behaviour,” she said.

“It doesn’t make sense to suspend a nurse, send her or him home and leave the work area short staffed and unsafe for patients.”

The Public Service Association also condemned the policy, calling it the “latest from employers who do not listen to their staff and prefer using the stick over the carrot”.

And the executive director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists, Ian Powell, was concerned the policy could lead to “naming, shaming and blaming” of unvaccinated staff.

The office of Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said he could not comment on what was an operational matter for the DHB.

Source: NZ Herald, 1st August 2015.

Unvaccinated nurses who refused flu jabs sent home

Michelle Venezlano, Family Physician

A physician’s thoughts on vaccination

I’ve awoken several mornings now thinking about the many people in our community upset by the opposition to vaccine mandates. I respect their frustration, as I myself, not so long ago, did not understand complaints about vaccines. I cannot recall a time when an issue has caused as much concern, or has called as strongly for us to be informed by sound research.

As a doctor and mother, I’m asking that we open the door to a dialogue, a chance for all of us who care deeply about our kids to share and learn from one another.

I believe that we all agree on these basic values: we want to be healthy and we want to be certain that our decisions are based on independent and validated research. The medical community acknowledges that vaccines are not 100 percent safe for everyone. A public dialogue that shares relevant, unbiased research is critical.

When I began to look into vaccine safety, I discovered many studies that questioned their safety; I also found that these studies are not easily located in the medical literature. I discovered evidence that industry’s reach has run deep into trusted public health agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control.

As I looked further, I discovered that tragic accounts of severe vaccine injury, usually thought to be rare, are in fact all too common. I discovered a host of peer-reviewed, non-industry-funded studies that illustrate that vaccines and the way we administer them pose very serious short and long-term health impacts, and not just to a marginal number of children.

The newly published “Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies for Parents and Researchers” by medical journalist Neil Miller is a high-yield and accessible source of this peer-reviewed data. There are over 7,000 peer-reviewed studies on vaccination risks (search “Vaccine Research Library”).

Surely the health of our children is worth taking a step back and insisting that unbiased research be brought before policymakers and the public.

My work on this issue is not funded. The pharmaceutical industry, on the other hand, has many billions of dollars at stake. And its influence on the medical community is evident. The New York Times published a story that Harvard earned the grade of “F” for rampant conflict of interest within its own medical school. Even Richard Horton, editor of the prestigious medical journal The Lancet wrote last year that “much of the scientific literature may simply be untrue.”

The physicians at our local clinics have been following this debate with great interest. We are fortunate to live in a community of people who are politically aware and who know that monied interests can infiltrate even medicine. Clearly we are all motivated to work to keep poisons out of our food, our environment and our medicine.

Yet it is worrisome that the majority of physicians do not have easy access to the vast sources of impartial data on vaccine-induced injury. As public concern grows, we must ferret out the facts, make them public and devise a public health protocol that is not influenced by profit.

The task of gaining a deep understanding is not trivial. One particularly committed colleague, a former emergency room physician, found that by the time she felt she had a handle on the science, she had read for over 2,000 hours.

Skepticism among all physicians is rising more quickly, perhaps in part due to the mandating of the hepatitis B vaccine. The Hep-B virus is transmitted through blood, most commonly through the use of needles or through sexual contact. This vaccine contains aluminum, a known neurotoxin, and formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. Yet it is recommended on the first day of life and is now required for children to attend preschool. Common sense and science cannot support this practice.

Nor has market-driven medicine led to wellness for our citizens. The United States ranks 49th in the developed world in health. According to non-industry-funded research, the chemical accumulation in our bodies from vaccines and other sources could be said to be claiming more lives than infectious diseases ever have or ever will. Vaccine preservatives and adjuvants are associated with cancers and other immuno-compromised states.

Data connects aluminum in vaccines to Alzheimer’s and sudden infant death syndrome. We have the highest vaccination rate and the highest infant mortality rate in the developed world.  And the state with the highest vaccination rate also has the highest infant mortality rate.

