The Autism Epidemic
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What About Safety Tests?

According to the DOH website,, ‘”Before any vaccine can be used it has to go through many tests. Research from all over the world shows that vaccines are the safest way of protecting your child’s health. Each vaccine is continually checked after it has been introduced and action is taken if it is needed. If a vaccine is not safe it is not used.”
However, the measles vaccine was only safety tested for three weeks, on just 76 subjects, all of which were mentally subnormal (which would make monitoring reactions more difficult). Most of these developed measles after the shot and one child in the trial died. None of the children were followed up post-vaccination for longer than three weeks, yet the vaccine was still declared safe and used on millions of people. (Pulse Magazine, January 25, 1997).

The Finnish Study

The Finnish study is repeatedly quoted by the medical profession as proof that MMR doesn’t cause autism, but the 1996 study was begun 14 years earlier and meant to establish efficacy, not safety. The autism/MMR connection had not even been discussed at the time the study began so they were not looking for evidence of autism. If you don’t look for something you won’t find it. H. Peltola, an author of the study, admitted on radio four (January 13, 2001) that the study was not designed to look at autism.
The DOH stated that they tested over 3 million people, but this is false as they only followed up 200 people with side effects, including 31 subjects who developed gastrointestinal symptoms within the first 15 days after vaccination. There were no cases of autism in these 31 children. The rest of the 3 million weren’t followed up for lon ger than three weeks, and as everyone knows, autism is a chronic disease which takes longer to develop than that.
Dr. Wakefield said the criteria were meaningless, as ‘no one ever said that such immediate GI symptoms were any kind of indication of anything to do with autism.”
Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura [ITP] was excluded as an adverse event. Thrombocytopenia may also accompany certain infections like measles. As well as this there were 277 cases with fever,162 cases with rashes,85 cases with
lymphadenopathy, 22 cases of nausea and vomiting and 24 cases with joint pain in the study. Some of these cases show a definite link between MMR and gastrointestinal disease, which is part of what Andrew Wakefield was studying. Lymphadenopathy occurs when the body is fighting off serious disease. Rashes and joint pain can be caused by gluten intolerance, a GI symptom, and one baby died 8 days after his MMR vaccination. The cause of death was recorded as ‘acute gastritis and aspiration of vomit.’
The study was funded by the MMR vaccine manufacturer. It hardly makes convincing evidence for safety.

Autism was only ‘discovered’ in 1943, by Dr. Kanner. Before that it was unheard of. Now a recent study at Cambridge University has found that one in every 58 UK children is autistic. This amounts to around 2% of the population. These are children who will need care for the rest of their lives. It is a disaster of epic proportions. Dr’s Fiona Scott and Carol Stott who were part of the team, thought MMR may be to blame.

Survey USA has conducted some research into vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children. Of 17,674 subjects, 991 were completely unvaccinated. Parents were interviewed by telephone and full medical histories were taken. The survey revealed that:
Vaccinated boys were 155% more likely to have a neurological disorder, 224% more likely to have ADHD, and 61% more likely to have autism than the unvaccinated. Although parents were questioned on the vaccine status of the child, which may have produced a bias, it is one of the few studies ever conducted on the unvaccinated, and is revealing in nature, for where are the unvaccinated children with regressive autism? They don’t seem to exist. (Generation Rescue, June 26 2007).

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