Study Discusses How Pertussis Vaccine is Used to Induce Encephalopathy in Animals and that Pertussis Toxin May Cause MS in Humans

After administering pertussis toxin and other antigens to animals, researchers were able to autoimmune encephalomyelitis – the principle animal model for MS.  From this testing of vaccines on animals, the researchers concluded that pertussis infection plays an important role in the etiology of MS.

The study is pro-vaccine and the author is developing a new pertussis vaccine, which may make the study biased. However, the pertussis that caused these symptoms in animals was genetically engineered, vaccine strain pertussis and not natural pertussis infection, so in the opinion of VAN UK the study only suggests that pertussis vaccine is a cause of MS.

The first case of MS was reported in 1943, after the introduction of mass vaccination.

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