There are thousands of reports of a single vaccine causing devastating injury (review the reaction data at Yet the C.D.C. still says it is permissible for babies to receive up to 13 vaccines at either their 12-month or 15-month checkups.

If children were to receive all the recommended vaccines, they would be dosed 70 times before high school, compared to 22 times in 1983. All the while, rates of chronic illness are rising dramatically, as reported by the C.D.C. The increase in allergies, asthma and autoimmune illness in past few decades is alarming. And the fact remains that responses to vaccines have never been studied as they are given, simultaneously and cumulatively, over time and in relation to an unvaccinated control group. Never.

Efforts are underway to author a new bill that could delay the implementation of Senate Bill 277 until a much-needed review and public discussion can take place. If you are interested in learning more and participating in efforts to move toward safer vaccination practices is a useful source of information.

Source: Point Reyes Light, 11th February 2016.

A Physicians Thoughts on Vaccination

Dr Paul Thomas – Pediatrician

As a Dartmouth-trained pediatrician with over 11,000 children in my practice in Portland, Oregon, and a Cornell-educated science writer and Fulbright scholar who has been researching children’s health for over ten years, we agree with Robert De Niro: the question of whether vaccines are a contributing factor to the autism epidemic is anything but closed.
But what we know from our combined research and clinical experience is that there are still more unknowns than knowns in the debate about vaccines and autism.
We know something happens at the 12- or 15-month doctor visit to some susceptible children but we don’t know what it is and we don’t know why.
A lot of vaccines are given at those well baby visits. Most American babies receive the Hib, pneumococcal, chickenpox, measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine (MMR), and hepatitis A vaccines. They may also receive hepatitis B and polio (if they haven’t had the third doses yet), as well as a fourth dose of the DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis) at 15 months and at least one flu shot. It’s also very likely and extremely unfortunate that your doctor will suggest prophylactic Tylenol for your baby, either before or just after vaccination.

Dr Paul Thomas.

See article on Health Impact News:

Pediatrician Paul Thomas

Dr Paul Thomas Pediatrics Practice

‘The Doctors’ Star Rachael Ross, MD, Says She Feels Like an ‘Ass’ for Vaccinating When She Didn’t Know Anything About It

Dr Stephanie Seneff on why she wouldn’t get vaccinated

Dr. Raymond Obomsawin

Cool Springs Family Medicine Doctor No Longer Offers Vaccines To Patients Because They Cause Harm

We will no longer be administering Vaccines at Cool Springs Family Medicine (CSFM).

How come?

  1. Because they can cause Autism – yes, I’ve had 15 years’ experience in taking care of ASD kids, that’s a lot of vaccine injury stories from moms. Don’t tell me that they are making it up or they are just reaching for an explanation, or that it was a coincidence or that they are just too stressed, or that they are uninformed. All of those arguments are stupid.

Don’t quote the single study by the CDC that shows that MMR is not linked to Autism. One of the authors of that paper, Dr. Thompson, said that the data was falsified and the study manipulated. So, with this information and the lack of studies that prove the safety of combined vaccines, I can do no harm, so I’m out.

  1. Polysorbate 80, Aluminum, formaldehyde, animal DNA with viruses, and many other ingredients in vaccines, are not good to inject into babies. Think of cancer, and autoimmune disease.
  2. Epigenetics is a new science that explains exactly why, not every child is going to react the same way to vaccines, and sacrificing the few, for the many is not acceptable. Actually, if you understand the science, which many mothers with vaccine inured children do, you can see that it is actually many are at risk and are asked to be sacrificed for the few.
  3. We can do better. Right now, it is a whole lot cheaper to propagate a multi-million dollar campaign to promote vaccines and hide behind the vaccine injury protection act, than it is to develop a safe vaccine program.
  4. Gardasil? Are you kidding me? It is not safe. Just read the package insert and if you are still not convinced, those that developed cervical cancer or neuroimmune disorders or other complications from the vaccine would be glad to talk to you.
  5. Vaccine development began in earnest in the 1930’s. Genetics, Epigenetics, the role of environmental toxins on the immune system, is much more recent than that. Guess what? We know a lot more now. Isn’t it time to incorporate that knowledge into the development of safe vaccines?
  6. Dr. Andew Wakefield’s research was properly defended and vindicated 4 years ago. The Lancet paper stands: There is a link between the MMR vaccine and Autism.
  7. The argument that we will be thrust into the dark ages if we suspend the vaccine program is nonsense. There are many arguments against this, but, to make it simple, we are in the dark ages. We have a plague of autoimmune diseases including Autism. There is a plaque of Acquired Immune Dysfunction (ring a bell?).

