Vaccines, BSE and vCJD


“It was necessary to communicate properly and convincingly to and with the public. Dr Griffiths reminded the meeting that public perceptions of safety could severely damage an immunization service.” – Report putting vaccines before safety.

Andrew at work

In 1997 after founding VAN UK, I read in a copy of the British medical journal that the Italian health ministry had banned the hib vaccine due to it being cultured on bovine heart and brain infusion.

‘The Italian ministry of health has suspended the use and marketing of a vaccine against Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) because of fears that it could transmit bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) to humans.
The police were called in to seize batches of HibTITER from the Italian outlets of the US manufacturer Wyeth-Lederle on 17 January. The vaccine was used in the Italian national vaccination programme, but the use of bovine heart-brain infusion agar to promote bacterial growth early in the manufacturing process has worried the Commissione Unica per il Farmaco, which is part of the ministry of health’ – BMJ 1997;314:393 (8 February).

Concerned, I wrote to the department of health, asking why British vaccines containing bovine serum had not been recalled. They wrote back to me on the 1st September 1997, saying

“Safeguards have been put in place to minimise the potential for contamination (of vaccines) with BSE.”

They failed to inform the public of the ‘minimal risk’ of CJD posed by vaccines. I asked them why they hadn’t told parents this information. They didn’t reply to my letter.

Consequently, 171 people have died of vCJD from infected meat, contaminated vaccines and blood donation. 18 blood donors have since died of vCJD and their blood was used to make 83,500 doses of polio vaccine for Ireland. It was also used to provide human albumin which is another blood product present in many vaccines.

The government knew the risks involved but chose not to inform the public for fear it would damage the vaccination programme. They wrote in the BSE Inquiry report:

‘The Working Group discussed the hazard-to-benefit ratio for the vaccines and decided that the benefits accruing from continuance of the vaccine programme outweighed the very remote risk to the population from the use of bovine material in these products.’


I assumed that the use of bovine serum would have been phased out in light of the BSE crisis, but I discovered that it is still being used widely.
According to the Canadian Immunization Guide, 7th edition, last updated 2008, IPV vaccines, MMR 2, varicella, Rotateq oral rotavirus vaccine and Pediacel 5 in 1 vaccine all have bovine serum in them. The MMR 2 and Pediacel are used in this country (UK):

This article in the medical journal Immunology, also says:

‘Gelatins used in vaccines produced in Japan are derived from bovine or porcine sources; all live virus vaccines contain bovine gelatin’


Young people are still dying of vCJD today and professor John Collinge estimates that one in every thousand people could be carrying vCJD. How many of these will go on to develop the disease is unclear.

24 Year old Andy Black Died of vCJD, Suspected From BCG Vaccine Which Was Cultured on TB Infected Cows

Andy as a baby in his bouncy chair

Six months after Andrew had his BCG, he moaned constantly of the pain in his arm and he wasn’t a lad to complain. His grandmother died and within 3 months and Andrew lost all his hair and I mean every hair, even his eyelashes and eyebrows. fortunately at the time a lot of young lads were having their heads shaved so he got away with it at school…I put it down to the severe shock of losing his grandmother but now think it could have something to do with the jab. His hair grew back within months as thick as ever, but I often wonder if those two events had anything to do with him developing vcjd ten years later the time span is correct as other people who have died of vcjd through contaminated blood have died within a 5-10 years incubation period.

The Edinburgh surveillance unit set up by the DOH to investigate vCJD was very keen to find out if my Andrew had the MMR. Of course my Andrew didn’t but he had many of the other vaccines and I still have strong feelings that the bcg may be implicated in his developing vCJD. I bitterly regret him having this jab as he needn’t have had it and I had to persuade him over many days and weeks. It’s something that haunts me during the dark nights I can’t sleep, so it’s essential that mums and parents have informed choices know exactly what’s in the vaccines their infants and children will receive and then be able to make decisions from that infor mation. In the 1980s and 1990s mums like me didn’t have that choice or opportunity and if I had known what was in those jabs no way would my son have had injections and he may well still be alive today – Christine Lord, Andy’s mother.

