Zika Virus

Zika virus is spread by daytime-active mosquitos. The virus normally has mild symptoms similar to dengue fever, including fever, red eyes, joint pain, headache and a skin rash. As of 2016, the illness cannot be prevented or cured by medicines or vaccines.

There has been significant controversy as to whether Zika virus causes microcephaly in infants if the infection is contracted during pregnancy. There is considerable scientific evidence indicating that such conditions are not caused by the asymptomatic, mild virus but are a side effect of vaccines.

The Zika Virus Outbreak, Covering-up Another Iatrogenic Disorder

By G Kohls, MD.

“Most of us are by now aware of the furor over the mosquito-borne Zika virus in Brazil. Seemingly every pro-corporate vaccinologist, academic pediatrician, infectious disease “expert”, and even the World Health Organization have been blanketing the media and agreeing with the unproven notion that this usually asymptomatic, very mild viral illness somehow caused an “epidemic” of thousands of microcephalic (“shrunken brain”) newborns in , an outbreak that made its appearance out of nowhere in November 2015)…

But in the whole week of reports that I heard or read about, not a single interviewer asked about – and not a single “expert” or mainstream journalists ever mentioned the most likely triggering cause of the epidemic, and that is the neurotoxic, cytotoxic, genotoxic, aluminum that was in every DTaP shot, a vaccine that had been recently mandated (early in 2015) by the Brazilian government to be injected into pregnant women – and therefore into their fetuses…

We all know how pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers (as well as clinics, hospitals and physician trade associations) are constantly trying to grow their businesses and enrich themselves and their stakeholders (by expanding market share whenever and wherever they can). So naturally I couldn’t help but speculate on which financial investment sectors and corporations were benefitting from the latest freak-out news this time around.”

By Dr. Kohls, a retired family doctor who also practiced holistic mental health care for the last decade of his career.

Source: Reader, 4th February 2016.

DTaP Vaccine Mandated for All Brazilian Pregnant Mothers in October 2014 – Is the Microencephaly the result?

Anyone Remember the Thalidomide Scandal?

Brazilian Health Ministry Mandated DTaP vaccine for Pregnant Women in 2014

Here is the document in which they recommended all pregnant women be vaccinated with DTaP:

Brazilian Government Plan to Vaccinate All Pregnant Mothers – Prior to Babies Being Born with Microencephaly


Zika Virus Not Proven to Cause Microcephaly

There is no direct evidence that the virus causes microcephaly” – Patricia Pestana Garcez, a neurodevelopment expert who studies the disorder at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Source: Wired, 2nd February 2016.

Microencephaly NOT linked with Zika Virus