Listen, I know I have been a little tongue and cheek about this, but really, I could wax on for a long time on any one of the 8 points that I brought up, and I’m sure I could list a lot more. I am not going to do that in cyperspace, I am not going to engage in internet battles, but, just as I have always done, as is my responsibility as a Family Physician, I will be an advocate for each of my patients as best as I know how. Also, I will always continue to respect the informed choices my patients make.

Source: Cool Springs Family Medicine, 31st May 2016.

Cool Springs Family Medicine Says No to Vaccines

Matt Smith, RN

After being on the vaccine team for one day and seeing children get sick after receiving their vaccine, I came home exhausted and turned on TV and I happened to catch the Larry King Show and he had a story and it aired. I think it was November 2nd, 2009 where he did a story about 19 deaths caused by the vaccine, and it was a vaccine that I was giving out that day.

In response, I sent out an email to all my co-workers saying, “Hey, watch this report,” because I felt it was my responsibility to inform that what’s going on and they might be giving a shot that could kill somebody.

…Basically, they said, “Shut up, you’re fired. Stop using email,” and they sent me a confidentiality agreement threatening federal prosecution and that pretty much scared me.

Cool Springs Family Medicine Doctor Under Fire for Choosing Not to Administer Vaccines: Removes His Blog Post

Doctor’s Licence Under Question

You can still read the doctor’s blog post further up this page.

In a blog post, a Middle Tennessee doctor said he refuses to give vaccinations because he believes they cause autism.

Dr. Daniel Kalb is the only licensed physician at the Cool Springs Family Medicine Center.

In his recent blog post about vaccines and why he thinks they cause autism, Kalb wrote, “We will no longer be administering vaccines at Cool Springs Family Medicine.

“I’ve had 15 years experience in taking care of ASD kids. That’s a lot of vaccine injury stories from moms. Don’t tell me that they are making it up or they are just reaching for an explanation. All of those arguments are stupid,” Kalb added.

The practice’s office manager said Kalb is not commenting at this time. He has since removed the blog post.

Dr. Bill Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist with Vanderbilt University Medical Center, weighed in.

“Concerning. I’m very uncomfortable with it. I’m saddened by it,” Schaffner said.

Schaffner works closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He called vaccines crucial for public health.

“Vaccines have two roles: protect the individual, but also make a totally healthy community,” he said. “And will protect the frail among us because the strong are vaccinated.”

Schaffner said multiple studies have shown vaccines do not cause autism. He said anyone claiming they do is wrong.

“There is no association with vaccines. That is a completely settled scientific question,” Schaffner said.

Several people comment on Kalb’s blog post in support.

Schaffner recommended those patients get a second opinion.

“I would hope that all of those parents, all of those patients would find a physician who will vaccinate them,” he said.

Officials with the Tennessee Department of Health said they cannot comment directly about a specific doctor or practice, but they strongly support all recommendations from the CDC for routine immunizations.

Channel 4 asked if Kalb could lose his license for refusing to administer vaccines. A spokesperson said they cannot speculate on what the Board of Medical Examiners may do.

Source: WBRC Fox 6 News, 7th June 2016.

Andrew Wakefield, Gastroenterologist

VAN UK’s Comment:  I (Joanna) did not put Andrew Wakefield on this page before as I considered him a pro-vaccine doctor because of his endorsement of single measles vaccine and spaced out schedules. However, he has recently announced that due to increasing concerns, he would no longer vaccinate so I now include him on this page.