Andy dying of vCJD

Andy on the day of his death

Andy sadly passed away on 16th December 2007 with his mother holding him. This page is dedicated to his memory.

For more details vCJD and the vaccine scandal and Andy’s life and death, see the November/December 2009 issue of The Mother magazine.

Andy as a one year old

For more information on vCJD, vaccines, blood donation and contaminated baby food, see

A List of Some of the Current UK Victims of vCJD

Courtesy of

* Billy Smith (Jan 2010) Aged 21, Eltham, London, Catering

* Unidentified Victim London

* Grant Goodwin (MV) Aged 30, Glasgow/Guernsey, Engineer
(GREW 2 INCHES in height in 2 weeks during the last months of disease/ not knowingly exposed to growth hormones) (Common symptom of vCJD pains in legs)

* Edward Peduzie Aged 25, Pewsey, Wiltshire, Decorator

* Andrew Hawker Aged 20, Dorchester/ Nottingham, Gardener
(GREW 2 inches in height during last months of disease/knowingly not exposed to growth hormones) (common symptom of vCJD pains in legs often initially diagnosed as growing pains, Andrew was 6ft nine inches tall)

* Andrew Black Aged 24, Portsmouth/London/Gosport, Radio Producer
(GREW 4 INCHES in height during last months of disease/ not knowingly exposed to growth hormones) (Cluster 9 cases Portsmouth/Eastleigh) (he had high levels of mercury in his blood, never ate fish no dentistry ….mercury is used in the production of childhood vaccines and some medicines). (Andrews hair changed from brown to jet black during his last few weeks.)

* Unidentified Victim Wales

* Alan Jones Aged 20, Wales, Army Cadet

* Unidentified Victim Birmingham

* Unidentified Victim London

* Guy Massey Aged 53 Sudbury, Suffolk, Businessman
(Guy had a corneal graft suspected source of vCJD infection)

* Elizabeth Smith Aged 23, Elham, Suffolk, Birmingham, Uni Student

* Glyn Mason Aged 30, Kent/Liverpool, Chartered Accountant

* Unidentified Female (Hindu) middle-aged

* Unidentified Female aged 39, London (VV genotype)

* Alison Dickenson Aged 25, Barbados/Middlesex, BSc Animal Science
(Alison was born in Barbados and emigrated to UK when she was 8 years old)

* Jaclyn Forsyth Aged 24, Hairdresser, Berwick, Scotland

* Stephen Marshall Aged 30, Richmond, Yorkshire, Father of a young daughter

* Michael Marshall

* Mark Buckland Aged 32, Brighton/Manchester, BT Research Engineer
(Mark infected by contaminated blood/operation/ vegetarian)

* Charlene Singh Aged 25, London/Florida, Business/Law
(Charlene was born in London and emigrated to USA when she was 12)

* Unidentified Victim Scotland, Glasgow

* Helen Rutherford age 15, Glasgow, Scotland, Schoolgirl

* Peter Turner

* Jeremy Wilson Aged 30, Maidstone, Kent, Geologist/Bristol University
(Jeremy was a twin)

* Emma Alonso (Joad), Age 30, Redhill, Surrey, Receptionist

* Deryck Kenny Age 68, Bournemouth
(Deryck infected via blood /operation for prostrate cancer)

* Nicola Watts Age 34, Paignton, Devon

* Sharon Boe Age 34, Glasgow, Mother of 3 young boys
(Cluster cases in the Glasgow area)

* Scott Boyd Age 26, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Lorry Driver

* Andrew Keenan Age 26, Lance Corporal Army Chef

* Richard Shepherd Abattoir Worker
(Sustained injury to his arm when preparing meat for slaughter)
* Catherine Ruth Stephens Age 33, Manchester/Plimlico, Researcher

* Christopher Warne Age 36, Ripley, Yorkshire, IT System Analyst

* Unidentified Victim Walton-on-Thames
(Cluster of cases in the area)