“My answer (to whether I would vaccinate my own children) comes about through speaking at chiropractor meetings. At many of the meetings they bring they children and their babies. I saw their babies and it was really, really shocking – frightening, actually because they were so healthy and I wasn’t expecting this and it was really quite alarming. They fixed you with their gaze, they engaged with you from the youngest age, they smiled, they interacted and they were at the back of the conference not making a fuss.

It was astonishing so for me, today if I had a baby I would not vaccinate and that’s the only honest answer I can give. That’s not advice to anyone else, it’s simply from my experience and the more I’ve looked into this the more concerned I’ve become and so complex is the schedule now that I could not begin to disasociate..I think I would go back to ground zero.”

Dr. Andrew Wakefield speaking at Leadership and Longevity Conference 2015, USA.

State College nurse sues hospital, says vaccination policy violates religious beliefs

A registered nurse is suing a hospital in Central Pennsylvania claiming she was improperly removed from her position in the obstetrics and gynecology group because of her refusal to be vaccinated due to her religious beliefs.

According to the Centre Daily Times, Rebecca Smith, of Alexandria, filed a federal civil rights suit Wednesday in U.S. Middle District Court against Mount Nittany Medical Center Health Services Inc. and Mount Nittany Health System.

The complaint says Smith could not work around babies because she was not vaccinated for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis.

Smith was hired in 2011 before the shots were required. While Smith was on family leave in March 2015 due to a birth of a child, she was informed the vaccinations were mandatory.

When Smith returned to work, she wanted to opt out because of her religious beliefs. Instead, Smith was removed from the OB/GYN department and not reassigned until February, almost eight months later.

Smith is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, including back pay, benefits and any salary increases or promotions to which she would have been entitled if not fired.

Source: Philly Voice, 4 June 2016.

Dr. Brownstein, Family Physician

It has been nearly two years since a senior CDC scientist assumed whistleblower status claiming he was part of massive cover-up at the CDC to hide information that childhood vaccines cause autism.  I have written to you about this many times–a previous post can be found here:

You would think that a CDC whistleblower, who has admitted being part of a cover-up at the CDC would be called to testify, under oath, in front of the U.S. Office of Government Reform.   Is there fraud at the CDC?  We simply don’t know because the U.S. Congress has refused to call the whistleblower to testify.

Dr. William Thompson is the whistleblower.  He has asked to be called in front of Congress to testify, under oath.  Congress is not doing its job.  I have been calling the Office of Government Reform on a near-daily basis since August, 2014–when Dr. Thompson came forward and claimed fraud was committed at the CDC.

I want you to hear what the phone calls are like (click below).  I know this plays like a Cheech and Chong audio from the 1970’s, but this is our Government at work.  Perhaps, I should say our Government at rest, since they are clearly not working.

I am encouraging all of you to call your Senators and Representatives and tell them you want them to call the CDC whistleblower to testify. If they don’t call a hearing, I say, “Throw the bums out.”  Keep in mind Representative Jason Chaffetz chairs the Office of  Government Reform committee.

And, call the Office of Government Reform DAILY and tell them to call the CDC whistleblower to testify!  The OGR number is:

Source: Dr. Brownstein’s Holistic Medicine, Vaccines, Autism and Our Do-Nothing US Congress, Blog Post, 3 June 2016.

Pediatric provider vaccine hesitancy: An under-recognized obstacle to immunizing children.



To describe vaccine attitudes among pediatric healthcare providers attending immunization conferences.


Attendees of 5 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)-sponsored vaccine conferences held between June and November 2013 anonymously completed a questionnaire assessing vaccine attitudes and practices prior to the opening of educational sessions. Pearson’s chi-square tests and Fisher’s exact tests were used to analyze associations between vaccine attitudes, vaccine practices and provider characteristics.


680 providers attending AAP-sponsored vaccine conferences were included. 661/666 (99%) enrolled providers state they routinely recommend standard pediatric vaccines, yet, 30 (5%) state that they do not routinely recommend influenza and/or human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines. These providers expressed vaccine safety (87/680 (13%)) and efficacy (21/680 (31%)) concerns and stated belief in vaccine misperceptions: vaccine causes autism (34/668, 5%), multiple vaccines at a single visit reduces vaccine efficacy (43/680, 6%) or overwhelms the immune system (63/680, 9%), and administering HPV vaccine will increase the likelihood of unprotected adolescent sexual activity (29/680, 4%). Six percent of providers who do not routinely recommend all pediatric vaccines correctly identified themselves as vaccine hesitant.


Vaccine hesitancy is under-recognized among pediatric providers attending AAP-sponsored immunization conferences. Educational interventions tailored to address provider vaccine concerns are needed to improve provider vaccine confidence.

Source: Vaccine. 2015 Nov 27;33(48):6629-34. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2015.10.096. Epub 2015 Nov 1.

Nurse and Midwife Loses Son to Vaccine, Next Two Sons Damaged: Decides to Quit Vaccinating

My son Travis got the MMR shot in 1997 and within 2 weeks started complaining that his heart was racing i felt his chest and his heart rate was 160 (im a nurse and a midwife) it only lasted about a minute and then stopped. We took him to a paediatric cardiologist. They did a lot of tests and sent us home with a heart monitor that u put on him when his heart would race. I was reassured that the MMR vaccine didn’t cause it but did no research of my own I just blindly followed and did what I was told.

My son died 6 months later from SVT.

2 years later my son Jared was 3 1/2 and my son Seth was 9 months old . Jared got the MMR shot and Seth got dtap, hib, polio.  Seth cried for 2 hours after those shots and little did I know that it would be the last time he would speak for 2 years. He stopped walking and barely would crawl followed by banging his head. I cannot convey the depth of despair watching my normal son deteriorate rite in front of me and there was nothing i could do to stop it. Seth was later diagnosed as severely autistic at the age of 18 months. Once again i was reassured it wasn’t the immunizations …it was going to happen no matter what …just a coincidence…  I still did no research of my own and just blindly followed.

9 days later my son Jared started seizing and once again i was told it wasn’t the MMR vaccine just a coincidence. I still did no research of my own and just blindly followed and did what i was told. Three months go by and Seth is due for shots and by some miracle a new girl is working and checks us in she is not aware that im a nurse and that i work in the birthing centre at the hospital . She hands me vaccine information sheets. I was shocked no one had ever given them too me i didn’t know they even existed! I went straight to adverse reactions on the MMR sheet and read 6 in 10,000 children suffer seizures, brain damage or death. WTF let me tell you my paediatrician walked into the room and i lost my f**king religion!!!!

Needless to say no shots were given that day . This is when i started to research. I got on pub med, postgraduate journal of medicine, cdc website and ever vaccine drug insert. I could not believe what i was reading and the shock of it all. Everything i was taught was a lie.

We then spent the next 2 years healing Jareds body naturally from seizures. (He couldn’t tolerate seizure medication). Seths body was harder to heal. It took 5 years of naturopathic supplements, speech , physical, occupational, and music therapy.  None of my children ever received another immunization and they never will!!!!

Source: Report on ‘Following Vaccinations’.

New vaccines safe and effective or not? Place all evidence in public domain

A public debate on the addition of new vaccines to the national immunisation schedule has been necessitated by recent developments. First, a few years ago, the hepatitis B vaccine was included in the Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP), which initially included six vaccines. Second, the pentavalent vaccine — a combination vaccine against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, poliomyelitis and hepatitis B — is being introduced in a phased manner in the UIP, with attendant concerns. Third, a slew of new vaccines against rotavirus, rubella, human papilloma virus, pneumococci and the injectable inactivated polio vaccine are under consideration. It is sobering to realise that we still have no vaccine in the works for major infections like dengue and falciparum malaria.

The introduction of new vaccines must be assessed critically for human use in terms of their suitability, safety, protective efficacy and affordability before adopting them into UIP. Moreover, whether the public health system has the organisational capacity to deliver and monitor additional vaccines at an appropriate time, without affecting the coverage of existing vaccines or other health services should be evaluated in accordance with the National Vaccine Policy.