* Unidentified Boy Halifax

* Niko Kannellides Age 22

* Tracey Yates

* Lee Michael Blackmore Age 38, Uxbridge/Bucks, Baggage Handler BA Gatwick

* Emma Wild Aged 21, Manchester, Pathology Dept
(Emma cut her finger when working in the Pathology Lab Tameside Hospital)

* Fred Hawkesworth Age 62, Carpenter/Builder
(Fred’s spinal fluids taken re meningitis several years before death/regular tetanus vaccines)

* Jorawar Gill Age 20, Birmingham, Student
(Jorwar was a Hindu /family vegetarian/ operation for a hernia aged 9)

* John Longley Age 26, Stockton, Salesman
(John attended Red House School Norton, Stockton with victim Stephen Churchill) (Spent time playing and had tea with Stephen as a child)

* Unidentified Victim Early twenties, Dublin

* Hannah Richards Age 17

* Girl from Northern Ireland, Aged 19

* Joanne Gibbs Aged 15, Enfield, London, School girl

* Richard Poole Age 30, Wilmslow, Cheshire, Photographer
(GREW 2 and a quarter inches in height during the terminal stages of the disease/not knowingly exposed to growth hormones)

* Jessica Atkinson

* Kelly Skitterall

* Carl Hanley

* Chris Hargreaves aged 26, Bradford, Yorkshire

* Richard Roberts Aged 18, Carmarthen, Wales School boy
(Richard attended same schools as victims Marianne Harvey & Richard Cole)

* Marianne Harvey Aged 25, Tenby, Wales, Potter (cluster)

* Richard Cole Aged 30, Carmarthen, Wales (cluster)

* Matthew Stubbs Age 17, Caister, Norfolk, School boy

*Leon Griffin Aged 28, Redditch, Executive/Sheffield Uni
(Leons mother says he grew when he was dying/not knowingly exposed to growth hormones)(leons cat also died of Neurological problems)

* William Armsted Aged 32, Lympstone, Devon. Accountant
(William nephew Lord Paddy Ashdown) (Cluster of cases in this area)

* Unidentified Man Aged 38, Lympstone, Devon, Colour Sgt Royal Marines
(Cluster of cases in this area)

* Ben Dale Age 18, Gosport/Portsmouth, Schoolboy
(Attended Bay House School /Kate Richer part of cluster of 9 Eastleigh/Portsmouth)
(Ben’s hair colour changed from fair to jet black)

* Unidentified Young Man in his teens, Portsmouth
(Cluster of 9 Eastleigh/ Portsmouth)

* Kate Richer Age 22 Gosport/ Portsmouth, Glasgow Uni Student
(Cluster Portsmouth/Eastleigh)

* Andrew Hunt Age 27, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Councillor

* Gary Jones Age 32, Scotland/Northern Ireland, Pt Sgt Army

* Unnamed man Aged 19, Leicester

* Zoë Jefferies (symptoms aged 12), Aged 14, Wigan School girl

* Mark Smith Age 20, Stirlingshire

* Unidentified man Age 74
(Infected contaminated blood)

* Denis Hogan Age 58, Redcar

* Matthew Parker Age 18, Armthopre, Doncaster, Trainee chef
(Matthew lived in same street 21 Wicket Hern Road as victim Sarah Roberts) Initially Diagnosed with growing pains Matthew was 6ft 8 inches tall) BLOOD DONOR Matthews dad ordered by the authorities to keep quiet about his son giving blood.

* Sarah Roberts Age 28, Armthorpe, Doncaster, Accountant
(43 Wickett Herne Road, lived 200 yds from Matthew)

* Adrian Hodgkinson RAF Policeman
(Adrian was a regular visitor to Armthorpe very small village) (cluster) ( very tall)

* David Antonio Age 28, Easter Ross, Scotland, Labourer
(Born Orkney remote Islands)

* Unnamed Turkish girl (Muslim), Age 17

* Ellis Firkin Age 25, Teacher

* Glen Day Age 38, Queniborough, Leicester, Driver

* Pamela Beyless Age 24, Queniborough/Southampton, Bank Clerk

* Stacey Robison Age 19, Queniborough, Single mum with young son
(Glen, Stacey, Pamela died within 12 weeks of each other cluster of 6 )

* Christopher Reeve Age 24, Queniborough, Farm Worker

* Unidentified Male Age 19, Queniborough

* Unidentified Male Queniborough
(QUENIBOROUGH CLUSTER OF 6 POSSIBLY 8 ) (cases of sCJD in the area)

* Alison Williams (Hodge) Age 25, Macclesfield, Cheshire, Cosmetics Sales
(Alison had an Appendix Op in her teens ,visited Queniborough)

* Tracey Yates

* Jessica Atkinson

* Carl Hanley

* Julia Blair

* Donna McIntyre Age 21, Scotland

* Rory Potter North Yorkshire

* Rachel Forber Aged 21, Merseyside

* Steve Babey Eastleigh/Southampton
(cluster of nine Portsmouth/Eastleigh)

* Ian Thompson Aged 25, Newcastle

* Andrew Carter Aged 27, Keighley, Yorkshire, Westminster Uni

* Catherine Stephens aged 31, Midlands

* Karen Beavon Aged 37, Cardiff, Computer Manager

* Stephen Bryant Aged 24, Southampton, Soton Uni (cluster in the area)

* Thomas Gemmel Aged 16, Cheshire, schoolboy

* Sally Godfrey Catering/single mum

* Steven Lunt Aged 33, Stockport, Manchester, Father of three
(Steven received blood and was also a blood donor)
(Stephen never ate beef lived one road away from Paul Dickens)

* Paul Dickens Aged 29, Stockport, Manchester, Car Mechanic (lived one road away from Stephen Lunt)

* Kirsty Garven Aged 20, Chester, Cheshire

* Claire McVey Aged 15, Kentisbury Ford, Devon, School Girl

* Hannah Richards Aged 17, Somerset

* Anita Marie Bradshaw Aged 30, Blackburn, Lancashire

* Steven McCurry Aged 21, Glasgow

* Richard Steele Aged 33, Glasgow

* Ian Thompson Aged 25, Gosforth, Newcastle, Postman

* Mark Keleghar Age 23, Supermarket Manager

* ‘S’ Age 33, Father of one

* Irene MacMillian

* Donna Marie McGivern Age 17, Coatbridge,Lanarkshire, School girl

* Jason Keat Age 25, Bridlington, Yorkshire, Abattoir Worker

* Sylvia Bibby Age 51, Warrington, Cheshire, Sales Assistant

* Andrew Charles Age 32, Woking, Surrey

* David Bowman Age 41, Leeds

* Graham Wood Age 39, Engineer BA

* ‘G’ Age 20, 2nd year University Graduate

* Alison Thorpe

* Jayne Bishop

* Michael Clifford Age 50, Redditch, Worcestershire, Manager Telecom

* Alex Paton Age 36, Scotland, Pool Player

* Kelly Stableford Age 21, Tillbrook, Cambridgeshire, Kennel Maid

* Lisa Crowe Age 29, North Wales, Mother

* Michelle Bowen Age 29, Butchers Assistant
(Michelle gave birth three days before she died of vCJD)

* Nicola Harrison Age 24, Grimsby, Sales Assistant

* Sue Carey Age 36, Ashford, Kent, Lived on a farm,
(part of cluster Kent) (school meals for the whole of UK processed in the area)

* Clare Tomkins Aged 24 East Peckenham Kent Worked with animals
(Clare was a strict VEGETARIAN SINCE 1985 aged 13) (Kent cluster)

* Caroline Jones

* Neil Fayers London, Psychiatric Nurse
(Neil was a vegetarian since 1991)

* Ian Herman Aged 36, Middlesbrough

* Peter Hall Aged 20, Durham, Student
(Peter was a vegetarian from aged 14)