Vaccines are given on a mass scale to healthy people, particularly children, with the expectation of preventing illnesses. This raises vital issues around the availability of clear scientific and epidemiological evidence to rationalise the inclusion of new vaccines. It must also be assessed whether there exist other measures such as improved water quality, health care services, access to food and nutrition, etc. that are more effective and economical in preventing diseases for which vaccines are being considered as solutions. Even if it is argued that both vaccines and improving social determinants to prevent these diseases should be promoted, prioritising vaccines over other measures shifts focus from the latter.

The market impetus behind vaccines can be formidable when they are brought in through large-scale programmes like the UIP in India. The onus of taking a just, socially appropriate and objective decision lies with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and bodies like the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI), which provide approvals.

However, neither NTAGI nor any other technical body has brought out guidelines based on rigorous research about the safety and effectiveness of new vaccines, such as the pentavalent and rotavirus ones. All evidence should be placed in the public domain, through technical reports that enumerate their pros and cons. What incidence of side effects is too much for a vaccine to be advised as a preventive health technology? What is an “acceptable” death rate in a vaccination programme? When that occurs, the documentation of adverse events following immunisation, their investigation and determination of the most likely cause must be conducted in a transparent manner. This should be followed by disbursement of compensation to the victims. This would reduce the chasm between those identified as the pro-vaccine lobby and the anti -vaccine one.

Yogesh Jain, Sarojini N & Amar Jesani are public health professionals.

Source: Hindustan Times, 25 August 2016.

Dr Toni Bark – Career in Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine

I trained as a pediatric intern at Bellevue NYU and then in Rehab medicine. I quickly was offered the directorship of the pediatric emergency room at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. While I had initially been furious if parents came in and were not up to date on their children’s vaccines, this attitude changed. And changed drastically. I began to see patterns. Children who were seen in the vaccine clinic would then come to our ER with seizures, respiratory arrest and asthma attacks. I began to realize, not all children respond well to vaccination and in fact, some die.

See Dr Bark’s SB 380 testimony:

Dr Robert Mendelsohn – Pediatrician (1926-1988)

Sladjana Velkov, MD – GP who worked for UN

Dr. Akili Graham

“Vaxxed is to educate people, so they can make an educated decision,” said Dr. Graham. “You don’t have to do things because everybody else is doing it, you don’t have to do it because a doctor is trying to pressure you to do it.”

The family medicine doctor says it wasn’t until hearing mother’s stories about how immunizations affected their children.

“She said, I believed my daughter developed type one diabetes after immunization,” said Dr. Graham. “Of course I didn’t believe her. I haven’t read anything like that in any medical book, never heard anything like that from anybody that I studied with or a person that mentored me.”

Dr. Graham says he started researching.

“There is no study that I’ve ever seen that proves vaccination have done anything that we as a medical society clams,” said Dr. Graham.

Source:, 17th September 2016.

Dr Ramos, Pediatrician.

This doctor does believe vaccines work but thinks there are too many and there isn’t a need for them. He didn’t vaccinate his children or grandkids.

Dr Patricia Ryan – Family Doctor

ICU Nurse Used to be Pro-Vaccine Until Her Daughter was Severely Brain Damaged by Multiple Vaccines – Tells of Patients Paralysed by Vaccines

Dr. Sam Eggertsen, MD

This family doctor was pro-vaccine and vaccinated his own children but later researched vaccines after he encountered patients who didn’t vaccinate and changed his mind.

Sandy Reider MD – Family Doctor (Chose Selective Vaccination)

Dr. Sandy Reider graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1971, and completed his medical internship at the Medical Center Hospital of Vermont. He practiced family medicine and emergency medicine in Vermont from 1972-1985, and for the past 30 years has maintained a private medical practice in northern Vermont.

He chose to give only one vaccine to his son.