* Keith Humphrey Age 42, Birmingham, Engineer

* Amanda Minto Aged 27, European Judo Champ

* Nina Sinnott Age 23, Student Manchester University

* Louise Adams Age 23, Basingstoke, IBM

* Gulcan Hassan Age 19, South London, Computer Graduate

* Anna Pearson Age 29, Canterbury, Assistant Solicitor

* Barry Baker Age 29, High Halden, Kent, Woodcutter

* Ann Richardson Age 41, Liverpool, Health Worker

* Leonard Franklin Age 52, Abattoir Worker

* Alison Williams Age 30, Wales, Clerk

* Ken Sharpe Age 42, Liverpool, Businessman

* Andrew Haig Age 31, Fife, Scotland, Electronics Engineer
(Andrews mum stated ‘he never ate a lot of burgers as Andrew on low salt/fat diet’)

* Michael Clifford Age 50, Redditch, Worcs, Manager Telecom

* Janice Stuart Age 35, Glasgow, Mother of two children
(Janice was treated for 10 months in psychiatric hospital before diagnosis confirmed)

* Victoria Lowther Age 19, Carlisle

* Nina Caldwaller Age 23, Harpenden, Herts, Geography Graduate

* Graham Brown

* Donna Mellowship Age 34, North London, Mother

* Caroline Jones Age 33, Brotton, Teesside, Mother of four

* Tony Barrett Age 45, Coastguard, West Country.

* Margaret Tibbert Age 29, Glasgow

* Maurice Callaghan Age 30, Belfast, Engineer Belfast University

* Janice Kerr Age 35, Milton, Campsie, Scotland, Mother

* Michelle Bowen Age 29, Butchers Assistant
(Michelle died days after giving birth to third child)

* Alison Thorpe Age 25, Macclesfield, Store Manager

* Kevin Morrison Scotland

* Jean Wake Age 38 Meat Chopper

* Fonnie Van Es Age 44, Born Holland/lived Banbury, Oxon, Blood Donor

* Stephen Churchill Age 19, Schoolboy, Devizes (lived near Edward Peduzie)
(Stephen attended same school as John Longley at the same time)

* Vicky Rimmer (MV) Age 20, Wales, Schoolgirl
(Vicky became ill aged 15 and was recognised as the first victim of vCJD this was overturned when coroner recorded ‘SPORADIC CJD with signs of vCJD’ Her family were told that MVs don’t get vCJD…Check out Grant Goodwin MV diagnosis vCJD on 25th September 2008)

David Fussey, age 34, cattle farmer. Lincs.

Some foreign Victims of vCJD


Charlene Singh, Age 25, London/Florida, Law

(Charlene was born in London and emigrated to USA when she was 12)
Unidentified Male, Texas
(British Origin)
Unidentified Female, USA
(Links with Saudi Arabia)


Many French residents have died of vCJD …and the death toll continues to rise across Europe…….here are just a few that have been named…..

Arnaud Eboli, Age 22
Laurence Duhamel, Age 36
Unidentified Woman, Age 36
Unidentified Woman, Age 52, Lyon


Antonio Ruiz, Madrid, Pathologist vCJD research
Unidentified Female, Age 26, Madrid
Mother and Son, Age 61 and 41, Spain
(This mother age 61 and son Age 41 died within months of each other)
Unidentified Female, Santander


Unidentified Boy, Aged 12.


Unidentified Male, Rome
Dozens of people in an isolated village in Italy have died of CJD complete media and information black out.


Unidentified young male, teens/ twenties, St Petersburg, Sailor.


Unidentified Male, Saskatoon

(Spent time in UK late 1980s and early 1990s)
Unidentified Female.


Unidentified Male, Age 48
(Spent time in Europe developed vCJD 11 years after spending one month in UK).


Fonnie Van Es, Age 49 (Fonnie was a BLOOD DONOR)

Unidentified Male, Age 16, Bennebrook, schoolboy
Tiffany Pfaff, Age 26, Utrecht
Unknown Female, early twenties, Holland.


At the time of writing March 2010 there are young people and individuals currently dying of vCJD in the UK and abroad, the youngest in their early twenties/teens.

. .
3 LONG TERM SURVIVORS Holly Mills 26, Jonathan Simms 26, and a female aged 53, all are being treated with a controversial drug pentosan which does not repair brain damage but seems to slow down the progression of the disease.

8 mothers and their new born babies are ‘at risk’ of developing vCJD after using the same delivery suite as a mum who died of vCJD. Many other new mothers have not been informed that the delivery suites and instruments used on victims of vCJD have been re used on them and their babies. (the rogue prions that cause vCJD cannot be destroyed by current sterilisation and eradication methods used by the NHS).

128 children in the UK have lost a mum or dad to vCJD.

9 children have been born to Mothers who died of vCJD within days, weeks or months of giving birth.
One child is brain damaged as her mum was infected with vCJD during pregnancy.

Two other children were born within days of their mothers dying of vCJD they remain well.


At least two million children in the UK are ‘at risk’ of vCJD after being routinely injected with vaccines sourced from BSE infected herds and material used from blood donors that have gone on to die of vCJD. (see vaccines page on the justice4andy website to read about just some of the implicated injections).

There have been several scares regarding hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses which have been routinely sourced from bovine material or human blood donation; the recipients of these vaccines have not been traced. Andrew Black’s records for his childhood vaccines have disappeared this is a common occurrence with many other victims of vCJD.


Thousands of haemophiliacs have been put ‘at risk’ of developing vCJD due to their medicine being sourced from Blood donors that went on to die of vCJD.

A third of these were children under 16, a young boy of 8 was given blood from a donor that went on to die of vCJD. At least 18 blood donors in the UK have gone on to die of vCJD, many of their recipients have not been traced or informed.
66 patients were given blood from a donor that went on to die of vCJD.

There are hundreds of individuals who live with the ‘at risk’ status of developing vCJD, in the UK. These people have been given infected blood/blood products, have had medical procedures such as transplants, tissue organs/cells or have been in theatres/hospital environments where they have been exposed to the rogue prions that cause vCJD. They have been told they could develop the diseases at anytime. They are unable to give blood and many are disabled because of this ‘ticking health time bomb’.

Last year an elderly haemophiliac man who died of ‘unrelated causes’. was found at autopsy to be carrying vCJD in his spleen. This pensioner had been given blood products from a blood donor that had gone on to die of vCJD. This victim was MV genotype. He had shown no signs of the disease and was silently carrying vCJD.

Any individual who has lived,worked or been resident in the UK since 1980 is unable to donate blood in any country in the world except this one.

Professor John Collinge UCL world expert in prion disease, said ‘ONE IN A THOUSAND OF THE UK POPULATION IS PROBABLY CARRYING VCJD’- MAY 2008. This means that individuals may never develop the disease but have the ability to pass it onwards through blood, medical procedures. EVERYONE IN THE UK OVER 13 is considered ‘ASYMPTOMATIC’ which means they have been exposed to the agent that causes vCJD but the disease may lay silent or hasn’t yet been triggered.

We do know that at least 18 blood donors have died of vCJD in the UK and currently there are thousands of individuals world wide that are walking around not aware they may be at risk of ‘developing vCJD’ due to medicines and blood products they have received. Or EXPOSURE TO vCJD through ‘surgical incidence’.

Many local authorities and governments have taken the stance ‘not to inform’ and indeed not to actively trace recipients. In documents I have read it often states ‘PATIENTS HAVE NOT BEEN NOTIFIED DUE TO LOCAL, CLINICAL DECISIONS’ or ‘currently notification is pending’.

STEPHEN LUNT (see victims listed above) was injured in a car accident and received blood and then became a blood donor himself. He then died of vCJD. According to Stephen’s family his original blood donor and recipients were never traced. (People who receive blood are no longer able to donate, however this does not prevent those ‘silently’ carrying the disease from giving blood).
One of the current victims of vCJD received a blood transfusion for an operation several years ago. Her husband tells me ‘They (DOH) are telling me very little about my wife’s blood donors, it’s all very secret……I keep asking questions though……I know she got vCJD from blood.’