Dr Reider said:

“Like all medical students, I had received almost no education regarding vaccines (and recall that the vaccine schedule in those days was comparatively small) other than the familiar mantra that “vaccines are safe and effective”.  I vaccinated children routinely in the early days of my medical practice, but after my son was born in 1981, I spent a week or so in the Dana Medical Library in Burlington (before computers!) doing my own research. Following that, his mother and I elected to vaccinate only against tetanus, and only after he was 3 years old, when he began to refer to himself as “I”, rather than in the 3rd person. No regrets, he is a happy and healthy 35 year old today, and today I am more committed than ever to the principle of full informed consent to any medical procedure, vaccination included, without coercion.”

Source: Physicians for Informed Consent.

Shira Miller, MD

Dr. Shira Miller is the Founder and Medical Director of The Integrative Center for Health & Wellness in Sherman Oaks, CA. She is board certified in internal medicine and has been practicing integrative and anti-aging medicine since 2006, with a specialization in menopause and concierge medicine. Dr. Miller has worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for an ambulance service and the UCSD Hyperbaric Chamber, as a clinical research consultant at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, as an urgent care physician at the VA Oakland Outpatient Clinic, and as an integrative physician at San Francisco Preventive Medical Group, Cenegenics, and the Hall Center. Dr. Miller earned a double major at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD): a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.S. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology; and also played on the UCSD Women’s Waterpolo Team, and the UCSD Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team. She then went on to earn an M.S. in Biological and Physical Sciences from Touro College, NY, and her M.D. from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa, Israel. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine/Primary Care, at Highland Hospital, a county hospital in Oakland, CA.

Dr Miller chose not to vaccinate her own children after reading a book about the adverse effects of animal vaccines:

She said:

When I adopted my first baby, a canine, I came across the E-book titled, “How to Protect Your Dog from a Vaccine Junkie” by veterinarian Dr. Paula Terifaj. What I learned back then, in 2009, about the overuse of vaccines in dogs, triggered the depth of my research about vaccines for my human babies.”

Source: Physicians for Informed Consent.

Cammy Benton, MD

Dr. Cammy Benton graduated Magna Cum Laude at Eastern Carolina University (ECU), then earned a Doctor of Medicine at ECU before completing her residency at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. An integrative medicine advocate, she is currently pursuing certification in the practice of Functional Medicine and is Board Certified with the Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. In 2012, Dr. Benton traveled with Bless Back Worldwide Medical Mission to Haiti and has volunteered at the refugee clinics in Charlotte. She is a current member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and enjoys caring for patients ranging in age from birth to seniors.

Dr Benton said:

“In 2008, when my entire family got sick after the flu vaccine for the third year in a row, I got motivated to research the flu vaccine. Studying the actual data regarding vaccine efficacy and influenza mortality really opened my eyes. In spite of this, I followed the standard childhood vaccine recommendations for all my three children, and it took all three of them having serious adverse reactions after vaccination for me to finally question the vaccines they were receiving. I was so indoctrinated to believe that vaccines are safe and effective, that it took me years to see that they could actually cause such harm.”

Source: Physicians for Informed Consent.

Dr Mark Zumhagen, MD – Doctor at Home Birth Practice, Father of Nine (Two vaccinated, Seven Unvaccinated)


Richard Moskowitz, MD

Dr Lesmo – Pediatric Resus Doctor

 Dr Jim Meehan

Nurse Joanne

I worked as a Pediatric nurse and vaccinated lots of babies throughout the years. My own daughter was part of a research project, testing a baby’s stress level after receiving vaccines at 2, 4, and 6 months, by checking cortisol levels of saliva post vaccination. I believe the results showed that babies had the greatest stress at 2 months, and less at the following 4 and 6 months.

Both of my children ran fevers, and were ill after receiving vaccines – supposedly all for the greater good. I then began hearing and reading about the dangers of vaccines. I learned that besides formaldehyde and mercury, vaccines also carried aborted fetal tissue cell lines and DNA, and that every single vaccine line is contaminated, possibly with cancer and viruses. Why would I choose that route instead of allowing my kids to get a normal childhood illness that I actually had as a child and survived just fine?

Indeed, if I could do it all over again, I would have never vaccinated my own children. That was back in the early 90’s – before internet and easy access to research was available.

See The People’s Chemist for the Full Story

Janion Heyward – NZ GP

The Other Side of Vaccination