This naturally occurring form of the disease, pre-BSE mainly affected people 60 plus and was rare. Only one in a million people would develop the illness.
Prof Collinge 8th December 2009 said ‘The chances of developing sCJD are now one in 33,000 in the UK’ Cases are also getting much younger there have been recorded incidences of the disease as young as 25 years old in the USA and 19 years old in the UK. Before BSE it was unheard of for anyone under 60 to develop this disease. In the USA experts have stated that there is a ‘1 in 9,000 chance of developing dementia’.

HUNDREDS OF people who went on to develop SPORADIC CJD have been lifelong blood donors ……recipients of their blood donations have never been traced!

I believe many cases of sporadic CJD are connected to BSE and vCJD….numbers of sCJD cases have tripled in most countries where BSE CATTLE was endemic or exported. In Australia where there is apparently no cases of BSE people are dying of sCJD but as the population of Australia is predominately through immigration from the UK and Europe this is not surprising.
Experts in dementia believe we face a global epidemic of cases! Cases of dementia are getting much younger. Why?


I HAVE INCLUDED THESE VICTIMS to highlight the significant danger of transmitting CJD through surgery and especially intravenously through vaccines and drugs. ALSO SOME OF THESE VICTIMS HAVE BEEN BLOOD DONORS.

Between 1959-1985 1, 9000 children here in the UK were treated with growth hormone treatment. Many have since died of CJD. These treatments were extracted from cadaver’s pituitary glands whose brains were riddled with CJD. Many of the injections/medicines sourced from these infected cadavers were also exported abroad; thousands of people globally live with the ticking time bomb that they will develop CJD. These injectables were mass produced and exported. Families across Europe and globally have also been devastated.

Below are the names of some of those that have died, there are many many more victims…but once again Governments have tried to keep the lid on the true numbers of people affected.

UK vCJD Victims of Growth Hormone Injections

Alison Lay, Aged 20, Winchester, Typist

Brian Copland, Dunblane, Farm Labourer
Saul Heffron-Walden, Aged 20
Mark Smith, Aged 20, Glasgow
Maureen Turrrell, Aged 34, Petersfield, Hants, Mum of 3yr old
Bhran Khan, Aged 27
Kevin Morrison, Aged 25
Ronald Cockburn, Scotland
John Struthers, Aged 28, Lake District
Charles Hepworth
Dean Lee
Anne Davis
Matthew Hall
Barry Metcalf
Carolyne Trevorrow
Darren Jones
Sarah Reeves, Age 33, Weston Super Mare, Mother of two
Neil Kreibich, Age 37, Jesmond, Newcastle, Orthopedic Surgeon
Donald Spear, Age 33, Hemel Hempstead
Steve Goldie, Gosport, Hampshire
Stuart Smith, Northampton
Carol Ann Taylor, Age 20, Peterborough
James Bettison, Age 25, Worcester


1,700 Children in France were injected with growth hormones sourced from cadavers who were riddled with CJD. Many of these young people have died horrifically of CJD. Including a Moroccan Boy aged 15 called Ilyassil Benziane, Nicolas Guillemet and Isabelle Norroy .


Stacey, (young female), Brooklyn, New York, Podiatrist.


Four Young women died of CJD due to fertility treatments (INJECTIONS) produced from cadavers with CJD. TWO OF THESE YOUNG WOMEN HAD BEEN BLOOD DONORS. It has been reported that some patients who received this blood have since died of CJD.

At least 700 children in Australia were given growth hormone treatment contaminated with CJD. Many of these young people are disabled and unable to work due to the ticking health time bomb that these hormone treatments have caused.

With thanks to Christine Lord for this information.

New Deaths

Dean Burrell

Aged 25.

Died 24th June 2010 from vCJD. Had been newly married to his wife Sarah just last year.

He also leaves behind two children, 4 year old Chloe and 20 month old Charlie.

Dean on his wedding day in 2009

Dean – April 2010, dying of vCJD

FDA to Put Warning on Some Vaccines and Blood Clotting Medicines Regarding vCJD

FDA plans warning label for drugs produced with albumin

The FDA is proposing a warning to cover the “extremely remote risk” of viral disease spreading from drugs manufactured using albumin.

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